Randall Watters exposed

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  • TR


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Randy sells WT books to those who want the books for reference and comparison purpouses, not to dupe anybody.


  • larc

    FA Last,

    Perhaps you never learned this in school, but there is something called specialization of labor that has allowed the human race to move from the hunter - gather stage. People have many different kinds of jobs, in other words. Book distribution is one of them. You can find it in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles published by the Department of Labor. I hope this kind of fundemental information will help you get over your eighth grade mentality regarding Randy Watters' occupation.

    Randy Watters has Crones desease, which limits his ability to handle intense work or stress. No, Farkel nor I are his MD, but we just happen to know more about a lot of different subjects than you do. Hey, FA Last, what is the point of your being ignorant if you can't show it off!

  • freeATlast

    Hey larc MD, resident jackass,

    Specialization of labor came about because of the agricultural revolution. The pain in Randy's ass is caused by the fag-ricultural revolution and has nothing to do with Crone's disease.

    Hey larc I bet you know a lot more than me about the fag-ricultural revolution. I am ignorant of that and proud of it.

  • bajarama


    Your post above is proof you're a JACKASS. I find it interesting how

    you state that you are both, "ingorant" and "proud of it". I'm sorry,

    I took that out of context didn't I. What you were trying to say is

    your not gay, right? Why the defense, did you assume we would think

    that your gay? FreeATlast maybe this is a sign of denial?

    You can take jack out of freeAtlast's ass, but you can't take the ass

    out of freeATlast.

    Bajarama 1:3

    (of the married w/ 2 kids class so don't even try to slam me with

    your gay bashing bs)

  • Farkel

    :I said WT books. Anyone who sells religious books is a SCUMBAG because they are taking advantage of human weaknesses to make a quick buck.

    Once again, you show your ignorance. The WT sells religious books to gain converts. Randy sells old WT publications mainly to WT researchers and "apostates." Most dubs aren't the least bit interested in researching their history. In fact, I'd bet money that most dubs haven't read 1/10th of even the "Proclaimers" book. So given the obvious market for Randy's publications, how is he "taking advantage of human weaknesses?"

    It's too bad you're not still lurker. No more.


  • Fredhall

    Ok Farkel,

    You may stick your tongue back in your butt now.

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