Randall Watters exposed

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hey SIT,

    1. You're not my friend. Not even close.

    2. You pretend your message is about Randy, but it's really all about YOU. After one year you've put on the armor and you're willing to lay waste to your enemies.


    3. I'll tell you this straight out now so that you can NEVER say you weren't told: There will be NO armageddon. No rotting eyes, no rotting tongues, no divine earthquakes to thrill your anti-social heart. "All these things" will never happen.

    Best of all, you will live to se them NOT happen. Every day, every year. Decade after decade, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

    "Millions now living will see NOTHING happen, then they will die, and the millions after them will see nothing happen. And so on and so on, world without end, AMEN."

    You've only made a complete waste of one year of your short life, but you won't be satisfied until you've wasted many more.
    then you'll be up to a couple of six packs while you surf the web, asking yourself, "Why don't I have a life? Where did all that time go?" It went down a rat hole that leads to Brooklyn.

    Don't posture and try to pretend to US that you've got all the answers. You've got ZIP, SIT.

    "No way YAWEH"

  • SixofNine

    I see two options.

    a) SIT is really a hardheaded old "coot", who thinks far more with his emotions than with his brain, and has really been in the "truth" most of his life, or....

    b) SIT is really a newby, who thinks far more with his emotions than with his brain, angry at the world, and mentally ill.

    Of course, (s)it could be just a troll trying to have a little fun.

  • openminded

    Oh and another promise for SIT. You are going to die. Despite what your bi-monthly dose of "the truth" tells you(or ever has told you). Do yourself(and us) a favor and make a positive difference while you still can. Please.

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    If you were to present your points with the same spirit Jesus showed…that of wanting to help the poor, misguided sinners, then you might have a little more respect shown to you.

    But your smug, holier-than-thou attitude comes across loud and clear and accomplishes nothing. You certainly are not convincing any of us that you have "the real truth" and that we should all repent and follow your lead.

    You have been told by others in this thread, to do just as you have told us....Read your Bible, the whole context of each scripture you cite. Don't just take a lone scripture like the WTS does and say "there..see what this says". Think for yourself about what the whole chapter is really talking about.

    For ex:
    (James 2:29-20)
    "You believe there is one God, do you? You are doing quite well. And yet the demons believe and shudder. But do you care to know, O empty man, that faith apart from works is inactive?"

    You are only accepting only what the WTS says “works” is. … meetings, service, and all the other rules they add to it.

    The context of the above scripture shows the works James is talking about are:

    Vs.4 - not to have class distinctions and be judgemental to each other.
    Vs.9 – not to show favoritism for the rich and not dishonor the poor
    Vs.13 – practice mercy towards all

    As we all have heard quoted many times: Vs. 14 - Of what benefit is it, my brothers, if a certain one says he has faith but he does not have works?” What are somemore of the works he is referring to? See the next verse.
    Vs.15 – 16 – do not just dismiss a brother or sister who is in need of clothing and food with just wishing them well. Show charity. Feed and clothe the needy…..Vs. 17 says faith without those works is dead.

    Vs.25 – Rahab the harlot was declared righteous by her works of showing hospitality to the messenger.

    The whole chapter is very clear about what the true works are.

    Don’t just dismiss the scripture in Romans 3:27,28 like you did. Acknowledge it as part of the whole picture of what works really means. You criticize Randy Watters as taking that scripture and forgetting about James. You are taking James words in one scripture out of context and forgetting all the rest.

    Obeying Jesus as in John 3:36, means do those works as described in James.

    Others here have already answered you on the other points. Look at them carefully. Don’t delude yourself by thinking you have so skillfully "shut us up with the Bible". You haven’t proven anything with the Bible at all. You have only taken a few scriptures out of context and twisted them as you have been taught by the WTS.

    Again I say, your pompous attitude gives away your lack of wisdom. You have illusions of your own grandeur but you certainly are alone in thinking that you have more knowledge that any of us.

    Had Enough (of nasty little blow-hards like you)

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Dear Stillinthetruth,

    Your post displays the kind of cocky attitude that is often found
    among those who know very little about a matter. Believe whatever
    you want, its all a matter of faith anyway. 3 or 4 generations from
    now someone in your family will figure it all out. The price of self delusion
    and arrogance.


  • StiLLinTruth

    Wow, great responses. This is fun. "Armageddon will never come". "You will soon realize this and that, something or the other". "You have no life" etc. etc. With all these predictions and guessings, you should start your own cult. Also, amazing to see so many have turned into complete atheists. Shame on you.

