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  • flipper

    I've been trying to warn Flipper to no avail.

    Our neighbor's rooster is a drone - the crowing is sending out brainwashing messages from Stephen Lett, who is actually Zenu. We are paying dearly for laughing at Scientology and the jws.

    There isn't enough aluminum foil left to cover our house with, so goodbye, cruel world....

    Mrs. Flipper

  • AudeSapere

    @MrsFlipper - You are funny!


  • sparky1

    What can you read into this? - mana11


    Many, many, turkeys and parsnips! 'Tis the season after all.

  • mommyfirstandalways
    Without any disrespect to anyone but this thread is hilarious!! Thanks for the good laughs. I needed it. I love everyone's responses. You guys r so witty and clear headed.
  • flipper

    Et tu, Aude?! Oooooohhhh nooooo.....

  • westiebilly11
    context. we have massive information overload by the media and press these days. Every event in every country is reported and sometimes exaggerated....with colour photos and shocking videos too on occasion. Nothing prior to this media age has ever been reported or recorded on such a scale.. No doubt Vlad the Impaler and other despicable terrorist organizations carried on their horrors with most of the worlds populations blissfully unaware...yes, it does seem that things are getting worse, but remember, good news never sold newspapers...
  • truthseeker100
    Outlaw A good bottle of scotch would go with that LOL
    Outlaw A good bottle of scotch would go with that LOL.....truthseekr100
    I`ll need another fridge just as big..For the Scotch!!..
    Armageddons coming!..
  • BeeEmBee

    It seems to me the lies of the wolves crying wolf has hardened so many from seeing whats actually going on.

    I cant confirm completely what the OP has stated, but you shouldn't mock them.

    and i repeat, you shouldn't mock them.

    did no one spot isiah 17;1 on sky news?

    Its happening now, and as far as i know damascus remained throughout history, thousands of years, so im told, but with whats going on now, on your very tv screens that little verse has never seemed so real.

    you just watch. it'll be televised i bet.

    my dad a longtime jw doesnt even see it, and im totally bemused.

    he even said, 'no it says people will be giving and taking in marriage, eating and drinking'

    cant you lot see whats going on? its for real. and its about to get VERY REAL.

    and whether you believe in prophecy, God, The son, or not, dont you realise the proverbial is about to go down.

    and whoever said this is the most peaceful time in history.... well im just dumbfounded. did you mean to lie? or do you actually believe that?

    tho i would have thought if the GB spotted it they would be banging on about it, but they are being bound up as we speak and they're quite distracted.

    I dont know how the future is going to play out exactly, if at all,

    but if you cant see trouble literally sprinting over the horizon then you're blind.

    pucker up, its here. it'll escalate all of a sudden.

    he/she might not be spot on, but you shouldnt mock them.

  • talesin
    I`ll need another fridge just as big..For the Scotch!!..

    ACK! I hope you know that chilling the Scotch is a disfellowshipping offence! I'm shocked, and gutted, that you would even consider committing such an egregious act. SMDH


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