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  • EJ257

    Laugh all you want, I'm not here spreading doom, this can't be avoided.

    Sorry but I think when a group that has... pretty much come out no where, states THEY want to bring the apocalypse and are basically begging the US to form an official Coalition and face off then theres reason to be somewhat worried. Look I'm going to lay out here.

    When ISIS started everyone downplayed them and said they would never be as close to the Taliban and al qeada. Now they have formed an unofficial state. They OWN large swaths of Iraq and sir ya and sharia law rules that land. But, the sole objective they have PUBLICLY stated MANY MANY times is to bring Allah's prophesied end of times, and they want several nuclear powers to be invovled. Look at turkey and russia, relations are sour and sure they've always been but as of now they are going of the deep end. If russia begins sanctions, turkey will retaliate. The best way to sanction turkey is to restrict petrol importation which comes from who? You guess it russia. Turkey gets 60% of its petrol from russia, if you cut half of a countries gasoline import, then youre crippling their economy.

    Please people think this thru. Make the research yourself.

    I will SaY it one more time. I have souRces who will be carrying out CERTAIN labors in CERTAIN hot spots. Spots thAt are amazingly hot. Sources that mayor may not include SPECIALly trained FORCES. Forcasting a 90% chance of a lethal contact campaign involving an XXXX number of physically able men that may be stretched from day 1 until completion of objective. Objective may be prolonged depending if there are multiple parties involving themselves.

  • ihunt

    Sparky, I think someone should throw a trademark on that "I MEAN IT". It's real catchy when used like that.


  • prologos

    you said: "--Nature is even making a call, an insanely abornaml amount--" EJ257 welcome

    we see call of nature, a big pile of it, boy scout motto, be prepared,-- always

  • cofty

    You need a new hobby.

  • Dunedain

    "I spread disease like a dog, discharge my payload, a mile high rotten egg air of death, wrestles your nostrils, launch the Polaris, the end doesnt scare us, when will this cease, the warheads will all rust in peace "

    "Eradication of, earths population loves, Polaris"

  • wizzstick

    I have souRces

    You should probably get some cream for that.

  • Bonsai


    0perati0n code#007freedomfries is initiated! Bunker down! Bunker down! I repeat: Bunker down! (Oh, and please leave your computer above ground). Over and Out!!

  • EJ257
  • Simon
    Ok, fun's over - the secret overlords said I had to silence you.
  • sparrowdown

    EJ257 - you say " terms of biblical honesty this religion is completely correct in the context of the bible."

    You haven't researched the WT's record of "honesty" then.

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