Does Anyone Still Believe in God?

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  • cofty

    The easiest way to get dozens of "Likes" is to say that nobody knows, everybody is right, whatever inspires you is good, all claims of knowledge are arrogant etc etc.

    It's a cosy conspiracy of the intellectually lazy.

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  • stuffwotifink
    All knowledge is belief - justified or no. Call it whatever you like. There is only what seems to be true to you.

    Claiming anything beyong that is daft. Perhaps not arrogant, that'd speak to a person's motivations, but over reaching imo.
    Induction is hardly reliable [hence, the Problem of], there may be no facts not relative to something outside of our experience as a collective.

    Hard Agnosticism is hardly "intellectually lazy", dismissing the position as such however, is.
  • cofty
    There is only what seems to be true to you

    The moon revolves around the earth.

    This is a fact not an opinion.

    The god of christian theism does not exist.

    This is equally as certain.

  • stuffwotifink
    I don't doubt that you have good reasons for - and justifications of - those beliefs.

    I share them with you.
  • Ding

    I still believe in God.

    Clearly, however, he doesn't speak through the GB.

  • fulano
  • prologos

    cofty The moon revolves around the earth.

    This is a fact not an opinion.

    just to illustrate that we all have more to learn: The Moon* revolves around the common barycenter; -- so always expect better understandings to come through research of the works of the worker in whose work (world) we live in. and

    watch the sunset colour projected unto the moon tonight.

    *(and the Earth too)

  • Perry

    Everyone believes in God. It is instinctual. There hasn't ever been a culture without belief in God.

    With the discovery of DNA, (and many other things) we have what statistics PROVE is evidence of intelligent design.

    God never acknowledges the existence of atheists in the bible. He only says, "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God."

    God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. - Romans 1

    People know that God exists, they just suppress it. Regardless of the nice things that unsaved people say from time to time about God, the reality is that they really don't like him. This is because psychologically we know that we are God's enemy and he ours - by nature. We cover it all up with religion, good works, pride, more good works etc.; it's all so tiresome.

    The old vehicle can't be fixed. That's why Jesus said that we must be born again. Many people are just fine with their first birth and are not willing to go through another. The watchtower offered us a way to be religious without going through the circumcision of the spirit and getting born again. It seemed like something that we could control, and not too weird or radical. It didn't work.

  • stuffwotifink
    God never acknowledges the existence of atheists in the bible. He only says, "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God."

    Nor does he acknowledge the platypus. They're fakin' it too I suppose, just a duck in a brown coat?

    Anyway - I believe that you will find the very psalm you are quoting is talking about atheists.
    It doesn't say "The fool has lied loudly with his mouth, saying there is no God", but rather "(he) has said in his heart".
    Sounds to me like "the fool" in this verse truly believes there is no god... Or do you "say things in your heart" that you think are false? I don't.
    Someone who truly believes "there is no God", is an atheist, no?
  • TheWonderofYou

    Let me try...

    when i awaited an answer, he did not speak,

    If it was a she or it, it had spoken too.

    So i looked for god in the silence,

    No voice but i felt silence, in meditation,

    There i heard my own voice and found myself.

    I saw images of a clear sky behind the cloud,

    A felt my creativity,

    My lust to love others

    My endless belonging to discover the world

    My thankfulness and mercy

    I believed thus that I am important, beloved and

    that I must be someone special for someone else

    Someone like you my friends or perhaps the divine.

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