Randall Watters exposed

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  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    I do believe he is trying to help, and if u don't think so, then i guess you've never been a witness

    Sorry guy but his opening remark just doesn't say "I'm here to help even though I may use some sarcasm from time to time"

    It says

    Well it was time again for me to take my weekly dose of apostate faeces and see what it tastes like

    Coming here to taste "sh.." (feces...in case you didn't catch that) does not come from the mouth of one who wants to help.

    Yes, I WAS a witness for more that twice as many years as you've lived, raised 2 children and been through a lot more than I could ever have the time and space to write it all.

    You present your thoughts well for one who is only 16, but you still have a lot to learn about people. I'm still learning too, but I know enough to recognize his kind. I just should have known that to try to reason with him, was like trying to make a snowball in the blazing sun.

    I agree the name-calling and insulting was nasty. But it was his sneering attitude that rattled the cages and I'm not saying "he did it first". Trust me guy..he is NOT here to help anyone...He's here to apostate-bash (his own words) and to have FUN(also his own words) ...and he will be having an extra big laugh at anyone who is sticking up for him.

    Don't fall into his trap.

    Had Enough (but won't back down to the likes of Still)

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  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    Thank you ....appreciate the support and approval.

    Had Enough

  • Tina

    Hi He!
    You are totally spot on here!
    Posters like SIT ,starting the convo with insults and blanket derision of the rest of us here,deserve whatever they get.
    Trolls do love to push buttons- not help anyone. If they can insult and deride,they better be able to take the ensuing names/posts their gonna get. How weasly can you get? Calling outright insults and vitriol 'sarcasm'?
    You called it right,he. WTG!!
    I get a kick out of todds T Leary quote lol. Any quote made by a person who advocated and used LSD like he did is too funny. He coined the phrase,"Tune in,Turn on,Drop out".......not at all a wise man there lol.

  • thinker

    I used to get upset with people like Stillinthetruth. I wanted to have discussions about their beliefs and show them the errors in what they believe. I no longer see any point in it. Let me show you why:
    1) What all JW's believe comes from the GB.
    2) By their own admission, these beliefs have changed over the years and are always subject to change.
    3) Therefore, whatever belief a JW currently holds is really IRRELEVANT; because it may change in the future.

    So, my question is: why bother arguing with S.I.T. ?
    Every scripture he quoted, every explanation he presents is ALL subject to change!!! A debate can be won only if both sides agree to take an unchanging position on the subject being debated.

    I prefer to ignore those who blindly follow the WTS teachings; confident that in time the "truth" they fight so hard to hold on to will slip through their fingers like grains of sand. I started researching the WTBTS less than a year ago. In that short time, I have personally witnessed a change in belief (THE generation, now dead, buried and forgotten).
    If Stillinthetruth wants to think he has the "truth", let him. We don't have to change his beliefs, the GB will most likely do that themselves in time. He'll leave the WT only if he gets tired of being jerked around.


  • teejay

    wow, d0rkyd00d!

    [Less than a month and you're a Senior Member already!!
    You oughta be proud!]

    You said:
    Unfortunately, most of the people on this earth can't help but retaliate to a
    difference in opinion by using insults … This is a discussion board, not a
    third grade classroom.

    Dang, d00d! That about sums it up! It is an unfortunate truth. It's been
    happening for a long time and is likely to continue--we just don't have to
    play a part in it. I was wondering if anyone else here felt the same as I did. I
    mean, Still can be a jerk, don't get me wrong, but you have to be above the
    fray a little, you know? We're only kickin' around ideas and opinions here.
    We ain't solving NOTHING.

    You have a lot of wisdom for someone so young. I wish I had it when I was
    your age, but I'm doing the best I can now. Keep heading in the direction
    you're headed, d00d. As far as people calling me names, hell… these
    people don't scare me. I know who I am and my opinion of me isn't about
    to be shaped by strangers, even if we DO share a common past. I just think
    they should stop and think before getting all emotional about a JW spouting
    off on a JW board. What do they expect? I mean my goodness!


    Had Enough

    First, as I said to d0rkyd00d above, Still can chafe the skin a little. I'm not
    oblivious, okay? And I realize that not all attacked him. But I think too few
    took into consideration two very fundamental facts:

    1. He's new in the truth. He's Lee Elder 35 years ago. He's me back in
    1975. You can't expect him to be on the same point of the learning curve,
    but too few chose the high ground but respond to him in his language.
    That's not very intelligent--understandable, but dumb. I know some tried to
    point out some facts to him in a non-angry way but did they really
    think they were going to make any headway? I mean really?

