Does Anyone Still Believe in God?

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  • punkofnice
    LaurenM2 days agoDo any of you ex-JW's still believe in God? Even with the new rebranding/softening of this religion, I still don't see how people can believe in him.

    Firstly, I haven't read any other replies yet, so I'm just responding to the above alone.

    Believe in god? Not now. If it does exist then by all anecdotal accounts, god can find your car keys if you've lost them and pray to it, but can't help you with real major issues. Seems rather useless really. I mean, I used to believe but constant let down proves the god of the bible or koran or whatever, cannot possibly be there.

    The rebrnding of the watchtower corporation is nothing to do with a magic person in the sky, it's about profit and a cosy life for the leaders and suck ups. I think that many JWs are beginning to have this concept dawn on them.

  • cofty
    With the discovery of DNA, (and many other things) we have what statistics PROVE is evidence of intelligent design. - Perry

    The most compelling evidence against design is our DNA.

    People know that God exists, they just suppress it

    How desperate can you get?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The moon revolves around the earth - fact.

    The god of christian theism does not exist - opinion.

    People know that God exists, they just suppress it - more opinion.

  • KateWild
    For anybody who is wondering what we are on about - The building blocks of life can be found in two distinct types that are mirror images of each other. Imagine having a bucket of lego bricks where half were of a slightly different sort.
    A scientist called Soai showed that originally living things could have been made from both sorts of "lego bricks" and that a very slight surplus of one sort would arise through normal chance. A bit like throwing heads or tails 5 times in a row. - cofty

    I like the way you described it. Well done. But normally when talking in layman's terms we would describe enantionmers as being the same molecule but a mirror image just like a left and right hand. Using lego can slightly distract from the fact that they are in fact the same molecule.

    They have all the same properties and when formed in the lab the left and right hand form a racemic mixture which is 50% of each enantiomer or stereo isomer. Soai did not show that in nature there is a racemic mixture. This is an incorrect statement you made cofty. Sorry.

    Soai showed that an auto catalyst was involved in order for a majority of left handed molecules only were formed in nature. This is not like throwing heads five time in a row, it's like throwing heads a million times in a row. The L-enantiomer in nature is not a slight surplus it's a huge majority. This is called a homochiral mixture.

    Cofty you said all this means there is no magic involved. This statement is strawman and has no substance. You said you can prove God does not exist. How have you proved this to me?

    I am not saying it's magic, I am saying an auto catalyst is evidence of guidance.

    Thanks cofty for your input but I am not convinced yet.

    Kate xx

  • SecretSlaveClass

    If people,want to believe in gods, ancestral spirits or reincarnation - fine. Just don't force it on others.

    why am I an athiest? Simply because no supernatural entity has ever answered a simple question for me. For morality great role models and common sense answered those questions. For everything else science answered those questions and continues to do so. Those who put their noses up to science pick and choose which parts of science suits them to trust. I trust science because it expects nothing more from me than for me to question, learn, study and draw conclusions which I am allowed to change with new evidence - the exact opposite of "belief" or "adherence". There simply is nothing else in life which offers what science does for improving this planet and it certainly is my opinion that the only option for this planet's salvation is science. So why bother with anything else when it comes to matters of our survival or progress? Science does not disappoint - humans do. Yes, you could say science is my god because it does heal, fix, enlighten and it offers the best prospects for a better future - no diety has done for man what science has. EVER.

  • punkofnice
    Pez - People know that God exists, they just suppress it

    Facepalm. Oh, come on lad. How do they surpress it? Why?

    If I 'knew' a magic man in the sky that can make all things better existed, I wouldn't surpress it. I want a magic creature to intervene to make my life better. I used to believe, but in the absence of proof I simply cannot. Nothing to do with surpression.

    This is just a get out clause that people use to justify their own belief...but in which god?

    I think Thor is pretty cool but am undecided between him and Zeus. I just surpress my belief in Zeus????

    Saying that people surpress a belief in a magic man is a poor excuse. By the same token you could say that 'People know that God doesn't exist, they just suppress it.'

  • cofty
    Kate you have totally misrepresented the facts.
  • Viviane
    Everyone believes in God. It is instinctual. There hasn't ever been a culture without belief in God.

    Which god and what do you mean by "culture"?

    No you haven't been able to prove to me with evidence that a creator was not responsible for guiding evolution and especially the formation of enantiomers. The Soai reaction is not substantial evidence it just proves that in nature there is an auto catalyst. This is really evidence of guidance rather than chance formation.

    It's been proved, just not to you because you've not bothered to learn enough to understand the evidence. The problem is not lack of proof presented to you, it's lack of effort to understand it on your part.

  • KateWild
    Kate you have totally misrepresented the facts.- cofty

    No I haven't my facts are correct all you have to do is google enantiomers. My chemistry is correct cofty. You say you have proof God does not exist and all you can say is that I have misrepresented the facts.

    You are talking nonsense cofty and you know it. I am openminded about your premise, but you are not giving me anything verifiable. You are just saying you think I am wrong.

    I am a chemical analyst and I have other chemical analysts on this board that can back me up about homochirality and racemic mixtures. But anyone seeing our exchange can google the information if they like and confirm I did not misrepresent the facts.

    I am challenging you cofty to prove to me where I am wrong and you are right. I don't want to be wrong any longer than I need to be. Show me proof if you have it.

    Kate xx

  • KateWild
    It's been proved, just not to you because you've not bothered to learn enough to understand the evidence. The problem is not lack of proof presented to you, it's lack of effort to understand it on your part.-Viv

    Actually it's you who has not bothered to learn enough about chemistry and homochirality in nature to understand the evidence. Nobody has shown me where I have made an error. I welcome anyone who understands chemistry to show me my mistake

    Kate xx

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