Help! Mike & Kim videos all being deleted by Youtube

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  • Wakanda
    Copyright laws are about suppressing criticism???? Show your reference Fisherman.

    Still no reference from fisherman. Evading like his leaders... oops, "those that take the lead".


    Fisherman: My posts on this thread were replies to other post stating that KM violating copyright laws is the moral thing to do.
    Your first post was replying to konceptual99 saying:
    Don't care much for their style but they have every right to say what they say. If what they are saying is so false or they match the stereotypical WT view of apostates then trying to silence them can only backfire.
    Has the WTS never learnt from the years of suppression and persecution they endured in the Soviet bloc and elsewhere? Trying to shut people up who are campaigning on a principle NEVER works in the long run.
    The WTS should have the courage of it's convictions and let all detractors be. If the apostate message is so bitter, twisted and false then it will never stand up to the truth of their message - if indeed it is true....
    The reality is that the WTS knows this stuff does have an impact.
    All the websites, forums, youtube channels, podcasts and so on are all doing their little bit to undermine the WTS and they hate it.
    The truth hurts.
    Konceptual99 wasn't talking about copyright at all. You joined the conversation like a troll.
  • darkspilver

    Of course, as far as Mike and Kim are concerned, isn't the elephant in the room Crisis of Conscience?

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