Lloyd Evans' New Book - Is It Really Necessary?

by pale.emperor 65 Replies latest jw friends

  • Normalfulla

    Well if this isn't judging a book by its cover I don't know what is... I have read the reluctant Apostate and I personally thought it was great, sure some info in there I was already aware of but it was presented well and it was nicely woven into his personal story, as for the 2nd book I have pondered the thought "what's the point" but until it has been read a valid opinion cannot exist

  • Simon

    Book III will be "Victims, and how to many money from them"

  • sparrowdown

    Necessary? If you wanna run with the big dogs of activism and atheism then it helps to have a few books under your belt in leiu of actual qualifications that is.

    The next one will be something like The Reluctant Athiest or The Reluctant Apostate Heads West.

  • ctrwtf

    Observing here only the best in humanity...people with a common history attacking another.

  • Wild_Thing

    I think if he wants to write a second or third book, more power to him. It won't be for everybody. Personally, I like to watch his YouTube commentaries, and I appreciate anybody who is willing to publicly speak out against the wrong doings within the org. It takes a lot of time and money to do all that. It doesn't bother me one bit if he profits from it through books or videos or whatever. I am sure there are some who find his books useful, so I wish him success.

  • JW_Rogue

    The man is doing good work and exposing a lot of the inner workings of WT. If people are so upset about him making a living off of it, then they don't need to buy his stuff or read his blog.

  • steve2

    Pale.emperor, I'm puzzled by your OP given a recent thread of yours in which you share with us that you are writing a book to help those who have already left or who are weighing up whether to leave. Lloyd's book is on a not dissimilar theme. In that earlier thread of yours, I commented that there are a lot of ex-JW self-help books already but you responded that yours would be different. What happened that you now say that most of what could be written on the topic could be put on a single sheet of pape?


  • snare&racket


    So don’t buy it.........

    Its like walking past a poster saying guitar lessons and shouting out loud “I do t want to learn the guitar!” The poster isn’t for you. The book isn’t for you.

    Write your own pamphlet to give away for free and it may help people looking for exactly that 😉.

    Ex JW life is difficult enough without judging each other. He’s hardy selling kids into slavery, he’s writing a flipping book 🙄

  • wannaexit

    I didn't read it because I can't imagine sitting through 802 (!!!) pages of material that has already been covered by other authors. I can't imagine what would be new and exciting about Lloyd's book

    OrphanCrow I feel as you. Couldn't gag it down.

    Lloyd is trying to make it a business, that's all

  • Jehalapeno

    Can you guys believe that Steve Hassan charges for his books? He even charges for ex-cult therapy sessions!

    i think he’s just trying to make this a business.

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