Randall Watters exposed

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  • nicolaou
    Randall Watters exposed

    Simon, don't you have rules against offensive postings?

    [trying desperately to rid his mind of Randall oriented images....]

  • MuzicmanCa


    Well, you certainly wear your self-righteousness well. I think I'm with Simon on this one. I am not sure to think if you are serious or not. If you are legitimate and you still went for the whole WTS bit, then I feel for you. I can relate to how you feel though. I was a JW for over 20 years, and even after I was out, I still defended my thinking even though I knew it was wrong. It takes a long time to learn how to recognize that spirituality is not about the absolute correctness of one's own behavior and thinking, or the incorrectness for that matter, of another's. When we point the finger at everyone else, we remove the focus from ourself. Yet it was Jesus who said not to worry about the splinter in our brother's eye when we got a rafter in our own. So, for me, I have had to learn how to get off the debate team and just focus on MY spirituality. Does this mean I think I am totally correct in what I think? Not at all, but actually, all of us are probably WAY off the reality of "God". We just have different ways of seeing him/her/it/whatever...

    Now if this is all a prank well then maybe someone needs to go get a hobby...


  • wheelwithinwheel

    Hey Still

    You by any chance lookin’ to marry your « J.W. friend » - I guess he/she refused to leave the collective - so why not join the hive - huh ?

    Rescuing former drones could be considered quite a feat - would be a quick way to get yourself a J.W merit badge (privileges!!! who-e-e can't wait!!!)

    Congrads on your new designation 5,273,176 of 607/1914/1975. How many were designated at the same assembly ?


    Don’t do anything rash...like cashing in your life insurance or quitting you job.

    Grab a beer and settle in for the long-haul - you’ll be D2Ding for a while


  • Liberated

    Dear Still,

    I too opposed the witnesses, read all the so-called apostate material, the videos, the tapes...I even taught others what to say to them at the door. Unlike you, though, I had always done a lot of Bible study and was born again before I became a jw.

    At some point during my studies it seemed to me that the jw's were indeed preaching the truth and they were that one flock Jesus spoke of, united world-wide, believing and teaching the same thing regardless of language or culture or nationality. So I changed my course and approached them, joined and was baptized. I loved the meetings, took copious notes, made comments of my own and not read from the literature, and I loved field service; I felt that it was exactly the way God would spread the good news of the Kingdom, sending a prepared people to others the way he has always done.

    I was not in long.....long enough to leave a daughter in, but not a life time in, as some who post here. But I came to my own crisis of conscience in a short period of time. We were not the united people I had let myself believe we were; we were not the happy people the magazines showed we were. I'm not talking about human failings or faults, I'm talking about the system we all bought into and what it does to people when they desperately need that closeness to God, that spiritual filling of love and acceptance that Jesus gave us, that is ours by right, that is denied us by a giant publishing company bent on protecting itself and its interests. I was surrounded by empty people and was becoming one myself....when appearance and form is more important than mercy and love, when numbers are more important than individuals.

    My meetings ended when the co whipped at us from the podium...an already trodden, over-worked, thrown-about flock of sheep; and my field service ended when I finally came to the realization that I was there to bring people into the org and not to the Lord. Disassociation came when they would not let me leave quietly and anything I said was construed as trying to start my own religion.

    If you ever do decide to sneer at the writing department....well, I'd like to be there for that. And if you are gathering with other jw's and reading Randy's material together....who are you trying to kid? We all know just your being here is in violation of wts policy and you could be disfellowshipped, or at least reproved for it.

    of the finally liberated class

  • TR


    I can't think of a more classically duped person than you. You have all the access in the world to WTS info, and you still fell for it! How dumb is that!? You've got nads to come to this board and admit you were duped into joining a cult, but having been warned first!

    Anyhow, your motives for posting have been clearly defined, so there's no more reason to respond to disingenuous posts from you anymore. Goodbye.


  • Abaddon

    Oh, I see, because you call one person's personal account into question, you can ignore those questions about the Witnesses that are tap-tap-taping just beyond the realms of your active mind.

    You can take it as a reason to shore up your faith, by diverting your energy, as JW's inevitably do, to looking for the faults in other beliefs rather than the faults in their own.

    Well, I'm glad it makes you happy... if it does... but I find your attendence here in what you call a place of apostates amusing, as it shows either your faith is weak, and you are coming here with a hidden motive, hidden even to yourself, looking for the piece of information that will enable you to disengage your mind from cultic thinking for long enough to actually think for yourself.

    EIther that or you're an arrogant so-and-so who thinks the guidance about avoiding apostates doesn't apply to them, pride before a fall and all that.

    Whatever way round, I wish you happiness, but don't think you can fool yourself forever.

  • Dogpatch

    An expose of Randall Watters?
    It looks like an advertisement to me!
    Now a lot more can listen to the experience of me at Bethel and decide for themselves!
    Love the advertising!

  • thinker

    As a serious collector of Watchtower "foot-in-mouth-isms", I've accumulated a large file of "now-appostatized" quotes. Yours is one of the best I've seen!!! Keep posting more.


  • JT

    had enough says:

    But at the end of my post, it suddenly dawned on me how much good he actually is doing in helping others turn away from the org.


    you are so correct- well stated

  • AlanF

    To StillInTruth

    I don't believe you. I don't believe that you read all that 'apostate' material and then, of your own free will, decided that JW teachings and practices are correct. I cannot believe that anyone who can type on a keyboard can be that stupid.

    I think you're a troll. You may be a JW, but you're still a troll.

    Now, I'll pose a few simple questions for you, just to see if I'm wrong about your being a troll:

    Does God use demonstrated liars to speak in his name?
    Would God "divinely direct" an individual or a group to to speak for him if he knew that they were demonstrated liars?
    Why do you ignore the fact that Watchtower leaders are demonstrated liars?

    Now for just one proof that WTS leaders deliberately spread falsehood:

    The 1985 Creation book contains at least 100 instances of deliberate and inadvertant misrepresentation, misunderstanding and misdirection of the reader. I have thoroughly documented these myself. The Society has been informed countless times, by me and many others, of the serious misrepresentations in the book. Yet they still publish it and claim that it's a solid refutation of evolution and a real prize for Christians who want to 'really' understand why the Society's brand of creationism is correct. Continuing to publish incorrect information when it is generally known that the information is false is lying. How do you justify the Society's continuing to spread false information?

    If on the off chance you're not a troll, then if you read Randy Watters' website and understood what you read, you'll have come upon the above information. The question then becomes, Why did you ignore it?


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