What is the most bizarre counsel you received as a JW, from a JW?

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  • eyeuse2badub

    "You need to pray more, and go to all the meetings!" (and give more money!)

    just saying!


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    On a hot summer day I was wearing a sleeveless blouse to the KH and an elder counselled me about my bra strap showing.

    Another time I had some foot surgery done, and the brothers KNEW about my problem. My first meeting back, I had a slipper on my foot and a week later, there was a local needs part about the need to wear proper attire to the KH, to show respect for Jehovah's house of worship and not be overly-casual, as "some" might do, for example, by wearing slippers to the KH.

    It's like death by a thousand cuts.

  • snugglebunny
    Probably one of most bizarre pieces of advice came from a CO's wife who said that I should ask to see a sister's record card before pursuing any romantic interest with her.
  • snugglebunny
    Oh - a couple more: Never touch fireworks, they were demonised and I could be infected. Don't eat ice-cream it contains blood.
  • LexIsFree
    At one of the last conventions I attended (Buckingham, PA, USA) my then 6 month old daughter needed her diaper changed. I figured "let me be a good husband and do it so that my wife can "enjoy" the program". I go into the men's bathroom where they had diaper changing stations. When I walk out the bathroom, two young MS's are waiting for me to scold me about changing diapers and how that is, I kid you not, women's job and it was inappropriate for me to take a girl into the men's bathroom. Needless to say my blood was boiling. Here are these two young punks trying to tell me that I am wrong for doing what a father should do. I calmly replied, "you're right young man. When you soil yourself, come look for me in my seat. I'll gladly change your diaper". prick.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    This CO had this thing about coming to a full stop while driving . He would

    tell us when you come to a stop sign, count 10 seconds before you proceed.

    He was so adamant about it, you would think it was written in the bible.

    The Gospel tell us, "Brothers come to a full stop on your ass or camel in cross

    roads". I hated his visit and driving him around in field service he was a pain in the butt.

  • Londo111

    It's funny looking back at the gnat-straining!

    A myriad of things...I'll just grab two off the top of my head:

    · · Mentioning the cereal “Lucky Charms”

    · When extending myself to go in midweek service after working the midnight shift, an older pioneer sister asked me about my new job and what I did, I told her I was “Associate Operator”. She proceeded to counsel me how the world likes to give fancy titles and I should essentially quit my job and pioneer.

  • Funchback


    Buckingham was where I used to go. My congregation was Oreland (just outside of Philly).

  • Vidiot

    sabin - "Here's another one 'you need to protect yourself from the brothers & sisters in the cong'."

    Actually, this one doesn't really seem all that bizarre.

  • StarTrekAngel

    I will summarize counsel given to me as well as my wife.

    - You need to look up information about this piece of jewelry (Anklet I gave to my wife), it used to be the adorn of prostitutes in biblical times. (holier than thou pioneer sister talking to my wife before FS)

    - How was FS today? (holier than thou elder seriously asking me a Saturday afternoon when I showed up to fix his computer. I had clearly not shaved that day)

    - Brother elder wants you to know that you can use your iPad to read your MS outline but not to read the bible. The bible should be read from the book to avoid stumbling newcomers. (MS overseer advice, two weeks after GB member Jackson gave a number of talks at our International Convention in Houston. Using nothing but an iPad)

    - Only exemplary Christians can have the privileges, like handling the mic or managing the parking duties at assemblies. Can anyone tell me how to we know an exemplary Christian? -Brother1: A brother that clearly conducts his life on bible principles. Elder: That is ok but, is there another answer? Brother2: Someone who clearly underlines the magazine every week. Elder: Exactly!! (publisher meeting prior to an assembly)

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