VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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    Just like to say that of course people from many religions commit evil etc like this, but the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses without a doubt say that they have the ONLY TRUE beliefs in the whole world, only ones with gods spirit actively guiding & blessing them.........gods only happy people. Now if you have that kind of GOD righteously directing this Noah's Ark.... this shit should not happen..........

    Witnesses just say that he was mentally ill/demon possessed, and that Witnesses are prime targets for Satan, and see what happens when you leave the organization. It just feeds into their persecution complex (a complex he apparently carried on wit after leaving).

  • WingCommander

    I never said Air Marshalls were on ALL flights. What I said, was that they were on a good number of "high-risk" flights. I'm thinking terrorists know that between armed Air Marshalls, and the fact that US Citizens aren't going to just roll over and play dead anymore, that they are a bit deterred?

    As for the post above about internet gun sales in America. So what? I've bought many a firearm thru such sites. Guess what? In each case, I've had to meet the seller at a licensed Gun Shop, fill out ALL the required federal and state paperwork, go thru an immediate insta-check, before I could walk out with said firearm. Do you even know what you are talking about? The people who sell their firearms without going thru the proper procedures, are in fact - BREAKING THE LAW! I myself have put "For Sale" ads on such sites. It is not illegal to sell your firearm. It is illegal to sell it privately without going thru a BATF FFL licensed dealer in order to do so. This is how BATF track ALL weapons. People breaking our laws is what is causing a lot of this mess to begin with!!!!!! Criminals do things criminally!! Felons don't purchase weapons honestly. Think criminals in Ireland or Australia don't have firearms? It's this ignorance and ignoring of the laws that we DO have in place that is causing it to be bad for the majority of the law-abiding citizens in the USA to continue to have firearms.

    Enough with this crap! A homicidal nutcase bent on killing purchased the GLOCK 19 legally. It's a fact. He was not a felon. He had no warrants out for his arrest. He had not been dishonourably discharged from the military. He had no record of drugs. He was not on medication, nor had he been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, not even "voluntarily." Hence, he was able to pass as "sane enough" purchase a firearm and pass background checks. What he did with the GLOCK is ON HIM. GLOCK didn't make him a homicidal maniac anymore than Jehovah did. In fact, I'd argue that religion has killed many more people many more times over in history than any of the wars that have ever been fought with "guns." Religion thought up by bronze age nomadic sheep herders and written in scrolls, has killed more people than GLOCK's ever will. All in the name of "God told us to do it, so we're right."
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    What are those "racist motives" exactly?

    “As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!” - Good Morning America, quoted by Wasanelder Once on page 9 of this thread ...

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    Wow, a thread that's REALLY blown up.

    One of the most intelligent posts I've read so far is from page 11:

    NONJWSPOUSE: " Also, the people that are so dangerous are the ones that make their view of reality one that justifies such mass killings. Religion, whether found in actual doctrine , or in warped minds of those who read doctrine in some justifiable lethal way, many times has a part in that. " AMEN- PRAISE JESUS. I agree.

    Whether it's the David Koresh's, Jim Jones of the world that take many people down with them in their insanity- or whether it's the secretive Mark David Chapman's of the world who killed John Lennon or this secretive Virginia shooter- the one common thread in ALL of these killers is that they have an agenda, a grievance in which they try to FORCE their perception of " reality " onto other people they hold a grudge towards - then blow these people the hell away killing them because these people won't AGREE with their warped sense of their skewed version of " reality " . And therein lies the problem.

    How in the hell do we deal with thousands of these crazies running around either in a clandestine fashion or on the Internet in public trying to promote their twisted views of "reality " onto the rest of us ? In my opinion - about the only thing we can do is protect ourselves, our friends, and those we love by keeping our eyes open constantly being aware of our surroundings and not falling into complacency by being TOO trusting of strangers who may have hidden agenda's towards others - so that we don't get caught in the crossfire of some twisted nut jobs who want to go down in a " blaze of glory " forcing their views on others in a violent way. And even then- there is no guarantee we can avoid these crazies totally. They show up in random fashion many times.

    So hug your children today people. Hug your wife, hug your husband , hug each other - we need to look out for one another in a modern society that's become so impersonal and so many people feeling like they don't matter and disenfranchised. All I have to say

  • Billyblobber

    “As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!” - Good Morning America, quoted by Wasanelder Once on page 9 of this thread ...

    And you attribute this line of his whole rambling "suicide note" that included things like "black men and white women are out to get me," "I've been sexually harassed," and "I refuse to take meds" as having as much importance in this instance, as race (and the outside influences he was reading to focus on that) was to Dylan Root's actions? Over the mental illness that caused him to be constantly and entirely paranoid about everyone being out to get him?

    Him being insane is the main focus in this instance for good reason. It's the direct impetuous, and something that can be looked into to make improvements. In Root's case, we had a specific ideology molding him AND mental issues to look at, which is a bit different than non guided paranoia.

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    On another note selling a gun you have purchased illegally without going through proper channels is a bad idea. I'll shed a little light on that as well. During a past purchase of a new firearm, the dealer handed me a small manilla envelope, closed with a slug in it. He says you get one of these, and the federal government gets one of these. Just a little reminder. The gun has a finger print in a database and it is associated with whomever owns that gun. Now if I get a bright idea to sell mine off the books to some wacko what want to do a drive by, and the police investigate, guess who they are coming to see? Me. Just something else to consider.
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    I was merely stressing Vester's appalling racism ... just as I stressed Roof's appalling racism and hoped he'd get the death penalty on another thread about that racist POS.

    I was also pointing out the hypocrisy of the left because although you correctly pointed out right-wing hypocrisy you remained silent re left-wing double standards.

    Here we have an African-American male use phrases like "white [deleted]!" and then go out and shoot white former colleagues and you choose not to stress this, but rather, any mental problems he may have had. Do you admit that, like Dylan Roof, Vester Flanagan was racist?

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  • freemindfade

    That is a very good article.

    he was the archetype of the American public mass shooter, someone who sought fame and a kind of meaning through death when he could not find it in his own life.

    The brazen violence of mass shootings sates another particularly American craving: the desire for fame at any cost.

    “The priority of fame is more common and stronger in the U.S. than perhaps in any other culture in the world,” Lankford said. And at the same time, “the distinction between fame and infamy seems to be disappearing.”

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    I'm not sure Vester is "appallingly racist" because his manifesto, unlike Root's, has no central point, but is reactionary paranoia to things that do exist (Root's race war crap), and probably don't (being trolled by watermelons). Vester seemed to think everyone (including black men) was out to get him because he was gay and was black, he thought that Root started an actual war, and he would respond, not by going after all white people, but people that specifically were out to get him in the past (in his own head), while at the same time, praising other white and Asian people that killed a bunch of people.

    There are differences between racist actions, racism, stereotyping, and reaction to those actions. Racism is believing that many or all members of a race share a stereotype by default just due to the color of their skin, or hating people strictly because of the color of their skin.

    Vester thought EVERYONE was out to get him (which is typical for people with certain brands of mental illness), and SEEMED to target his victims based on personal relation as opposed to just for the color of their skin. He didn't have a coherent focus at all and only singled out Root in particular in that quoted statement as opposed to consistently talking about white people as a whole. Were he targeting random people, it would lend better to him going after an entire race in general, as of now, it just aligns with generalized reactionary paranoia.

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