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  • C0ntr013r

    I don't know if any of you can relate to this but; when I was growing up. Being different in school, feeling as if i did not belong made me somewhat introverted. It was not until I started to wake up that i realized that I actually liked spending time with other people.

    So I believe that the Jws made me somewhat introverted even though I don't think that was my actual personality. And I still feel the effects of that today...

  • C0ntr013r

    Stats so far:

    2 Extraverted 4 Introverted
    6 Intuitive 0 Observant
    4 Thinking 2 Feeling
    3 Judging 3 Prospecting

  • Pubsinger

    ESFP-A Entertainer.

    Born in. And I am indeed a musician and singer and have worked semi-pro since 1990

    How do you get your percentages? Or are you just estimating them from the coloured bar charts?

  • C0ntr013r
    Umbertoecho, only one letter different INTP & ENTP. Whats your last letter?
  • C0ntr013r


    it should say the % next to the bars.

  • username


    I'd say this is pretty much spot on. I know I'v become somewhat of a better person since leaving the cult. Empathy is one of the things I feel the most, so much so I sometimes need to withdraw from a situation as it can become very overwhelming for me! I instantly know when somethings not right just by entering a room, I can feel the negative/positive energy in a room.

  • Oogie
    Your personality type is:
    Entertainer (ESFP-T)
  • Pubsinger

    Extroverted 80%

    Observant 47%

    Feeling 34%

    Prospecting 19%

    Assertive 89%

    Role: Explorer

    Strategy: People Mastery

  • C0ntr013r
    4 Extraverted 5 Introverted
    7 Intuitive 2 Observant
    4 Thinking 5 Feeling
    3 Judging 6 Prospecting
    2 Assertive 3 Turbulent

    I will compare the numbers to the % of the different types in society later.
    Keep em comming :)

  • C0ntr013r

    ENTP: 1

    ENFJ: 1

    INFP: 2

    INTJ: 2

    INTP: 1

    ESFP: 2

    6 of the 16 variations are represented thus far, looks promising.

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