Help! Mike & Kim videos all being deleted by Youtube

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I'm not asking for an illustration, I'm asking for actual harm. And yes, walking into someone is invading their privacy, scaring them, etc.

    So, what is the harm done? Still waiting for an actual answer.

  • Fisherman

    WT: " How many times do you want me to tell you to get out of my house!!!" Laliberte: "I told you, How am I harming you? And besides, you are being very immoral by kicking me out. I only stole an apple. I am not leaving for moral reasons even though I know I am breaking the law."

    Fisherman, I asked about the harm watchtower is suffering. How are they suffering. Is it loss of revenue? How exactly are they loosing revenue? What is it exactly.

    Well, the answer to that question comes in the package of paper the Process Server hands you. I think they call that package a Summons and Complaint and the suffering is explained in dollars - usually a million dollars or more. It is negotiable though.

  • Fisherman

    I'm with Simon though. I don't intend to be judgmental in my posts about KM about what is moral or legal.

  • OrphanCrow

    I visited Mike and Kim's website to get more information on what is happening with the alleged copyright violations that the WT is claiming against their youtube channel.

    Something is fishy here. And by fishy...I am talking about the smell, not the present company.

    This is what Mike and Kim say on their blog:

    In Watchtower of Pennsylvania’s latest attempt to shut us down. gave us another copyright strike against the Anthony Morris in Helsinki talk. This is of course NOT a video, so we immediately filed a copyright counter-claim against their claim.

    Not a video? Where is the copyright violation? On a public talk? Who made the video?

    And then M&K say:

    This is where it gets suspicious…We put Watchtower video clips in almost all of our videos. They could have just used the last 3 videos. Why did they go one from LAST YEAR entitled “Jehovah’s Witnesses Your Great Tribulation is Here”?
    What was in that video that they had to shut us down with?

    Exactly. Exactly this ^^^^

    The Morris public talk was in Finland...that country that bumps up against Russia.

    I would suggest that the content of the Morris talk is harmful to the JWs' claim to be peace loving people, etc. That talk does not help their cause with the ECHR. Look up the content - Morris is borderline psychotic in it.

    Mike and Kim, I suggest to you that this is not to be taken personally- the WT isn't necessarily so much worried about you. They are worried about certain content being made public. You guys just happened to hit upon a public talk that now, in retrospect, the org realizes is hurting them in their attempt to appear all bright and shiny on the international stage of the human rights war.

  • konceptual99

    I don't watch M&K's channel as I don't actually like their style but once again this is simply corporate muscle flexing on the part of the WT, bully boy tactics designed to shut up criticism and an attempt to remove content where the WT is exposed by their own words. Copyright arguments aside, this is about using overwhelming legal strength to abuse the spirit of a system, in the full knowledge they can out muscle the critic, and put a lid on content that is potentially harmful to the WT.

    As expressed elsewhere, they have zero desire to engage with critical voices. They have no intention of considering anything from exJWs and others in a constructive way. They don't have the courage of their convictions and are not prepared to let people examine the evidence and make up their own minds.

    What I don't understand is why the WT has not learnt from others? Have they forgotten that you reap what you sow? There are countless examples of where this type of behaviour simply ends up causing significant negative publicity for the organisation concerned. I am sure that one day this repeated tactic will come back to bite them right on the arse.

  • OrphanCrow

    Watching the offending video now.

    Yup. Now I get it. This is the talk where Morris talks about the boy child Joshua (suffering with leukemia). 1995 Awake magazine article.

    I called Morris border line psychotic. I need to expand that - he just reads a scripted talk. The entire WTS is psychotic. Child martyrs for the noblood doctrine. Who in their right mind thinks that is okay????

    Back to watching...this is a bit painful

  • StephaneLaliberte
    OrphanCrow: I would suggest that the content of the Morris talk is harmful to the JWs' claim to be peace loving people, etc.

    BRAVO! John Davis and Fisherman know this. However, they try to dance around this. If the content was not problematic for their image, they wouldn't care that some old crazy couple would show and criticize it.

    The root problem is that the WT lies and deceives people and when they get caught, they tries any tool at their disposal, including the copyright stuff.

  • OrphanCrow
    Stephane: The root problem is that the WT lies and deceives people and when they get caught, they tries any tool at their disposal, including the copyright stuff.

    Exactly. The WT's actions concerning the alleged copyright violations are a clear example of how perverted the intellectual property laws have become over the last several decades, especially since digital transmission became possible.

    Laws that were originally instituted to protect the lowly artist/author against the exploitation of the publishing industry and independent plagiarists, have now become flexible to the point that corporations like the WTS can use those laws to suppress information. The copyright 'laws' now are a tool of oppression that large corporate structures can use to wield against those with limited power.

    The particular video that the WT has targeted - Anthony Morris speaking in Helsinki Finland in the summer of 2016. Why this talk? what did he say? What was happening in Finland and what has happened since?

    First clue: the appeal of the ruling that made the Silver Sword an extremist piece of literature was being heard on September 21, 2017. M&K got a take down notice only days before that appeal hearing.

    By the time that Morris was making his 2016 cameo appearance in Finland, the org already knew that their precious Silver Sword was at risk of being declared extremist. Morris mentions that governments are against them and that the regular/lowly JW didn't know about it. Well...a big shipment of literature had been blocked in July 2015 at the Finnish/Russian border.

    Not only that, but there were some rumblings coming out of Finland concerning the noblood doctrine during the 2016 year:

    Fisherman and JD (do I have the right ones here? they tag team sometimes and I can't keep up) would like to jump up and down and point fingers all the time shouting about "breaking the law!!!!" when they don't (or won't) acknowledge how the WT is using and misusing the law to oppress, misinform, hide, obfuscate, lie....well, you get the idea. The WTS is hypocritical. And those who support the WTS' misuse of copyright laws to try to suppress information are just as hypocritical and a large part of the problem to begin with.

  • dubstepped

    It's obvious that there are a couple of members here that strain out the gnat while gulping down the camel. They are there to pipe up in legal technicalities even if technically correct but rarely if ever get involved in lamenting all of the gross negligence and abuse of the organization they defend. They won't start threads decrying the abuse of children or the people that suffer and die due to lack of blood, they won't discuss the hypocrisy of the cult or it's flip flops on doctrinal matters, but if there's a chance to point out a legalality or some small way the cult can win, and I'm not saying their always wrong, here they come. I've personally always believed that they are plants from the Both sent to obfuscate and frustrate and insincere, because a sincere person would apply the same harsh criticism to the big things, not just the small.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I never said that they shouldn't make videos and if they want to use copyrighted material then do it. But they also have to deal with the consequences. If Watchtower misquotes someone than that person can sue, and they should sue. If you want to do something because they think it is important, even if it is illegal, then you have to deal with the consequences and not just act like people are out to get you.

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