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  • doofdaddy
  • SecretSlaveClass

    I realized I hadn't payed attention to some of the questions correctly, like "you would rather have you kid grow up kind than smart" I thought it said "kind AND smart". A couple of others too. Note to self don't do quizzes after you've just woken up.

    here is the result with reading questions correctly:

    Still pretty close to the last result ...

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    “The Defender” (ISFJ-T)

    Strength of individual traits:

    Introverted: 29%

    Observant: 18%

    Feeling: 64%

    Judging: 48%

    Turbulent: 8%

  • Jeffro


    There may be some correlation between certain personality types and the propensity to be un/convinced by superstitious beliefs such as those of JWs. It's somewhat less likely that being raised in a particular religion would cause a change of personality type.

  • Bonsai
    It says I'm a Campaigner and the wife is the Defender. Sounds about right.
  • minimus
    E s f p ...entertainer, for me. Spot on.
  • freemindfade


    Edit: It's funny I took the test for the first time maybe 18 years ago and I was an ENFP as I put above. But out of curiosity if anything has changed I went to this link and did this one. Came back ENFP-a still.

  • vinman
    ISFJ-T, Born in. Same, Ex-JW or pre.
  • rebel8

    INTJ. I get the same result every time I take this test.

    This test had another metric at the end--I got A for assertive. (I coulda told ya that!)

    In previous threads, we discussed the possibility that there are more INTJ ex-jws than in the general population because we question everything.

    Furthermore, INTJs prefer asynchronous communication like Internet forums, so you will find more posting here.

    And come to think of it, INTJs are more analytical, so probably more likely to take an analytical test such as this one.

    We also don't fit in with the E-S-F centric jw culture.

    • We share the tendency for judgment but ours must be based upon facts and reasons, not feelings or what charismatic people tell us.
    • We need alone time and that is frowned upon. (When I was in, they were big on saying alone time and daydreaming being when Satan can enter your mind. We were admonished to be saying silent prayers when alone. Damn, even when I was alone I had to talk to someone!)
    • There is not enough privacy for us. (When I was in, there was no such thing as boundaries. Everyone knew when you had your period, saw a doctor for acne, whatever.)

    I'm much happier now that I can be myself. Being a jw in that culture was mentally exhausting.

  • OneEyedJoe
    In previous threads, we discussed the possibility that there are more INTJ ex-jws than in the general population because we question everything.

    INTJs are also the least likely to believe in god, which makes it hard to stay in a religious cult. In my case questioning the existence of god was easier than questioning the watchtower. Though I think the prevalence of INTJ on forums is more about the style of communication that we prefer - the wrongs of the cult are both numerous and varied enough to offend any personality.

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