Lloyd Evans' New Book - Is It Really Necessary?

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  • steve2

    I accept that some of Lloyd Evan’s earlier missteps - including especially on this forum - were woefully misjudged and his ability to take feedback was extremely limited. But, come on guys: don’t keep raking over old stuff.

    So he’s found a way to be a JW activist and keep meeting his family and living costs - that’s not a crime. It just so happens that his outreach has become incredibly successful and not a few of his videos are hard-hitting,well made exposes of JW organization.

    BTW, I admit that in earlier posts I took part in assailing him for what he had said and done. But that’s over and done in my view. No one has to forgive or like the man - but to use every opportunity to vilify him? Oh -almost forgot- I haven’t read his book - and probably won’t as I take on board what several posters have said earlier: there ain’t much new in it - save his own background.

  • Diogenesister

    Ty1I don't care how he wants to earn a crust, it's just statement of fact.

    *I noticed he rarely has women involved in discussions on his channel.

    What gave me the pip is he villifies strong women like Alexandra James as "regressive"for defending BCG .... but a pretty young vlogger posts two YouTube vids and whamo...he has her on his channel.

    Why not Katy kitten, Alexandra, Susan Gaskin, Living Now Lady ( a psychologist), Orphan Crow et al???

    It just feels like an elders boys club. But of course he'd just tell me it's his channel so eff off. And you think I can't change?

    *with the exception of one abuse victim when discussions are around that subject.

  • Gorbatchov

    He has the right to do what he wants. If he wants to publish 25 books, so what? Let him go.

    it’s up to us to buy or not to buy, isn’t it?


  • steve2

    Diogenesister looks like when he does include women that you say he doesn’t include, you dismiss it as an exception. There’s no pleasing some people!

    He has produced a handful of videos that include women. The one with an ex-JW woman who is now a registered therapist and who has written a recovery manual is a standout. A thoughtful interview in which this confident woman expressed herself clearly and to whom Lloyd listened respectfully.

    If you have already made up your mind about Lloyd - and are simply not interested in evidence that could provide a counter balance to your opinions - well and good - that’s your perfect right. Accuse the man for what he has done - not what you assume he has done. And be open to contrary evidence.

  • snugglebunny

    Some folk climb aboard a scene and want to take over as leader. I've seen it quite a few times. Generally it's more to do with ego than anything else.

  • jookbeard

    amazing how many still react to Evans being the devil incarnate, he maybe a bit of a Marmite character and I'm sure he'd even admit that he's made mistakes in the past, wouldn't it better to concentrate on the benefits that his book will bring rather than assassinating his character continually? his jwsurvey.org is a truley excellent source in assisting those leaving the cult and thats what we should be focusing on.

  • WingCommander

    Lloyd writes books, critiques WT Broadcasts, etc......because he luvs the sound of his own voice!!! My god, haven't you all figured that out yet? His long-winded diatribes are good for putting insomniacs to sleep!

    Give Lloyd a break; he's only following PT Barnum's observation: "There's a sucker born every minute."

  • dozy

    I'm looking to reading the book. If you have Kindle Unlimited ( about $10 a month ), you can read it ( and his first book ) as part of your subscription , so it needn't cost a lot of money. And JWsurvey and his Youtube videos are an excellent ( and free ) resource. So I don't see any problem in the guy selling a book and him making a few Kunas.

  • pale.emperor

    Pale.emperor, I'm puzzled by your OP given a recent thread of yours in which you share with us that you are writing a book to help those who have already left or who are weighing up whether to leave. Lloyd's book is on a not dissimilar theme. In that earlier thread of yours, I commented that there are a lot of ex-JW self-help books already but you responded that yours would be different. What happened that you now say that most of what could be written on the topic could be put on a single sheet of paper?


    I'm not begrudging him writing a book on how to leave (or any book(s) for that matter), I'm just thinking what can be in it to warrant an entire book?

    The one I'm working on isn't on how to leave. It's what to expect when one does leave and the coping mechanisms around it. If that can be produced on a leaflet then I guess I'll be writing a leaflet, but I dont think it can.

    Plus mine will be free.

    But, again, I feel I need to add that I dont dislike Lloyd, and I do enjoy his videos. I wasn't intending to turn this thread into a Lloyd Evans: Do we like him? thread.

  • Phizzy

    I will read the book and judge it then.

    I certainly hope it will be helpful to those recently left, as well as those about to leave.

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