How many years left to Armageddon

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  • AlanF

    Sherwood said:

    : President Bush "State of the Union Address" this year surprised African Countries when he admonished to give billion+ dollars for AIDS related causes in those countries. One third of people in that continent are infected with the HIV virus.

    Sure. And when did AIDS start to be noticed as a big problem? The early 1980s. That's a long time after 1914. But the Watchtower has been claiming since the early 1920s that pestilence got much, much worse after 1914. That's patently false when actual historical facts are examined. In the 20th century we have not seen pestilence on the scale of previous times. We don't see 80-100% of a town wiped out due to smallpox, plague or whatever.

    : Cancer is still the #1 killer in the world followed by Heart Disease. Looks like pestilence is 'still' part the sign.

    Wrong. Cancer and heart disease are not pestilences. You don't believe me? Look up the English and Greek words. Furthermore, cancer, heart disease and other ailments are generally diseases of older people. Why do we see more of these diseases? Because the huge diminution of actual pestilences that kill indiscriminately, but a larger proportion of the youngest children, has helped create a lot more older people as a percentage of population than ever before.

    : Who knows how the latest terrorism threats - if carried out - will significantly increase pestilence.

    Irrelevant. The Watchtower has claimed that we've seen a massive increase since 1914, which is patently false.

    : As regards WWI, more people died from the Spanish Influenza (reported 20 million) than all those who died in the actual war (reported 9 million).

    Yes, and what have we seen since then? Anything like it? No. And what do you think is worse? The death of 20 million out of 2 billion? Or the death of 1/3 of the world's population, as occurred in the mid-14th century due to the Black Plague?

    : Famine never got better since the pangs of distress started 1914 according to most UN statistical reports.

    Nonsense. You're reading only false Watchtower statistics. And don't confuse reports about hunger and malnutrition with actual famine. They're quite different. The world's poor have always been hungry and malnurished. Today they make up a substantially smaller percentage of the population than before 1914.

    : On record, earthquakes (including volcanos) in one place after another are still causing 'pangs of distress' upon earth's population like no other time in history.

    So what? Their frequency and intensity is the same as always, according to the available evidence. The Watchtower now admits this. But one thing that Watchtower will never tell you: the risk of dying in an earthquake in the 20th century is a lot less than in the preceding four centuries. In fact, it's lower by a factor of four than in the 18th century.

    How can something that's a lot less of a problem be a sign of anything? Like I said, if anything, these "signs" are anti-signs.

    : Wars have increased in frequency, multitude of troops, and destructive intensity since 1914.

    Frequency and number of troops, as a percentage of population? No. And you can't produce any data to prove your claim.

    : Increase in Lawlessness (sin) is arguably at the tempo of the Canaanites before Jehovah came into Judgment with them.

    The keyword is "arguably". Can you produce any statistics that compare previous centuries with the 20th and show that the 20th is worse? No, you can not. But I can produce some indicators that show it's a lot better overall. A warning: If you quote Watchtower nonsense about this, you'll get your head handed to you -- it's already been thoroughly debunked.

    As for Jesus' words, a careful look at what he actually said proves that he did exactly the opposite of what Watchtower and some other lookers-for-the-end-in-their-lifetimes claim: He said to avoid looking for signs. And that's exactly as it should be, since he also that that "the end" would come exactly as a thief in the night -- unexpectedly, without warning. He even specifically stated that "the end" would come when his followers were not expecting it. So if you're expecting it, due to your interpreting events, you're proving to be a false Christian. At Luke 21:8 Jesus emphasize this further when he said to stay away from people who declare, "The end is near".

    It's pretty clear, Sherwood, that the Watchtower Society has misled people like you into repudiating Christianity. You JWs very well fulfill Jesus' words that 'not everyone saying to me, Lord, Lord, will get into the Kingdom of heaven." So sad.

    I suspect that by now, you're inclined to ignore my last several paragraphs and revert to the now-standard JW excuse: "Jesus said there would be earthquakes, war, famine and pestilence. We see them. Therefore the end is near." But tell me, Sherwood, since these things are either better, or no worse, than ever before, how can they be a sign of anything? If I told you to meet me at the main kiosk of Grand Central Station when you noticed that the grass is green, the sky is blue and young men are lusting after young women, would I have given you a clue of when to meet me?


