Help! Mike & Kim videos all being deleted by Youtube

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  • konceptual99
    Maybe, but wt can do whatever they legally like with their property same like everyone else can too.

    This is true and I respect anyone's right, including the WTS, to protect their copyrighted material however we all know that it's a hammer to crack a nut. It says everything that the WTS, a global corporation with a reach into the lives of millions of people chooses to spend some of their vast resources in trying to stop a couple of home brew, amateur activists from using some of their publicly available content just because they can.

    One may say "two wrongs don't make a right" but no one has actually proven a wrong has been committed. The WTS takes this path because it's easy for them and youtube is never going to question it.

    It's petty bully boy tactics and will never stop the WTS being hoist on the petard of their own words in the long run.

  • vienne

    I have mixed feelings over 'fair use' and theft of copyrighted material. I have no feelings about their videos or claims. Not my fight. But back in the day [2007] a fantasy fiction novel of mine was published by a small press. It sold well and made it to three best in fantasy lists and was a pick of the month two months running on a fantasy fiction site. But it was also pirated and made a torrent download. Every free download cost me money.

    The book is out of print, and I don't write fiction anymore. Don't steal what is not yours. No matter what your issue.

  • dubstepped

    @vienne - If it makes you feel any better, those people that downloaded your book likely didn't cost you money as they probably wouldn't have purchased anyway. Those people typically don't, they only take what they can get for free, so they weren't your market anyway. Just another way of seeing it. I've seen it a lot with digital products. It does still feel bad though.

    Usually companies will send a letter first telling people to take certain materials down. I would think that Mike and Kim, who I've never watched, could probably just get rid of the copyrighted content within their videos and remake them, unless of course their videos are dominated by that material. If they didn't beforehand, they should have really done research into what can be used. I know that I wanted to let my interviewees pick a song that they liked for my podcast "shunned" that I'd play at the end but after research I can't even play a clip, even though doing so would actually promote people listening to those songs, maybe even purchasing them.

    Ultimately I love that the Watchtower is spending time and energy on this though. I love seeing them waste time and show how much they care about what apostates do.

  • Diogenesister
    .vienne But it was also pirated and made a torrent download. Every free download cost me money.

    Yes, my husband had a lot of material released on a compilation album that went straight to number one in the American Indie charts. Without an expensive lawyer he had no recource. Only found out when a friend bought the album in an independent music store. Few years ago now , but it's been going on long before the days of torrents😡

  • StephaneLaliberte

    There are periods in my life where I go months without listening to them. And some other times, they just run in my headset, in the back ground, the entire day, while I work on my computer. It comes and goes. Still, in the end, I have nothing but love for them. They are genuine and motivated by love and devotion for their neighbors.

    There is a mix feeling of being proud and sorry for what is happening. I'm proud as this simply confirms that they are indeed hurting the watchtower. They are warriors and doing more than the majority of us still working in the shadows (I'm a fadder). On the other day, I feel sorry for them as I know this will cause them much inner turmoil and energy to get back on track on a "Mike and Kim 2.0" account.

    They might be crazy, but I love em for speaking their minds and straight from their heart. I wish them the best.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    By the way, one of the things I always held against the watchtower and basically broke the spell of "it being the truth" was when they took down A web site that was nothing but quotes from watchtower publications. No comments, not modification, plain quotes showing their teachings in their own words.

    The watchtower took it down with a 100,000 dollars lawsuit! I was shocked! Why would they try to take down someone that was displaying parts of their publications which they distributed for free in the first place?

  • Fisherman

    From another perspective, I know how it feels to be angry at someone. I also know how it feels to be wronged by somebody and the human thing to feel towards someone that we believe has wronged us is for that person to get what's coming to them (like some people in the wt for instance to some people) - and we don't need to hear what supporters or sympathysers of the such (someone like me) have to say, it makes us angry at the supporter for not backing us up. I have been there and I understand.

    But if anyone embarks on personal vengeance and feels he is justified in breaking the law, that person is making a serious mistake and could pay dearly.

    God is just and he will not allow those that have been wronged to go un-avenged. Also, taking things into your own hands is not the same as justice from God aka ironic justice (or vengeance, call it what you like). And just as long as you are friends with God, he will back you up even if you are partially in the wrong. If you get angry with God, it's like cutting off your nose to spite you face. And if a person defiantly fights against God or against his friends....we'll see what happens.

  • Listener

    It proves that all their writings and words are just from men otherwise it couldn't be copyrighted.

  • steve2

    Sparrowdown point taken. If YouTube shuts down a channel, so be it. I'm still mystified, though, on what Mike and Kim are on about. Does YouTube give advance warning about what it intends to do - because I can still access their channel and all the videos? I could imagine all sorts of grounds for closing this husband and wife team down. But overuse if copyrighted material wouldn't be one of them.

  • sparrowdown

    Yes steve, it warns you of strikes. They've had their channel taken down before, so they're probably jumpy bout it.

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