    The best commect was about John 3:36 referring only to the works described in James, which were like "do not just dismiss a brother or sister who is in need of clothing and food with just wishing them well. Show charity. Feed and clothe the needy" etc. Well it doesn't say that does it. The simple bottom line is "OBEY JESUS" in everything he says. That includes the preaching, the loving your enemy, this and that.

    I am not dismissing Romans 3:27, 28. I'm looking at the Bible as a whole. Good strategy: if one verse says faith only, another verse says by works only, easiest way is to sum them up and divide by two. What do you get? Faith that includes works.

    Also a point about armageddon, in no way am I expecting it to happen during my lifetime. As far as I'm concerned, I will die, and hope for resurrection. Jehovah has his time. The end will come when it comes. If the Watchtower wrote tomorrow "Harmageddon will certainly be here next year" I would laugh at the writing department. Poor hasty human nature.. always expecting, estimating, foretelling. Bible says the time cannot be known. That's enough for me.

    Bible only friends.

    Btw, had a great meeting tonite. Very loving and happy atmosphere. Maybe I just got a good congregation.. I'm still waiting to see things I don't like.

  • VeniceIT

    And here I expected Pictures!!!!!hmmmmmm


  • joelbear

    As he says.

    He is having fun. He is having fun because he knows he is irritating us.

    Who knows who he is. Maybe he is a witness, maybe not. Maybe he is Fred Hall in another guise.

    There will always be those who have fun at the expense of others feelings. Some of them happen to be Jehovah's Witnesses.



  • JT

    Still in the Truth:

    I want to thank you for actully posting your thoughts and views. I take a somewhat different position than many Former JW.

    Personally I think that the Society was correct in what they would say during the Service meeting about the need to at least engage in some conversation with the householder.

    many times out in service we would meet person who would not open the door , let alone express how they felt about a matter- yet when the householder would at least share his or her thoughts on a matter regardless of whether we agreed with them, it was still appreciated

    well i feel the same way about thoes like yourself who come here to forums such as this one-

    when one considers the instructions from the FDS (who jw view as the mouth pc of god himself)about dialogging with those who are considered DFed, DAed or Apostates and despite all the talks, parts on meetings and comments by CO and DO about avoiding what has been called "Spirtual PORNO"

    Then to actually see a "Loyal" JW who has only been in the "Truth" for one year disregarding all those Instructions from the slave, for me is very revealing .

    for it shows clearly that after just one year of being a JW youu already are showing signs of thumbing your nose up to the instructions of the Slave-

    now personally i think it is a good thing since i dont' view them as the mouth pc of god like you do being a jw.

    but for you to be willing to risk your standing in the congregation and supposely your relationship with God himself by merely being here
    is very fascinating to watch.

    personally i dont' agree with poster who jump on your with both feet merely because at this point you still accept the wt claims of being God directed- i think "loyal" jw like you should actually be COMMENDED FOR MERELY COMING here at such risk to yourself

    i recall yrs ago that a "ONE Yr JW" like yourself would not even speak to a former jw if they met them on the street or in a mall to discuss the very things that are being discuss here- but now due to the NET it provides JW like yourself with privacy at home

    AN WE see how many jw who may present an image at the Hall of they would never have any dealings with so called apostates-- freely point thier BRowser TO THIS and othe sites NIGHTLY

    so i hope that you stay and please feel free to express what you think-

    if after reviewing Randy's site and you thought it was "SAD"

    at least we will give you the freedom to say so without cutting your off from family and friends merely because you dont' agree with somthing writtten

    yet i'm sure you are aware that in your World of WT no one - not even you can do say what you freely think without some type of backlash

    so just keep this in mind for this is how many of us feel:


    but welcome to the board and continue to post for it is truly wonderful in my view to see an actualy jw disregard the clear instruction of the Slave

    times are a changing


  • joelbear

    It is in situations like this that I remember that it is not the name we stick on ourselves or the gang we hang out with that makes us Christlike or not, it is our actions, the way we decide to behave towards other people.

    The very simple words of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Would I be following this rule if I ran up to Jehovah's Witnesses and taunted them or Baptists or Catholics or Hindus for that matter?

    Still and Fred do not live by this rule. Their actions are therefore not Christlike. As I have said many times on this board, I know witnesses who act like Christ and atheists that act like Christ and those in both groups who do not.

    Actions certainly reveal the motives of people.



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