Randall Watters exposed

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  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Go back and read my statement again about John 3:36. I didn't say "ONLY" those works at all...but "as described in James".

    You still conveniently twist the scriptures to your own way. So be it.

    It still boils down to the fact that your knowledge lacks depth AND your attitude is nothing to be proud of. If you were to display your cocky, self-righteous attitude in front of Jesus right now, what a fine dressing down you'd get from him! Don't bother to defend yourself. I really feel sorry for you.

    I can't be bothered to debate your posts anymore. I've read many of them and your attitude is so typical JW, it just makes me glad all the more that I'm away from people like you. Your sarcastic remark to Essie, on her post about her MS sickness, disgusted me. There is no excuse for your little boy behaviour.

    Actually, the real good that comes from your posts is that it just helps any, who are unsure and sitting on the fence, to see the real picture of the org. and it isn't pretty. Thank you for helping us to expose the real face of the org.

    Had Enough

  • openminded

    Hopefully for your sake, its a short wait. Meetings tend to become repetitive after a couple years. After going over the same book 4 times at your bookstudy maybe you'll catch on to the fact that you've sold out to a printing corporation. A corporation that doesnt really do anything for you excpt take your cash and give you bad information. Then when you decide to leave, they will make things really interesting. But you'll find these things out on your own. Check back once you do. Im only 27 so barring any catastrophy Ill be around for 40-50 more exciting, freedom filled years.

  • JT


    I can't be bothered to debate your posts anymore. I've read many of them and your attitude is so typical JW,

    ### THat IS The reason in my view to shower him with kindness

    part of the programming that jw recieve and you may recall some of your INDOCRINATION classes sMILE

    is that jw are told over and over that those who leave are mean and wicked and the list goes on and on- so in my IMHO- many former jw actually prove the wt claim to be correct

    what happens for many of us is we get pissed off and want to say:

    "Damn man can't you see they are giving you the Royal SHAFT"

    but in most case that dont' work to well
    the wt has it down to a science as to how to gain the confidence of a person

    and it applies in almost all aspects of life

    YOU CATCH MORE FILES..... you know the rest smile
    so when for me i rarely debate jw it is usually a waste of time
    esp when a jw tells you up front that they have been in for 1 yr

    I'm sure most of us almost wanted to laugh when he annouced:

    "I HAVE BEEN A JW FOR 1 YR!!!!!!!!"

    MOST OF us i'm sure were like: "AND YOUR POINT WOULD BE??"

    SO don't come down too hard on the poor fellow or woman they are at least here and that is the key in my view
    as one long time APOSTATE TOLD ME

    "An internet Reading jw is soon to be a former jw"



    it just makes me glad all the more that I'm away from people like you.

  • JT

    openminded says;

    Hopefully for your sake, its a short wait


    i think it will be - when you consider with just one yr under his belt
    he already has disregarded one of the Slaves most important dogmas

    dialogging with apostates- so if only after one year he has demotrated
    he is tired of being told what to do- he is already on his way out and dont' even know it

    the wt has clearly explained the concept of being INDEPENDENT THINKING

    and this person has shown with out a doubt that he or she DOES NOT AGREE

    so all the signs are in place for this person to keep on the path of leaving wt and all of this after just ONE YR OF EMPLOYEEMENT WITH WTBTS.INC


  • Undecided

    Hi Stillin,

    The problem I see with trying to follow the instructions in Matt. 10 is he said to cure sick people, raise the dead etc. He also said to stay in their homes and don't work but let the people feed you. I didn't see anything about magazines or books or turning in a time slip to record how many hours you spent in this work or the amount of times you called back etc.

    All the instructions and predictions of Christ have been changed in modern times to suit the paticular religion explaining them. To those he said would see his return, they died without seeing it happen. The anticipation of soon has run into many hundreds of years. Those who claim to be chosen by him have also failed to make good on their predictions of soon he would come again, they had to say it was invisible to get around admitting their error.

