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  • Question_Mans_interpretation

    I just took the human metrics test and I got a slightly different result, ESFJ.

    I think my first results with the 16 personalities test was more accurate and the questions I feel were worded better for me to comprehend and decide what to choose.

    Also The thinking and feeling percentages were really close to neutral so I guess I'm borderline ESTJ or ESFJ.

  • umbertoecho

    This is a good one but should still identify fairly accurately what type you are.

    INTP-A A for assertive....The Logician. It seemed I was devoid of all those lovey feely things. Not true, I think I am loving. I just don't like being smothered by

    personally trust this version more:

    It would be interesting if anyone else tries & compared.

  • umbertoecho

    These two are very similar. I am the same as you but on each test I came out the same ....INTP.... It's best to do it a few times at different times of day. This seems to make a difference.

    EdenOne,On the 16personalities one I got INTP

    On the human metrics one I got INTJ

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    My results:

  • rebel8

    I WAS an introvert JW, now I'm an extrovert exJW. I've learned that im a natural leader in my circles and I love to have a voice.

    Introversion does not mean shy or quiet in the Myers-Briggs test...not sure if that's what you meant.

  • Viviane
    Sorry, there's no result category for "awesome". I don't take flawed tests.
  • freemindfade

    ENFP is awesome pumpkin, thats me!

  • OrphanCrow
    Umber: It would be interesting if anyone else tries & compared. talked me into it. I will share even though it goes against my personality type.

    INTJ. The System Builder. Pretty consistent percentages across traits. Pretty dead-on on most points.

    Hello to all of you who are INTJ - I saw a few of you back on this thread but I can't remember who you are...sorry! I am horrible at remembering names...faces, photos, paintings...I always remember. Names...nope. Not so good at that.

  • C0ntr013r

    This last week has kept me very busy and I apologize for keeping you waiting.

    I also had to recollect all your data because of a corrupt save file...

    There has been some confusion about what types people are and I want to clear some points up that might help you figure out which type you actually are.


    Gains energy from being social.


    Being social drains energy and you need to recharge your batteries by being alone.

    When it comes to the N/S, T/F. One of them will be your dominant function and it can be either introverted or extroverted.

    Introverted N:

    Ni: Interested in the big picture, connect existing ideas, seeking patterns, simplifying the idea to its core.

    Extroverted N:

    Ne: Creativity driven, new ideas, adds info to idea, "scatter-brained", bored by routine. See many ideas and possibilities.

    Introverted S:

    Si: Lives in the past, detail-oriented, security seeking, follows rules, goes by the book.

    Extroverted S:

    Se: Lives in the present, hands on, show off, experience-seeking, thinks on ones feet.

    Introverted T:

    Ti: Thinks internally, non confrontational, inductive logic, organizing ideas, detached. Deep thinking about all angels of an idea.

    Extroverted T:

    Te: Thinks out loud, pragmatic, confrontational, needs objective proof, deductive logic.

    Introverted F:

    Fi: Conceals emotions, values identity, in touch with own feelings (over others).

    Extroverted F:

    Fe: Expressive, sensitive to criticism, values harmony, lives according to norms.

    If you are unsure which one you are you can find out by thinking about if you have extroverted or introverted thinking/feeling/intuition/sensing.

    If your primary function is extroverted your secondary function is introverted and vice versa.

    And remember everyone does have all of it but the test is trying to figure out which one is most dominant among the different traits.


    Closure, Decision, Scheduled, Organized, Plan, Control, Now.


    Openness, Options, Spontaneous, Disorganized, Experience, Flexible, Later.

    The picture is a bit bad:

    Yellow: Sensing

    Blue: Thinking

    Green: Intuition

    Red: Feeling

    Introverted functions on the left and extroverted on the right of the line in the middle of the different types.

    Dominant function at the top, weakest function at the bottom.

    Link to higher resolution:


    Self assured, even tempered, resistant to stress, refuse to worry to much, don't push themselves to hard.


    Self-conscious, sensitive to stress, wide range of emotions, success driven, perfectionists, eager to improve.

  • C0ntr013r

    Here is the personality distribution based on 56 submissions.

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