Randall Watters exposed

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  • dark clouds
    dark clouds


    Jesus also said to give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and to god what belongs to god. . . .

    1. taxes---
    this one is self explanatory

    2. jury duty---
    as annoying as it may be,
    this is a service that is expected from all citizens that reap the benefits of a community,
    it is a way of giving back to ceasar

    3. voting---
    this is a right we have in the USA and using this right to better the community we live in would not be looked down on by god, believe it or not there are programs in the "world" that help those in need,
    and by using this mean,
    as a democracy we have a say to where our TAXES should go and where we would like our representatives to stand on certain issues,
    this is a way of loving our neighbor

    4. armed forces---
    registering and partaking if duty calls, is expected of citizens when they reach the age of 18.
    though i am a pacifist and do not condone war,
    it is a requirement of the law,
    the bible speaks of the hebrews going to war all the time.
    war is war,
    bloodshed is bloodshed
    regardless any excuse you can formulate,
    this is a touchy issue but it is a requirement none the less
    and Jesus said to obey

    5. respecting the flag of your nation---
    respect seems to be an issue with you Stilladub,
    it is not a rag,
    it is a symbol of what the country you live in stands for ,
    it is not worship to show respect,
    and by calling it a rag it shows that you lack it,
    not everyone is as fortunate to live in a nation that gives us freedoms like the ones we have here in the USA ,
    that you seem to be taking for granted,
    you can go door to door freely because of our constitution, dude.
    men died to give us some inaliable rights.
    freedom of religion and
    freedom of speech are 2 of these,
    these are some of the things that we learn in school,
    when we get an education. . .


  • crossroads

    Thank you for showing all of us 'apostates' that you
    have been a JW for a year it really shows. I really
    should not respond because much like me dear
    ol' mom you still have your blinders on it won't
    do you any good. Just a quick two things-in James
    wonderful book of works-not one time-not once does
    he talk of the preaching work. Although 3:1 he does
    discourage many from becoming teachers.
    2-Luke never-ever uses that NAME. Tell me please
    being the bible student that you are where does that
    NAME come from? Can you say PAGAN origins
    or you don't think the catholic chruch is pagan?
    Enjoy stillbeindark-Peacr and Love-Mark

  • wheelwithinwheel


    I understand your zeal and righteous indignation - you being newly converted and all - but reading apostate material is dangerous for your spiritual well-being - don’t you know the G.B. doesn’t want you to visit these sites - Keep in mind their timely council « You don’t need to read of bunch of lies to be sure of the truth» ... but if you won’t listen... then read on :

    For 45 years I argued the J.W viewpoint on Bible verse exactly like you are now doing

    over the years I argued revised viewpoint, without really worrying about it. But...

    somewhere along the line I asked myself

    If the G.B can’t even get a first-century governing-body letter right (Acts 15 :29 Good health to you)

    or the words of Jesus (Matt 24 :34 this generation)

    Is Jehovah really guiding them ? Is it justified to call it the TRUTH ?

    If the G.B. have problems understanding the words of Jesus and the older men of Jerusalem, how can I trust their comprehension and explanations on doctrine, prophecy and symbolism (Revelation, Ezekiel, Daniel for which they would have you believe they are able to comprehend and apply every syllable with their verse-by-verse commentaries)

    so keep your blinders on - don’t question - be submissive to God’s organization - attend every meeting and keep real busy in D2D (not just on the net) - You won’t notice any alterations in J.W. doctrine (that could start you actually « reasoning » ). You will believe you have a deep understanding of God’s word and you will find a certain « happiness » and « contentment » « doing God’s will »

    but don’t quote scripture taken out of context or applied to fit the J.W agenda to enlightened and emancipated J.W’s on J.W.com.
    Please ! ! !

    See you in 44.


  • Englishman


    You said:"2John 10 "If anyone comes to YOU and does not bring this teaching, never receive him into YOUR homes or say a greeting to him."

    This teaching referred to was the teaching about Jesus, it does not give the WTBTS carte blanche power to disfellowship those who disagree with its own private interpretations.


  • emyrose

    Good stuff, Tallyman,
    They should make a public anouncement about cults using that.
    I'm addicted to comedy, so thanks for the high.

  • trevor


    You say you are in the 'Truth.' That is grammatically impossible.
    Perhaps one day you will have truth within yourself.
    Now that would be something worth striving for but until then
    you have my pity.

  • TR

    StillIn, (won't use the word 'truth' in this context)

    Any Witness knows what Jesus said about OBEYING the son, in John 3:36. You cannot obey, if there are no works.

    That's right, any WITNESS. You are just parroting WT doctrine and rules. You haven't begun to dig into the real meat of WTS bogus doctrines. Start doing some honest rersearch, and quit letting the WTS think for you.

    I must warn you, if you continue in this retarded WTS retoric, I will award you the coveted "Head Up The Ass" award. Just so you know.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Well, of course, you've only been in a year. It takes some time before the ridiculousness of the WT interpretations starts to set in.

    Why do you think that active JWs are warned to stay away from "apostate" sites, since you find them so "faith strengthening"? Perhaps it's because a little bit of light might start to shine on the "truth". Once that happens, it's all over, bud.

    Faith with works. Who determines the "works" that are acceptable? Seems that the only "works" allowed by the WTBTS is that which involves peddling literature. Charitable works are discouraged....unless it is towards another cult member. Do you exercise your Christianity by serving in a soup kitchen, or even by supporting some other cause that you feel strongly about?

    Abstain from blood. As Larc pointed out, exactly WHICH part of the blood does the Society require you to abstain from? Which fractions are allowed? Which are not? Would you know? Would you rather sacrifice the life of a loved one because you simply don't understand the now-very-complicated blood issue?

    Yeah it's amazing how much you can learn from the Bible in a short time, if you just read it every day.

    Perhaps you should follow your own advice here. Read the BIBLE...toss the WT literature.

  • nojw86

    Yep, I think he had his apostate lesson for the day, and if those princes of elders found out he was here he knows what charges he would have to face, happy are a people who's god is jehovah. He is bored with the truth, or else why would of all places to come here, get out there and preach the good news. JW are very sad people, they cry everynight , boo hoo another boaring meeting, fs sat,. fs., sun.etc,. Instead of looking into Randy, take a good hard look at your ELDERS afterall they are the ones looking after your soul, you just might see something that will take the wind out of your sails.

  • stephenw20

    "Decided to check out Randy Watters this time"


    you have been in a whole year......
    12 months
    365 days
    8760 hours
    525,600 minutes

    only a year and all this KNOWLEGE!
    Liars wont inherit the WTBTS..best be careful we may tell you are aliar....

    and "THIS" time you checked out Randy........who do you normally check out.....check the DNC office ..the charitable contribution office.....there are plenty of people there your speed......

    .......are you paid to be here..or are you just ...lets see........a person with no life.......who enjoys ~attempting~ to shake up a group........and what do you do when your hands are not on the keyboard

    look at your hands and say: .."YOUR ALL I GOT TONITE!?"

    nope! you can only wish ...
    cause you can't even get yourself off.........it is against your rules.....

    I really frown on personal attacks...........but in your case..I may remove dignity and make an exception.......


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