    Stick with it if you choose, but you are in for a great disappointment as you see you life fade away as I have, with nothing happening that is remotely connected with your dreams of the end comming soon. You have been taken in by your desire to live forever in a "new world". If it happens I give you permission to say,"I told you so."

    As far as works go, pay attention to the good Samaritan example of Jesus. Maybe he would rather had a few magazines thrown at him? I don't think so.


    Ken P.

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Hi JT:

    When I read someone who so arrogantly throws scriptures at us that the WT has so adeptly taken out of context, it just naturally brings out in me the need to try to show one the need to look at the whole picture in the whole context.

    My dander gets up by someone blowing his horn about how knowledgeable he is and struts like a bully kicking sand in the faces of others. As I've said before, how Christ-like is that?!

    But at the end of my post, it suddenly dawned on me how much good he actually is doing in helping others turn away from the org. so I expressed that. His attitude will certainly be bringing more "hi..I'm new here" posts I'm sure. Thanks again, Still.

    So therefore, I agree with you there is no value in debating the Bible with him.

    Yes I remember the indoctrination. I too debated with my non-JW husband with closed ears and blinders on. It was just a matter of time before I began to really "see" things in the light.

    I may have felt the arrogance brought on by JW propaganda, but never spewed it out and tried to shove the arrogance down someone elses throat doing so with such wicked glee as he displays.

    I have decided that his idea of "fun" is too childish for me, but when he grows up, and sees the light, I too will welcome him here.

    Had Enough

  • Flip


    Also a point about armageddon, in no way am I expecting it to happen during my lifetime.

    Whewww!!! That’s a relief!

    …ooh…er…hey!…wait a minute!…StLLin Trut, what’s your current state of health?


  • StiLLinTruth

    Thanks again for the replies.. some real howlers there. Let's see how this guy measured up:

    >when one considers the instructions from the FDS (who jw view as the
    >mouth pc of god himself)about dialogging with those who are
    >considered DFed, DAed or Apostates and despite all the talks, parts
    >on meetings and comments by CO and DO about avoiding what has been
    >called "Spirtual PORNO"

    >Then to actually see a "Loyal" JW who has only been in the "Truth"
    >for one year disregarding all those Instructions from the slave, for
    >me is very revealing .

    Revealing eh? I bet my mother your revelation missed these minor facts:

    I started studying Witness doctrines about two years ago, the reason being that a good friend of mine was a Jehovah's Witness. I took it upon myself to free this person from the cult.

    I went to libraries, borrowed every book about JWs, searched the internet, ordered stuff from Randy, read Crisis of Conscience.. I had all the tools one could think of. I was trying to prove the trinity, do everything in my power to expose this evil sect.

    In all this I of course had to do extensive Bible study. First, I had to learn what my own church teaches (never been interested in religion) then prove the Watchtower wrong.

    And after ALL this digging and going through the vast volumes of anti-JW literature, I began to see light shining from the Bible. I watched as most of my material fell to pieces, exposed as lies or exaggeration or just twisting the truth.. or clearly unscriptural garbage (like Randy's stuff) .. the rest of the Society's flaws was due to human imperfection. I realized that the JWs were by no means perfect - but closest to what the Bible teaches, definitely standing out from the sea of Jesus-churches and church-state hybrids out there. I studied the trinity for months, tried to prove it (had Rob Bowman's "Why you should believe in trinity" with me to help) but couldn't. Can't prove what ain't in the Bible.

    So I became a publisher. First an opposer - seen all the internet sites - now a baptized Jehovah's servant.

    This was to you who don't know my story yet. I've posted about it before. So don't gimme the "read Crisis of Conscience then come back" 'cause I've done it, and it failed to impress me.

    So I'm an exception. I've developed immunity.

    What have you got left? What ammo do you have anymore?

  • openminded

    Why don't you research the word "troll" in the context of an on-line pin name. You wear it well.

  • openminded

    the fact that you would even consider wagering your mother, tells me that you may be governing body material

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