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  • C0ntr013r

    First of all; I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of putting people in boxes like this, it is not an exact science. But I still think the data can be quite interesting and I intend to collect it and share it in a structured way with you guys.

    So without future ado here are the details.

    Link to test:

    I would like to investigate something with you guys, the primary questions I hope to gain a better understanding of are:

    1. Is there a personality type that is more common among ex-JWs?

    In other words; is there certain types of people who are easier to wake up, who are more likely to wake up on their own and who are harder to indoctrinate.

    2. Does the JWs change people so fundamentally that they change their personality type?

    Many of the things that decide your personality type are things you find within the JWs. One example is how judgmental you are, many JW are quite judgmental which will affect their results in a personality test.

    I would like you to take the test a second time with the mindset of when you where a JW to see if you get the same result or if you had a different personality type in the ORG.

    If you where a convert, I would like to know what personality type you where before you joined the ORG, what personality type you where when you where in and what personality type you are now.

    3. Is there a personality type who is easier to convert?

    Self explanatory.

    There are probably more questions that we can get insight into with this data, these are just some of the questions I thought of that interest me.

    I have guesses about the answers to theses questions but I think it would be interesting to get some actual data to see if there are any patterns.

    Some of my thought:

    Are many Ex-JWs logical thinkers?

    Are many of the converts "feeling" individuals?

    Will the Org make people more judging?

    Do we overcompensate for the JWs mentality now that we are "free"?


    Link to test:

    I must admit that it is quite scary for us born-ins because we don't really know who we would have been without the ORG...

    I put together this form that if you like, you can use in your submission:

    Born in: Yes/No
    Personality type pre JW:
    Personality type as JW:
    Personality type Ex-JW:

    If you feel comfortable you can share the actual statistics of your test, for example here are mine:

    (this will help me compile more detailed results)

    You can use this form:

    19% Extraverted 0% Introverted
    34% Intuitive 0% Observant
    5% Thinking 0% Feeling
    0% Judging 15% Prospecting
    7% Assertive 0% Turbulent

    Looking forward to your submissions and thank you for reading and participating! :)

  • FayeDunaway
    Enfj t, born in. My personality hasn't changed. Matured yes, changed no.
  • LisaRose

    I am an INFP, which is consistent with tests I have taken in the past.

    Towards the end of my time as a JW I learned a bit about the Meyers Brigs personality classification, it helped me understand why I found the meetings to be pure torture. I am an introvert, so I hate meetings in general. I am intuitive, so the plodding, rote teaching style was boring to me, I am a feeler, so shunning people and condemning those of other religions just never felt right and the strict rules and black or white thinking went counter to my perceiver nature. I had a theory that the people best suited to the religion are ESTJ, that possibly the group as a whole was ESTJ.

  • C0ntr013r

    Thanks for your submission FayeDunaway!

    Only E and N are the same between us, interesting.

    I have a feeling we will see many more N's thou

    "My personality hasn't changed. Matured yes, changed no."

    I feel the same, but I was also quite young when I awoke, so its is hard for me to say.

  • DarioKehl
    I already know without taking this that I'm INTJ. Before & during awakening & fade.
  • OneEyedJoe


    I've always been an INTJ near as I can tell. Took the test for a job 6 years ago and was an INTJ then while an active JW. I suspect you'll get a lot of INTJs on here - we seem to be over represented on online forums.

    100% introverted

    27% intuitive

    97% thinking

    44% judging

    70% assertive

    The extremes in my introversion and thinking traits are what I blame my awakening on. I think the perfect JW would probably be ESFJ.

  • umbertoecho
    INTP Tried that test three times in three years..It was not too flattering but what the hell....
  • umbertoecho
    ooh OneEyedJoe. Your compatible with me. You poor
  • C0ntr013r

    I find it interesting that everyone has said N so far, which males sense:

    Open minded, curious, looking for hidden meanings and future possibilities.

    Will probably make it hard to have the mind stay in a fixed state. You curiosity will make you question and you will be willing to entertain others views and beliefs.

  • C0ntr013r
    I agree with you OEJ, ESFJ is probably the ideal witness.

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