Does Anyone Still Believe in God?

by LaurenM 447 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • LaurenM

    Do any of you ex-JW's still believe in God? Even with the new rebranding/softening of this religion, I still don't see how people can believe in him. The God of the old testimate is an angry murderer who approved rapes and slavery and killed thousands of men, women and children. The Noah's flood story and the story of creation makes absolutely no scientific sense. There is so much evidence supporting evolution. Jesus is a wonderful character, but the Revelation account is horrible..Now that my eyes have been opened, I don't understand how anyone can believe. Yet, so many do!

    Perhaps if JWs received a BUT LOAD of "new light", did away with disfellowshipping, got rid of the idea that everyone but JWs would survive Armageddon, approved sex before marriage and homosexuality and looked at the bible as being just a story book of lessons, I could get back in to it..but the looming fact remains that the idea of "God" who, like Santa, is constantly staring at us to determine if we're good or evil is a bit ludicrous.

    What do you think?

  • Saintbertholdt

    I am an atheist however I cannot positively say that God does not exist.

    However if she does exist, she's very different from the stories and myths we've constructed.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm still undecided. I've come to realize that it's ok me not knowing this - if God exists, then it is up to him to let people know. Like every other impartial scientist, I don't accept creationism but instead accept evolution based on empirical evidence.

    the idea of "God" who, like Santa, is constantly staring at us to determine if we're good or evil is a bit ludicrous - yes, it is.

    You're last paragraph is pure fantasy, I'm afraid - I can't see the WT becoming more liberal.

  • Giordano
    The natural language of god appears to be silence everything else is a bad translation.
  • LostGeneration
    My usual smartass answer when people ask me that---- 'Which God?'
  • joe134cd
    I still believe in God and I still believe that one day God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. What I don't believe in is a group of men sitting in NY.
  • Ucantnome
    yeah i do
  • prologos

    I do not believe in a god as taught by religions, but can not imagine the existence of the cosmos without the working of a creator, I am a deist, based on the work we see. I would change my mind if, like joe134cd says, he would act to destroy those warmongers that ' destroy the earth'. I will believe it when I see it.

    Why do I call the creator a 'he' and not a she? just habit, or: I do not see the creator after having worked, started it all, including laws, now continuing intervening with a tender hand like my mother, wife would.

  • freemindfade
    I believe in truth and facts. If that doesn't fully answer the question I have failed.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    i believe in father christmas. ive met him

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