Help! Mike & Kim videos all being deleted by Youtube

by mrmagic 161 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • freddo

    So WT is hurting. Good.

  • joe134cd
    Obviously someone in Brooklyn bethel is doing something they ought not to and indulging in a bit of apostasy. Lol. Mike and Kim have their heart in the right place and to me that is all that matters. Love you mike and Kim.
  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Isn't it a great incentive for J.W.'s to donate their hard earned cash when they see how wisely the "faithful evil slave" is using their money - to shut down anyone who spreads WTBTS material on the internet and to shut up anyone who receives damages from them because of the org's PPP. (Paedophile Protection Policy)

    The WTBTS is as much a part of false religion as those whom they constantly condemn. Coal calling the kettle......

  • slimboyfat

    Maybe it was Cedars who reported them. Ha!

    (Sets cat among pigeons and walks away)

  • steve2

    I cannot imagine Mike and Kim taking this lying down.

    So they forgo their videos that lean far too heavily on copyrighted material - surely that still leaves them free to speak out? And not all their videos contain copyrighted material.

    Why would it mean their complete shut down - unless I've misunderstood something?

    BTW, I can still access all their YouTube videos no problem at all with absolutely no hint they're being heavy-handed by JW organization's lawyers.

    Has the info in the OP been verified as accurate?

  • pale.emperor

    I cant sit through a single one of their videos. They do seem like really nice people but they also look and sound like exactly the WTs definition of "apostate". I think they come across and bitter and angry.

    Also, i think they're Christians now? <rolls eyes>

  • jookbeard

    no great loss, exjw's promoting their brand of activism with evangelical Christianity is always going to end up in a mess , they have been an embarrassment recently

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Wow, they must be having an impact. A thorn in Watchtowers side. Particularly if Watchtower is trying to get YouTube to delete their videos. I enjoy mike and Kim's videos. Hopefully this won't happen.

  • smiddy3

    Not everybody appreciated Mike & Kim videos ,however they did fill a niche in exposing the WT/JW in one form or another.

    And for that I am grateful to them

  • Wakanda


    At Mike and Kim say Watchtower is shutting down their youtube channel.

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