  • Satanus

    Orthodox catholicism is against millenialism/apochalypticism. Since the time of augustine, the church has been on that stand, though it slipped a bit during the 1000 year.

    It's the protestants since luther that have been reading mt24 into their times ever since then. When will they learn?


  • Realist


    i can't wait for your nutcase god to attack. Bush will shoot him down with 10.000 nuclear warheads!

  • JH

    In Mathew 24, Jesus gives us signs of his presence to come. Yes Jesus gave signs. 2 Peter 3;4 talks about people who didn't see or recognize the signs.

    and saying, "Where is the promise of his coming? 3 From the time when our ancestors fell asleep, everything has remained as it was from the beginning of creation."

    The Lord does not delay his promise, as some regard "delay," but he is patient with you, not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.
    But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, 8 and then the heavens will pass away with a mighty roar and the elements will be dissolved by fire, and the earth and everything done on it will be found out.

    I'm just stating what's in the bible

    One does not have to be a JW to read or believe the bible

    But don't say Jesus gave no signs

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  • Mr Rocky
    Mr Rocky

    Alan F, couldn't have said it better. JH go ahead and set us a date for the end everybody else has but don't expect me to preach it. I'll wait to see if your right first before I waste my life on your guess.

  • JH

    Mr Rocky

    I didn't write the bible. I can't even understand it.

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    sherwood: hope you know your history , sounds like you read that bull shit right out of the live forever book... now lets talk facts,,, lets stArt with famine, in 1900 there was 1.2 billion people on earth .. today we have over 6 billion if famine was so bad how can we feed 500% more people today.. more people died in India in the 1800's from famine , than the whole world in the 1900,s some 300 million thats just in India and in countries that have a hunger problem it's the churches of christiandom that the wt hates that sends food medicine and doctors, to help as jesus said to do . but what does the wt send books... you can't eat wt books so the wt is part of the problem, they don't care for noone but your money... the wt don't show the needy the love of christ.... never .... you want to talk about desease, get your facts straighttrhe spanish flu was not the worst killer of all time,, ever here of the black plague 30 million in europe alone a third of the pop, any were from 120 165 million world wide at the time and that don't include africa... and this was just after the mongoles wiped out everyone they could find from china to europe and they killed everyone in there path... maybe a 100 million or so more . and what happened to the indians when the europeans came to america,, they brought the black plague here and it killed about 90% of naTIVE AMERICANS ALL UP AND DOWN NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA WITH OUT A SHOT BEING FIRED.. you are talking untold millions more. now lets talk about the black plague in the 20th century it is known as SMALL POX when the doctors came up with a cure vaccine, it was none other than satans org, the watchtower that said any thinking person would not get a vaccination as it was from the devil jw's were not allowed to get one till the 60's now how many 100's of millions or billions were saved from sure death thanx to vaccanations... all against the false teaching of the GOD in brooklyn .... you want to talk about wars... well more people were killed in the french spainish war in the 1700's than ww1 the same for the neopoliananic wars .. and the 30 year war with germany in the 1700's and the list goes on and on and on... try reading some history books on different wars... then come back with all that wt bullshit about ww1.. earthguakes well the wt got that wrong too!!! and they have changed that teaching... look up the history of earthquakes the only thing the wt is right about is that in the last 100 yrs reporting is better, with the rictor scale and even doctor iko the wt quotes as saying that earthquakes are worst in the 20th century has wrote the wt letters saying they MISQUOTED HIM and that the 20 century is no different than any other time, in fact in the 20 century it is a little quite with earthquakes. sherwood you need to go to the library and look up all these things... i did it 3 years ago , for months every time i came home from the library i would watch my jw dad 's face turn blue with the research i found in history books that never mentioned the wt but make their teaching just a look like a pile of shit!!!! just a word of advice.... spend some time in the public library before you make such statements about 1914. you will be surprised as i was... you are baring false witness in the name of jehovah with all this wt crap.... and the bible says that a false witness will be thrown in the lake of fire... so do your home work.... freedom in christ ...........john

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan


    that's the reason why it scares you

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  • JH

    The fear of the Board(Simon) is the beginning of wisdom

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