Lloyd Evans' New Book - Is It Really Necessary?

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  • steve2

    He loves his own voice - or is a confident, assured speaker who is clear about what he wants to say? Take your pick. It is always possible to look at more ‘out there’ individuals and judge them because of their manner. So be it. I’m sure that Lloyd is not the only person to have his motives questioned and character judged. I remember an elder telling me that I needed to be more humble and not fall prey to human pride.

    This is very much a left over from our time in JW organization: Stay in line. Don’t speak up - oh, and if you do something out of line, we will keep reminding you about it.

  • Diogenesister

    Steve, I wasn't talking about interviews.

    I said discussions.

    And I'm actually pretty easy to please but that whole episode with BCG disappointed me beyond words and set my " ok, we've got one here ladies" radar off big time.

  • Londo111

    I feel that whole episode was drawn out and overblown. It is easy when reading a text or email to misunderstand the tone of how things were meant or to read into word choice. Despite many apologies rendered, I felt many were harsh and unforgiving. No apology offered was good enough.

  • notsurewheretogo

    His motive is to be the number one "apostate" in the world and make a living off it.

    He will continue to make books to do so...I'm sure he wants to help people see the WT for what it is too naturally but the man has an ego...it is there plain to see for all.

    I simply enjoy some of his videos, I skip the ones I don't like and I have no need to give him my money or buy his books.
    ... but a pretty young vlogger posts two YouTube vids and whamo...he has her on his channel.

    I picked up on that too....as I said Cedars is easily read.

    But you know if he wants to make a career out of being an activist and it helps people so be it...good luck to him...but I'm not a fan of the man...just some of his work....that is ok though.

  • Diogenesister

    Londo I accept what you say, it is.

    But I was the one having the dialogue with Lloyd about the issue and believe me there were no apologies. And as far as I know there still have not been.

    And the stupid thing is, he so didn't need to get involved.

    He had done nothing - but my God it was obvious he didn't give a damn and he rapidly resorted to insults, slurs and inuendo (toward her.)

    That's what I mean about a boys club that just weighs in should anyone challenge what any of them have said or done.

  • undercover

    Never felt the need to buy his first book, as by the time he was promoting it, I didn't need it. I have CofC, and that helped me as I was exiting.

    And just as Ray Franz hoped to make a little money, and I didn't begrudge him, I don't really begrudge Evans. If he can find buyers, then good for him.

    At the same time, I've never been a fan of professional activists - people who seem to make a living at being an activist, whether it's political, vegan, religious or haters of bro-country music. They seem to have found a cause that allows them to bitch and get paid. Maybe I'm just being a curmudgeon about it, maybe some of these folks do make a difference, but enough of these people come across as shills, that it tarnishes all of them to a degree.

  • jws

    Well, if he's helping people, good.

    I got sick of his ego. He acted like he was going to bring down the WT single-handedly.

    And not the brightest guy either. He used to do those stupid surveys and promote them on anti-JW websites. And then pretend like they were accurate portrayals of the active JW community.

    The problem with leaving the JWs, is it can be a delicate situation. If you're going to be guided, IMO, you need to be guided out by somebody who people can't besmirch. He is not that man. Franz was.

    A friend of mine got into other religions led by some, but they had all of these flaws. One claimed that he was taught by some divine means the bible as it hadn't been taught since the first century and he asked god for some sign and he made it snow in some time of year where that wasn't likely. Except, it didn't really snow. We have records. And the guy plagiarized other authors. So clearly, this guy is tainted. Don't want to hear him.

    Then he recently referred me to some other guy. Looked him up, found some story where he said he was about to fly from Mexico City to Argentina, but felt like he didn't want to go. And that was supposedly God. So he didn't go and the plane crashed killing I think 269 people. Looked up up and wouldn't you know? No plane crashes of flights from Mexico City that were headed to Argentina. And since he was so precise about how many killed, no record of that many deaths of any flight from Mexico City. There was one in the neighborhood, but it was headed there to LA - the opposite direction.

    So right away, these preachers look like frauds, doing it for their own pockets.

    Cedars' foibles risk putting him in the same category. And if people see him in that light, it may disillusion the people who left the org because of him. And they could return.

  • Diogenesister


    That pretty much sums up my views too, now.

    I enjoy Lloyds rebuttals and Watchtower in focus is my favourite YouTube content. In fact My husband used to laugh that everywhere I go he could hear Lloyds dulcit Manchunian tones murmmering away in the background.

    I'm just......so disappointed.

    Alexandra has spent many years helping abuse victims but gets dismissed as "regressive", yet a girl so newly out she probably hasn't yet had time to formulate her own opinions gets invited to discuss the topic. As you say, very transparent.

    I don't think Lloyd is some rabid misogynist - far, far from it. As Steve-o said, he has done some thoughtful interviews with women.

    Anyways I'll shut up about it now.

  • dubstepped

    Why do we have to agree with everything someone does lest we judge them as unworthy? Is it remnants of the cult? The person that does the most is the easy target by people that often do nothing. I'm sure he has an ego (like the posters here don't?) but many times that ego pushes them to help more while others feed their ego by pushing another person down. We are all susceptible yet we hold others apart.

    Lloyd certainly has screwed up at times. I hope none of us are held to the standard of our worst moments to define us.

    In the end, he can't be everyone's cup of tea. I'm sure someone out there hates my podcast. I'm okay with that if many like it and some are genuinely helped.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Well, if he's helping people, good.

    Not only is he helping people but he's very effectively bringing out the buffoonery of the JW cult leaders! I get a big laugh out of clowns & their antics! :-) :-)

    Thank you Mr. Cedars & keep up the good work you & your team do..

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