Does Anyone Still Believe in God?

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  • prologos
    KateWildan hour ago
    Then the question is as meaningless as whether there is a teapot orbiting Mars.-cofty

    Lol Occam's Razor eh?

    My perspective is that it is more probable a creator is responsible for ------- evolution.

    There are several objects orbiting Mars, two of them natural, non of them there by pure accident. and : Done by a cagey enough creator, evolution does not even have to be guided, just set up right in the laws that came with the time, -energy, -mass, -law package of the beginning. To put things into perspective, always compare your work of a lifetime to the cosmos. then talk. 8) deist.

  • cofty
    The Soai reaction is not substantial evidence it just proves that in nature there is an auto catalyst. This is really evidence of guidance rather than chance formation.

    Actually Soai's contribution was nothing to do with auto-catalysts. It proved that there is no magic involved. I suspect you missed the point or you are determined to hold on to this non-issue as a final excuse to believe in magic.

  • Saintbertholdt
    God died after he created the universe.
    Thats actually a very interesting statement [Fl]unkie!

    And God gets fully reborn just as this universe that he can die and the next one can begin.

    FlunkieJimmy, have you been reading my diary again? Stay out of my room!

    MOOOOOM!!!!!... Jimmy's been in my room again!

  • donny
    I tried several "traditional" Christian faiths after leaving the Society, but after applying the same skeptic logic to them, I found them to be easier to accept, but equally untrue. I am now an agnostic atheist.
  • cofty

    For anybody who is wondering what we are on about - The building blocks of life can be found in two distinct types that are mirror images of each other. Imagine having a bucket of lego bricks where half were of a slightly different sort.

    Only one sort is found in living things.

    Some people think that this is evidence of design - although exactly why is not clear.

    It isn't.

    A scientist called Soai showed that originally living things could have been made from both sorts of "lego bricks" and that a very slight surplus of one sort would arise through normal chance. A bit like throwing heads or tails 5 times in a row.

    Once that surplus happens that sort will end up eliminating the other sort in the competition for resources.

    It turns out it's not magic, just bucket chemistry. Isn't it odd how that is always the case?

  • millie210
    I don't know what to believe. What does that make me?

    That makes you the kind of person that I make a mental note to pay attention to on this board.

    It also makes you very honest. A quality I genuinely admire.

    I do not feel sad over my years (wasted?) as a JW but one thing I have promised myself is that I will no longer listen to anyone who

    is smug

    claims to have it right (this time?)

    states what they believe as a fact

    Everything (except for some vegetation and a few animals) is here longer than we are. We can find our place in the universe, everything else does.

    There was a quote in a Watchtower years ago - dont remember who and am disinclined to go look, it was "Some say time flies? Alas time stays, we go"

    In view of that, there is a lot to learn in a short amount of time. I just cannot afford to let myself be reeled in by people who think they have the answers.

    At the end of the day, who is happy? Who is questioning and yet with an easy free soul? Who do people gain from in just the merest interaction with them - even if its transacting a purchase at a register? We akk see these people around...they exist.

    What do those people think? What moral compass do they steer by and why?

    No more fake happy - if I act happy people will think I am "of God" - like I see a lot of religious people project. I swear, its like a mask. Cant you see it? The televangelist sneer?

    All the people who are in a hurry to find a new belief - nope. Not interested in that either. Whats the hurry? We arent chickens, we dont have to hurry and find our place in the pecking order. Ok, well some evidently do but I am not interested in it.

    Lastly, anyone who strives to be a leader. Not a naturally occurring leader but someone who wants it and works toward it as its own end game.

    Im staying away from those people too.

    So to hear you pose a question and not claim to have a nice neat answer is impressive Crazyhorse.
  • prologos
    cofty "it turns out it's not magic, just bucket chemistry." and:
    ar we not we glad somebody anonymously supplied the chemistry set, naturally. most likely that was not magic either. 8) deist.
  • prologos
    millie210 " Some say time flies? Alas time stays, we go" Hear hear.
    edited for second thought in the shower: If time flies, it must be like a helicopter, hovering for an eternity, in the past and the future. Once you have all that time, everything else would be easy.(for the 8) deist creator. imho.
  • Phizzy

    I am amazed at how often Cofty tries to get people to define what the hell they are talking about, and they never ,or, rarely do.

    If there was a creator of the Universe, this "individual" would not be a god, i.e someone worthy of worship.

    The Universe is a random place that is an amoral mess, heading for its own demise.

    Let us assume some entity created the Universe, and then did nothing more as far as we are concerned and the evidence shows, what kind of difference does that make to me and the way I live my life ?


  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    Simply, NO!

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