VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • ShirleyW

    SNOWBIRD ! ! !

    Thought you were buried under the snow for good !! Interesting this topic brings you out, hope all is well ! !


    As for you Miz, you're just as F***D up as Flanagan, go back and read ALL your posts under different names if you don't believe me., however, so far, don't think you'd take someone's life, i hope, this cult has really messed up a lot of folks

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Do you know their names? If you don't want to disclose that imfo I understand but ask them if they know "Toothless". In my old life I knew a few lads from Herefordshire.

    I will pass that on next time I see them.


  • snowbird


    I'm nearly fried by all the heat down here.

    Otherwise, I'm doing ok.

    Good to be back.

  • ShirleyW

    Hang around this time Syl, don't be a stranger for such a long time !!

    As for you Miz, you're going back and forth already with your identity here, just one of the reasons I think you're just as wacky as Flanagan. (and then you will come back and say you have no idea who I am)

    BTW do you own any guns?Hope not next time someone does an ambush shooting on someone and it comes out they were associated with the JWs I should submit this thread as evidence that it could be you that's the suspect.

  • Simon

    The two 'rights' that seem to be given religious devotion by Americans are the right to free speech, usually warped into "the right to say anything, however offensive" and the right for everyone to have guns.

    Then we're surprised that people are shot.

  • freemindfade
    Simon with all due respect some times your comments such as this come across as strictly anti-American. Like strongly. Not presenting a specific fact, but a broad generalization about anyone who might live in anywhere in the United states. Kinda harsh dude.
  • Simon

    It's just meant to be an observation. Like "what could go wrong!".

    I also don't mean to imply in any way that the victims in *this* shooting did or said anything that was even slightly insulting, let alone a reason for someone to seek revenge on them.

    I like America and Americans but I think it has some challenges that it needs to address and right now, the killing of it's own citizens seems to be high on the agenda.

    Claiming that is Anti-American is a bit lame IMO. I see those claims most often being an attempt to silence an opinion. Anyone who tells you that "something is wrong, you can do better" is not Anti-American unless you are incredibly insecure. If you want Anti-American go see ISIS ... or Trump, LOL. I think there is a definite cultural difference with how UK people talk about their friends - what you interpret as insults is typically friendly banter. But I apologize if you find it insulting.

    BTW: I was in America just last week and down in Texas no less (San Antonio). It was nice (but HOT!). I didn't get shot so that was nice.

  • freemindfade

    Your Comments seem filtered through a media image portrayed constantly because of people like trump, the kkk, rampage shootings etc that garnish a great deal of train wreck attention (selling tickets to the "American show") and are really not representive of all of us. I know the Americans you speak of. They are embarrassing. They are not everyone.

    Now Texas that is America! Lol. Texans are wild ;)

  • cappytan
    Simon! You should have let me know! I would've taken you to the range! Shown you the REAL San Antonio. Taken you to eat some REAL Mexican food. Not the tourist crap. I'm 30 minutes away. And moving next week. LOL
  • Simon

    I think the news reports in most countries isn't representative of the humdrum existence of most regular people there (thank god(. That's just how the news works. But many Americans are talking about the issue so it's not like it's invented and doesn't exist.

    Texas was nice, the people were very friendly. I may have joined a Latino gang in a sketchy bar though at some point, I'm not 100% sure.

    Sorry, it was fairly short notice and I was on a tight schedule so I couldn't plan any meetups which would have been nice. Next time ... (and yeah to Mexican food - it's delish !).

    I was slightly disappointed that I wasn't handed a gun as I got off the plane. I'm beginning to think America is different to the one on TV ;)

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