Is he interested?

by Sunnybear 111 Replies latest social relationships

  • steve2

    He thinks he has worked you out well. Prove him wrong: Walk right away and don't look back.

  • JaniceA

    He refused? Didn't that send out your creep alert?

  • Finkelstein

    Sorry sunnybear but I think this guy has had this in the planning all along, .

    .......get connected with a girl who he was attracted to, get all emotionally entwined, then work on getting you into his religion for own sake and purpose.

  • Crazyguy

    Like everyone is saying RUN. This guy is having sex with you out of wedlock then starts pushing his religion on you. WTF , what a hypocrite!!!

    The cult of JWs is very toxic and life destroying you need to run away as if this guy has Ebola, if you don’t youll reget it!!!

  • millie210

    The way you described your connection that you felt with this guy in the opening post sounds as though you think what you have with him is magical.

    I think you will follow it based on that and you will be severely hurt.

    I wish you could run away but that would take more control than most people have.

    I am so sorry for you because I can see the ending and it is going to be bad.

    I know this post sucks. Reality can be so very harsh

  • sparrowdown

    This guy is an emotionally stunted man-child (eg. sends you to meet with his mum for explanation of his beliefs!) narcissist.

    Run, run like the wind and don't stop til you're far far away from him. Honestly no relationship would be better than a relationship with him.

    If you want to test what he is just say no to one of his requests or question his beliefs and see what happens.

    Good luck.

  • KiddingMe

    In addition to the previous comments, signing up on is a no no for JW's.

    So it is very hypocritical for him to disobey his religion, sign up on a dating website, have sex out of wedlock then want you to learn about his religion.

    Seems he doesn't really care about his religion enough to not have sex but wants you to learn about it because that will tell him were you stand to him. His relationship interest with you is very conditional, if you don't learn the religion it's short term but sexual. If you do learn the religion and convert it could be long term.

    Usually JW parents won't study the bible with their child's non-JW girl/boyfriends, so I'm not sure what's up there.

  • stuckinarut2

    In addition to all that others have written, I can add this:

    JW relationships are inherently unhealthy anyway. Why?

    Because they are like living with a constant third person (the org) in the relationship! Imagine never being able to REALLY become a partnership, when there is a nosey, prying, intrusive third 'person' interfering!

    It is enough that the bible speaks about a "three fold chord" in a marriage! That actually means that there is an inappropriate third entity sticking their nose where it doesn't belong!

  • freddo

    Actually Stuckinarut2, I don't think the bible does talk about a threefold cord in direct relation to marriage.

    It's JW's that take the threefold cord scripture (Eccl 4 v 12) and choose to apply it to marriage by sticking "JEHOVAH" (AKA the GB) in there.

  • JRK

    Do you know FOR SURE that he is not already married?


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