Lloyd Evans' New Book - Is It Really Necessary?

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  • JaniceA

    I like lloyd and the kooky couple in Az but they are so long winded. I don't usually take the time.

    I love Lloyd because he has an entirely non JW persona, looking scruffy and a bit unwashed. He's not prettying up to us or anyone. I love me a rebel. Just talk faster!

    I like shorter videos and humor is appreciated. The apostate chick should do more, I love her. Lots of ex jws are just boring and still speak and act like jws. I can't hear them droning even when the content might be interesting. Some present as if they are giving a talk. Aaaargghh. I gave up that crap!

  • jambon1

    I have to laugh at all the controversy and discussion around Lloyd Evans. I’m still trying to work out the motive/thinking but I’m not there yet. I don’t get it.

    I personally like Lloyd mainly because he is very, very effective. His incredulity at Watchtower along with his balance of reasonable respect when discussing their beliefs really hits home what is being discussed. Of course, I like him because practically every point he makes resonates with me and his style is right up my street.

    I can understand that some people don’t like his style or his general demeanour but I’ll say this - some of the stuff posted about him on Facebook or discussed on podcasts and YouTube is nothing short of shameful. It’s actually libellous and if I were Lloyd I’d be absolutely fucking raging.

    Just last week I saw stuff discussed/allegations by some maniac on FB. It was utterly hideous and those wading in were the usual suspects - those with an axe to grind. I noted that the cowards had deleted their untrue and libellous comments the next day.

    I heard a popular YouTube couple once say that it was their opinion that Lloyd was ‘working for Watchtower.’ 😂👏🏽😆 This was in the last year. Absolutely unbelievable. The people who say such things just undermine people’s faith in what they talk about regarding Watchtower or indeed anything for that matter. It’s just such a ridiculous assertion to make that I’d question a persons sanity who would suggest it.

    Funnily enough, the couple who suggested this have a massive ego and are quite creepy and weird. I’d go as far to describe them as manipulative.

    All in all, it’s not good. I’m sure that witnesses on the edge will see stuff like the above and stand, point & say “I told you so.”

    More power to Lloyd. His activism is clearly appreciated by those that he helps and I hope he’s around for some time in the future.

  • SAHS

    I read Lloyd Evans’ book The Reluctant Apostate, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I had already read many books by XJWs, I appreciated his own unique story and perspective. He brought out some good points.

    I know he has been very prolific and sometimes rather long-winded on his voluminous YouTube materials, but he has a good personable and fresh, matter-of-fact manner of speaking. I find his voice very reassuring and refreshing, especially compared to the usual monotonous drone of JW speakers still in the WT organization, and I can easily relate to him because he really speaks to the common XJW with a solidarity and passion which only we can know.

    I would far rather listen to Lloyd Evans’ style than any of those stuffy old clowns on the JW dot org broadcasts any day! I will also definitely buy his newest book about how to leave the JWs as soon as it becomes available for the Amazon Kindle app.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    I appreciate very much Lloyd’s videos and comments on jwDotBorg doings and didoes.

    At first I was very put off by the man due to many things already mentioned here, but I am hoping that he is “living and learning” through these experiences...

    I also think he is showing great promise through his journey out of the bOrg, becoming more aware and less narcissistic —being the best parent he can be to their little girl will be a great opening and humbling experience as well... as kids have no respect or awareness for ego, haha, and can help keep us grounded.

    He had much of the JW elder in him, and that’s a hard one to shed, but his energy and love of life and sense of humour can go far if he can keep himself reasonably humble, or grounded, and not let his fan club go to his head.

    Keep up up the good work, Mr. Evans, you are progressing well on the path of life...

    May we all walk gently and with best of love and intent on our own journey through this experience of existence....

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    In answer to the opening question: Yes, we do!

    We need as much variety and diversity as possible in the stories and accounts of personal experiences with the WTBorg Cult Inc. as is humanly possible. The more the better in order to reach as many as possible with TTATT. Something for the individual tastes of the whole crowd so that none are left out.

  • steve2

    JaniceA are you sure you are not me under a different user name? Just kidding. Loved your post on the kinds of exJW videos you prefer. I’m pretty much the same. Humour is a fantastic antidote.

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