    Secondly, this is a JW discussion board. It's like an online kingdom hall,
    and people should try to restrain this freedom we have to say whatever we
    wish, especially on a JW board. Yes we have the freedom to disagree with
    whatever we please (as long as our anonymity remains intact!), but if we're
    not toeing the party line, then we should be a bit more respectful of those
    that are. In a Kingdom Hall would you stand and argue with the speaker
    who said some of the things Still says?

    To dorkydood you said:
    HE started out with sarcasm, insults, attacks, holier-than-thou finger
    pointing,and name-calling just to mention a few. Some of us even tried to
    reason with him on some of his errors, but he came back with more sarcasm
    and insults.

    Did his behavior shock you? Did it take you completely by surprise? Had
    you never witnessed such boorish attitudes from dubs before? Did it shock
    you when the methods of posters to fling silly names at him JW-style met
    with more of the same from him? If so, you should've known better. He's
    the cock of the walk in the KH he goes to. He's 'reaching out' and the love
    bomb has yet to wear off. Of course he doesn't know it yet but his situation
    is like buying a stock after it has reached its peak and has begun it's
    downward spiral. Most everyone knows something about the org. that he's
    still clueless about. He has just discovered the wonderful bliss that is the
    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, a refuge from the big bad world were
    there are no problems beyond the help of the Mouthpiece of God Himself.
    And the Paradise Earth is just around the corner!! Give him time.

    Sorry, but that kind of behaviour, in the name of following Jesus'
    example is simply disgusting.

    So, I wonder why so many responded to him in kind? Have we not
    learned anything, or are we so entangled in past behaviors that we
    are unable to see a better way?

    It's not JUST a matter of having a different opinion than mine or someone
    elses. It's the WAY it is pushed down our throats, like a bully in school
    strutting around looking for someone to kick. THAT's not Christlike! That's
    not helping a lost sheep back to the org.

    Did he push his views down your throat? Hmm... I guess I missed that part.

    So that's what those who jumped all over him reacted to. Right or wrong,
    he does deserve to be corrected because of his attitude.

    Did your correction of him "take"?

    Even some humbly admitted (like myself) to having been snug and smug
    in the truth ourselves at one time. But NEVER did I or as others said too,
    go up to an apostate and sneer, push him around like a bully, or name-call
    or act like a bully throwing stones just because they thought differently
    that I did.

    Let me put it this way: ex-JW groups sometimes have conventions and
    meetings throughout the year. What would be the collective response to a
    JW who arrived to disparage the "idiots" and the "nuts" and the "angry,
    mentally ill" participants? He acts like a know-it-all JW on a JW site and
    people get bent out of shape. Weird.


  • bajarama


    Do you truly believe this is a jdub db? Tj so do feel all the apostates on this board are sqautting for a homested on this jdub site.

    (of the Sqautting Apostate class)


  • teejay


    Do you truly believe this is a jdub db?

    no. it doesn't look, sound or walk like a duck but it SAYS it is.

    Tj so do feel all the apostates on this board
    are sqautting for a homested on this jdub site.

    maybe. maybe not. it's just that, since the stated purpose
    of the site is for jw discussion, people need to chill a little
    when a jw comes along, professing to be a believer.

    i think some here (perhaps "many") may have a latent
    desire to go back to the KH and tell some people off but
    don't have the nerve. or, they are still nurturing some
    very hurt feelings that are still somewhat raw, and
    rather than addressing the source of their pain, they
    attack the source's apologist(s).

    i could be wrong. they could just be boorish people who
    respond to jerks in an immature way. who knows -- it's
    cyberspace - were established rules of etiquette and social
    intercourse are often given lip service if they aren't
    ignored altogether.


  • Geoff

    Oh man!! I laughed so hard when I read your posting. You are so right about that recording. I accidentaly submitted my own topic in here before I saw yours. This guys is why I come into these places. Talk about a breath of fresh air. I want to hear from all the other people out there that think they can disuade thinking christians from actualy listening to the bible. Bring it on! I feel the need for some in depth bible study and I would welcome all comers. :) thanks for the good read

  • Latte


    My sentiments exactly!!

    Well said.


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