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    Please be aware of everything that is happening around the world at THIS moment in time. This goes to anyone, ex-communicated, removed, serving, believer and non. At this point in my observations I have realized many religions/ideologies know there is some sort "end of time" or a transition into a new order of living in this earth. Be I destructive, beautiful or instant.

    A little about myself. I am an ex-JW who realized Jehovah deserves entire devotion, and it was something I no longer had in my heart. I still support the ideology you follow though, in terms of biblical honesty this religion is completely correct on the context of the bible. Like any religion corruption exist and that we can't escape.

    Moving on (I'm acruelly a regular guy with a great job but..) I have hobby, knowing what I know about the bible, it's always in my mind of the end being near and me seeing it with my own eyes while my family moves on. My hobby is to monitor Government, military, religious, financial and naturual crisis situations. I've been doing this for the past 5 years. Within the last year and a half this world has spiraled into a world of hurt and everyone is being slowly blinded by it. Media is blind siding the population and it's doing very good job at it. Pay attention because everything is happening so fast.

    Today I made the choice of monitoring a JW thread, and from being here just 5 minutes I see that even bethel knows it's insanely close. Maybe weeks or months. I saw a couple threads that interested me, one of bethel downsizing, another of not leaving lose magazines behind. Something I remember we would do at landromats. As well as not leaving magazines with people who wouldnt show interest. Think about it.

    Remember when they tell all of you to cease preaching, it's for a reason, the only reason this would happen is when bethel knows it's time. That can only happen is something so major affects the entire world. Now think about what's happening now in syria, ukraine, south China island disputes, global financial network is suffering due to an overstock of oil which could in fact trigger a massive financial collapse.

    Our own local law enforcement now have equipment such as body armor, MRAPS, assault rifles as well as lethal and non lethal deterrents. Riot police , swat teams and even walking down a parade involves military looking personnel.

    Nature is even making a call, an insanely abornaml amount of earthquakes recorded daily by USGS.

    Look I'm not here to instill fear, I'm here to tell you to prepare. I have military sources who are in the know about certain labors that will be carried out In certain "hot" locations on this earth. Start to stock food and start to learn anything you will need to know how to survive without a proper home that has running water, heat, and appliances for food storage of cooking


  • ihunt

    Attempting to stir up paranoia within a group of ex-doomsday cultists? I like your style.

  • JW_Rogue
    I for one welcome our new world order overlords and their Illuminati agenda.
  • LevelThePlayingField

    EJ257, Welcome to this board. Oh, don't worry, you haven't worried the least of us. 95% of us here have heard this till the cows have come home many times over. You sound like a 1967 Awake magazine. I do agree with one of the things you said. There are hot spots that's for sure, no one will disagree with you on that. And hot spots will come and go. And I think that's the whole point. If you were dong this for longer than 5 years you would have seen that. I've been seeing this for 40 years.

    But this site is open to anyone. And your opinions count as well. And again welcome. And please share more.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    "Start to stock food and start to learn anything you will need to know how to survive without a proper home that has running water, heat, and appliances for food storage of cooking"

    Sounds like common sense to me. One should have a two month supply of food in case of natural disasters such as hurricane or earthquakes. If the power were to go out for 2 weeks you wouldn't be able to buy anything because the cash registers, which are electronic equipment, won't work. You will have a massive crowd trying to buy anything they can get their hands on and it will be an apocalyptic version of Black Friday.

  • Oubliette

    even bethel knows it's insanely close

    Just as they have for the last 139 years .... I'll take my chances.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    Thanks for the WARNING!!! I'm wrapping my head in aluminum foil as I type. Hopefully this will save me.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome to the forum, EJ257.

    You do know that most folks here don't like the WTBTS anymore, don't you?

    Read some more posts.

  • DarioKehl

    Nope. You are simply wrong.

    We are actually living in the best time ever, thanks to science.

    Keep the tinfoil hat; I won't be needing one.

  • Bonsai
    I know you're new and all, but...Take your warning and shove it up where the sun don't shine. Oh, and find yourself a new hobby. Nothing i hate more than threads that promote paranoia and end-of-the-world sh1t.

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