Randall Watters exposed

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  • d0rkyd00d

    Hi Still!

    I must admit, it is a pleasure to hear a witness on this board. I love debating on subjects, which is hard to do when all of you agree on the same subject, the popular opinion here being that jw's are not the correct religion. So i welcome your opinions and arguments and hope to see more posts by you. anyways, here is my opinion on the matter.

    I'm not sure if you researched the entire history of the jw's, but judging from the fact that you did a lot of studying before actually joining, i'm sure you have. Let me ask, can you simply dismiss the wild teachings that were held by the organization when it first started? Such as the pyramids special purpose? or that Jehovah lives on a star? Liver transplants aren't allowed? over time, more than having "revelations", or any light getting brighter, it seems to me that the jw beliefs are simply conforming to other more believable beliefs and religions.

    JW's claim that one of the reasons it is the true religion is because it dates back to bible times. no one man started it, such as the mormons religion. My question is, who "passed the torch" on the Russel? who was the Jehovah's Witness before him?

    Also, the entire religion is based on a contradiction in my opinion. The main message? we are the true religion because of our love. God is love. He's the most loving God ever. Is he? Why in the world would he destroy billions of people just for not having the same beliefs? just because they believe THEY'RE the ones serving God in the right way? Why would he help out in wars that took place in bible times? As somewhere else on this board it is mentioned, God is a double standard. THOU SHALL NOT MURDER. But I'm allowed to. what kind of God is that? Jesus is God's spitting image. Could u see jesus murdering billions? i sure couldn't. Can't wait to see your next post!

    "No cool quote yet. but i'll think of one soon."

  • larc


    You said that you don't believe that Armageddon will come in your life time. Isn't this apostate thinking? Have you shared this belief with your brothers and sisters? Have you taken it to the Elders to help them get over wrong ideas? What else don't you believe after just one short year? What is it that you think makes them a better religion doctrine wise that is? What you specificly believe and disbelieve is not very clear at this point.

  • JT

    had enough says

    But at the end of my post, it suddenly dawned on me how much good he actually is doing in helping others turn away from the org.


    You are 100% on the money-but it can get ones "DANDER" UP



  • Francois

    Hey Still:

    Psssssst! Before you attempt to come across in learned debate, first ya gotta master use of the English language. Otherwise, you just come across as a pompous fool...like you do.


  • JT


    I too would like to thank you for taking the time to respond to my post as well. I realize that time is limited for all of us so when someone takes the time to post I certainly apppreciate that.

    I could not help but notice that you REPOSTED THE FOLLOWING FROM MY POST:

    #############>when one considers the instructions from the FDS (who jw view as the
    >mouth pc of god himself)about dialogging with those who are
    >considered DFed, DAed or Apostates and despite all the talks, parts
    >on meetings and comments by CO and DO about avoiding what has been
    >called "Spirtual PORNO"
    >Then to actually see a "Loyal" JW who has only been in the "Truth"
    >for one year disregarding all those Instructions from the slave, for
    >me is very revealing . ##########

    the reason I mentioned the above is due to the fact that in my exp very few persons who claim to be JW are willing to address any questions surrounding those statements. So I will pose it to you if you don't mind.

    How do you Personally Reconcile the teaching and belief that to dialog as you are doing now in this forum with those who are Dfed, Daed or considered apostates is Scripturally Wrong, yet you are?

    The reason I ask is I often invite NONJW to examine what the WT teaches on this matter such as it being called Spiritual Porno. And they often wonder along with myself how does a JW on one hand claim loyality to God's visible organzation and on the other hand reject something Out right like this by being here- Keep in mind that many NONJW are very familiar with What the WT teaches and what they see JW like yourself actually do in those matters. It is as if a JW says he believes one thing and practices another

    Some JW when asked will freely admit that they are showing disrespect to God's instructions thru his Org,

    while others will claim they were sent here to this site by God himself – giving them an Exemption for being here despite the instructions thru the Slave.

    So if you would be so kind as to share with us how you personally deal with believing one thing and doing another.

    I don't want to call you a hypocrite like some may want to do. But I find it revealing as I mentioned , in reference to Does this person really believe what he would teach to someone else.

    The Wt has many times mentioned that it doesn't show maturity by saying IT WILL NOT AFFECT ME BY BEING HERE =- so once again the FDS has removed that reason as being valid for being here.

    So I pose the question to you

    I thank you in advance


  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Thanks JT:

    Your're right!!! My dander does get up. But each day I can see things a little clearer. Coming here helps me so much I can hardly find words to explain it.

    Some days are clouded over with emotion. (the 4+ decades of indoctrination have certainly taken their toll). I had such a strong belief that this was the only right religion. I have a hard enough time when I remember the times I was so snug and smug "in the truth" and feel embarrased.

    I'm so thankful though that I never stooped so low as to verbally abuse someone so arrogantly, in the name of promoting Jesus' teachings. I'd have such a hard time dealing with that.

    But thanks...it suddenly dawned on me how much damage a pompous attitude like his does for the JW cause in the eyes of anyone who comes here looking for answers. Again...thank you Still.

    You make me so glad I've....
    Had Enough

  • JT

    out and free says:

    And I was right to have that moment of regret, for as JT has reminded all of us, "persecuting" StiLLinTruth only validated his/her status as a true Christian. In fact, we all remember that there is no point arguing Scripture with a newly converted one.


    exactly so why ARGUE ,

    INSTEAD I find clear direct questions are the best way to share views and thoughts about any issue even the beliefs of a JW.

    If i did not learn anything in wt - I learned the value of asking questions- of course the person is under no obligation to answer

    but then it will show if the person has a real valid argument to support thier position or are they merely repeating what they were told to say.

    an open forum provides all observers the chance to see if a person is for real or just having a little SAT Night fun


  • NewLight2

    StillIn, can you explain WHY all the flip-flops in WT doctrine in this post?

    Old Light - New Light: Changes in WT Doctrine
    : http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=4809&site=3

  • bajarama

    When I was a child I would look to find ant hills. When I found one, I would throw rocks or torment the ants just to piss off the local population. S.I.T. I think your a "JACKASS", I mean that in a nice way of course. Maybe you should stop throwing rocks. Remember it's all fun and games til' somebody gets D'fd. Welcome to the board.

    (formerly of the jackass class)


  • emyrose

    When I was a JW I would have never been as nasty and rude as you
    are to everyone here. I' don't believe you are happy, I think you're
    a fool in aching in misery. Your attitude shows it.
    I don't discriminate when it comes to jerks. Whether you are a JW jerk
    or a non-JW jerk, I like to point it out. You are a jerk.

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