Help! Mike & Kim videos all being deleted by Youtube

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  • konceptual99

    Don't care much for their style but they have every right to say what they say. If what they are saying is so false or they match the stereotypical WT view of apostates then trying to silence them can only backfire.

    Has the WTS never learnt from the years of suppression and persecution they endured in the Soviet bloc and elsewhere? Trying to shut people up who are campaigning on a principle NEVER works in the long run.

    The WTS should have the courage of it's convictions and let all detractors be. If the apostate message is so bitter, twisted and false then it will never stand up to the truth of their message - if indeed it is true....

    The reality is that the WTS knows this stuff does have an impact.

    All the websites, forums, youtube channels, podcasts and so on are all doing their little bit to undermine the WTS and they hate it.

    The truth hurts.

  • Fisherman


    Two wrongs don't make a right and if the vids are breaking the law as wt believes, wt should be allowed to protect its interests just as anybody else. Look at how long the vids have been on YouTube. If it was some small time potato or somebody else being infringed upon, such would have sued for money.

  • Liberto Alves
    Liberto Alves

    With Linux it is easy to get all the videos of the channel, just use this command.

    The videos will be downloaded in MP4 and sorted from the latest to the oldest.

    youtube-dl -f mp4 -o "%(playlist_index)s-%(title)s.%(ext)s" <url_channel>
  • Phoebe

    When I first started fading I didn't watch Kim and Mike, I thought he was too shouty and they were what I imagined apostates to be when I was attending the meetings. BUT, I have started to watch them and I enjoy their videos. They have good hearts. They care about people and they expose the WT. They still believe in God, as I still do, so they suit me.

    As Kim said, why are they (WT) bothering with us, we're only a little channel?

    I think this shows WT are worried.

  • konceptual99


    I agree any party has the right to protect their copyright however there is also an element of fair use for certain purposes. I don't know what M&K use and how much nor do I know the details of copyright v fair use however I don't think anyone is claiming that M&K (or most other anti-JW sites) is using material out of context or in a way that seeks to claim the WT's work as their own.

    The WTS is not protecting it's copyright, it's using strong arm tactics to silence criticism where the proof is right there from their own publications and digital content.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Fair use of copyrighted material is an extremely complex situation and is often dependent on how a particular court will view it as. It is more than just giving credit to someone else for their own copyrighted material, it is that the material cannot be distributed without the permission of the copyright owner. If you rebroadcast an NFL game, no one is thinking that you have created the content but that doesn't mean that you're not violating copyright material.

    Generally, to not infringe on someone else's copyright you cannot use large amounts of the original material or you have to change it in some significant way. Some examples you can see on the internet is the videos Everything Wrong With..., where they will show clips of a movie and then mock it. They generally don't play the audio along with the video, this does two things it allows them to mock the movie but it also allows them to change the original content to help them get by copyright laws. That doesn't always work and many movie studios have gotten YouTube to take down their copyrighted material. They also will take a 90-minute movie and only show a fraction of the content down to like 15 minutes or less, again not showing the whole content but only a relatively small portion.

    If you want to say a letter came out and it discusses xyz and then speaks about it that is certainly freedom of speech, but you cannot read the whole letter out and then say, well I interjected criticism, therefore, it is fair use. You could do that to any copyrighted work and then there would be no protection for anyone.

    Same thing goes to playing an entire convention recording and saying because I stop it regularly to interject my comments, therefore, it is fair use under the criticism doctrine may or may not hold water. You have to be prepared to defend your reasons behind it.

    And then there are some Ex-JW activists that don't just do it with Watchtower copyrighted material but also to the commercial copyrighted material. Six Screens uses music that is copyrighted by artists and even by NBC. So it may not just be watchtower that sends these out against EX JWs but it could be commercial ventures that own copyrighted material otherwise.

    Again copyright law is extremely complex that is why there aren't a lot of IP attorney's out there, and the ones that are out there will tell you that it is rarely ever cut and dry.

    As a side note, Cedars has been going on with his twitter account about how he isn't getting paid for some of his videos. When people do stuff like that, they become even more susceptible to copyright violation notices because it is proof that you are making money off of it and not just doing it for nonmonetary reasons.

  • Fisherman

    @K If M&K are not breaking the law, YouTube should not be able able to take them down.

  • sparrowdown

    I would have thought cedars shows more copyrighted material (amount and duration of clips) than K&M.

    K&M talk so much they don't actually don't show that much of anything.

  • steve2

    I have never heard of an entire YouTube channel being shut down due to some of the Youtubes owners' videos containing an excess of copyrighted material (over and beyond the considered necessary for purposes of critiquing the material).

    YouTube obviously has the "power" to unilaterally remove specified videos deemed by the copyright owners to violate copyright laws - and it will advise the violators that is what it will do.

    But the closing down of an entire YouTube channel is another matter altogether. Unless the YouTube owners have repeatedly and consistently failed to adhere to warnings to cease using an excess of copyrighted material .

    My view is that if any owner of a YouTube channel repeatedly ignores explicit YouTube warnings , they cannot cry, "Unfair!" Or "Persecution" when their channel is shut down.

    Are Mike and Kim telling their viewers everything or do they prefer to position themselves as victims of JW organization?

    As of this writing, I can still access all of their videos on YouTube.

  • sparrowdown

    It happens all the time steve2.

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