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  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    Dissonant153 hours ago

    I personally trust this version more:

    It would be interesting if anyone else tries & compared

    Still ISFJ, but more strongly weighted toward Observant and Feeling than Judging which seems more accurate to me.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I am ISFJ-T Defender role -Sentinel

    9% introverted




    7% Turbulant

    Read the profile and have to agree very much with the descriptions .

    Born in JW left after 44 yrs .

  • ivanatahan

    Born in: Yes
    Personality type as JW: ENTP (The debater quality in me, which I still have, led me to question the nonsense known as the Jehovah's Witnesses cult. I still consider myself an ENTP.)
    Personality type Ex-JW: ENFP

    40% Extraverted

    25% Intuitive

    34% Feeling

    38% Prospecting

    64% Turbulent

  • OneEyedJoe
    It would be interesting if anyone else tries & compared

    Human metrics test:

    Introvert(84%) iNtuitive(47%) Thinking(100%) Judging(56%)

    16 personalities test:

    100% introverted, 27% intuitive, 97% thinking, 44% judging

    Not really a significant difference, but I found myself choosing the middle option a lot more on the human metrics test. But I'm not sure what that means.

  • Londo111
    Born in: Yes
    Personality type pre JW: n/a
    Personality type as JW: INFP
    Personality type Ex-JW: INFP
    80% Introverted
    32% Intuitive
    45% Feeling
    28% Prospecting
    62% Turbulent
  • Question_Mans_interpretation

    I got ESTJ-A (The Executive)

    Extraverted- 41%



    Judging -34%

    Assertive -14%

    Role- Sentinel

    Strategy- people mastery

    I was a born in jdub and I think this is fairly accurate currently. Had I taken this test when still under the watchtowers thumb I know my results would have been way different, definitely an introvert result. I didn't start to be outgoing until I realized "worldly" people were just people and not under satans influence and that they don't bite so its ok to say hi. As I leave more and more of my old mindset behind I do see more positive changes to my personality. I will have to retake this test in the years to come to see if it stays or changes.

  • FreeGirl2006


    I have remained consistent before & after. Was not born-in, but might as well have been since I was around it from ages 2-35.

    57% Extroverted

    54% Intuitive

    39% Feeling

    31% Prospecting

    25% Assertive

    The assertive part got me on the bad side of eldubs many a time.

  • scary21
    ENTJ....born in never baptized.
  • millie210
    INFJ - in all my life.
  • C0ntr013r
    Controller - your charts are really meaningless without normalizing based on the general population. You're surprised at how even the distribution has been, but that in itself is significant since, for example, INTJs are less than 1%of the population. The fact that INTJs are about as common here as other personalities either means that they're MUCH more likely to wake up, or that they're much more likely to talk about it online, or some combination thereof (I'm in the "combination of the two" camp).
    The chart I think you are reffering to was showing how common the different letters where, E VS I, N VS S, etc.
    In my last comparison between the different types, I took how common they are into consideration. And I made the point you just made.

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