VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • freemindfade

    "Everytime I think I'm out they drag me back in!"

    Frazzled UBM: We don't have to get together I'll send you a pic if you like, half the girls in North America already have one

    The pen is mightier than the sword, and ideas are more dangerous than the tools used to carry them out.

    You guys are making yourselves look ridiculous (at this moment I am not talking about gun control) Because some of you are so anti-american/antigun that you don't want to say this guy had mental problems. Do you hear yourselves??? he said jehovah told him to do it... he didn't pick up a gun one day then it magically took over his person like the ring in lord of the rings. Anyone who is saying he didn't have mental issues needs to stop and think for a second. He shot, two completely innocent people, on live tv, and he filmed it himself!! I see this as such bias that you all would rather criticize someone like myself who owns a firearm than admit this person was sick. Think about that.

    Someone also said that basically not being an anti gun proponent is like being in a cult... well I honestly believe that believing that the police or the government are forever and always going to look out for your best interests is more like being in a cult than anything.

    I had extended (by marriage) family visit from Australia. They were so paranoid being in america, they thought everyone was going to shoot them. They were dead serious. Everyone was laughing at them. How is not bias that their impression of ALL OF AMERICA, all 320 million plus, is like an action film, or represented by this nut jobs we created a platform for. They inevitably always reference some other rampage shooter or shooters. They want to make a scene. And they do. Guns don't cause them to lose their mind one day, and they go on a shooting spree, no the decide they want to F%$# the world, they want their name to be remembered like Eric & Dylan. Then they go find guns.

    I have lived many places and experienced many things. Liberal gun laws, and the strictest in the nation. And let me tell you in NYC getting a gun is near impossible. I had a cop living above me, I asked him about registering a firearm, he said don't even bother. He said it was near impossible for him to get one for personal use. Also the people in New York feel much the same as those of you in the UK, Australia, etc. The mere thought of owning a gun causes them to faint. And stil somehow NYC has GUN VIOLENCE.

    I hear it over and over on here, america has guns, so gun deaths are high. Murder is murder. al ot of you say a gun is more deadly. I still say ideas are the deadliest, especially bad ones. Jones town how many people were killed in a few moments with out a shot being fired? Oklahoma city? 9/11? Bad ideas will lead people to find the way to cause destruction and loss of life. Bad ideas are more powerful than the tools.

    Honestly I hear all the comments on here and its sounds like people that rave that POT IS A GATE WAY DRUG, if you smoked pot, you r gonna do heroin. yep, it causes refer madness! I knew a kid, smoke pot, chopped up his family, I saw it on TV must be true. We should ban pot because it makes you chop people up into little bits in a drug induced rage, and then makes you do all other drugs and become a delinquent. please...

    Guns are no more causing these idiots to carry out insanity than pot is making addicts use other drugs and commit heinous crimes.

    Fact: Gun violence has been decreasing over the past two decades in America

    Fact: Gun ownership has increased, there are more guns than ever in America

    Now I will now be so naive to say that More Guns=Less Violence based on those facts, but to me it makes the claim that more guns in america is adding to the violence also seem naive.

    I just see less practical talk on here about gun laws, and more anti-american sentiment which i feel is unwarranted. When columbine happened america changed, now you probably have many other brewing waiting for their chance to be the next wacko on CNN. And they are going to ILLEGALLY go find the guns they want to do it. And there is not a damn thing I, you! or any law can do about someone determined to cause chaos!

    Now... Cappy and wingcommander, lets go grab a Budweiser, beat our wives, salute the confederate flag, and measure our small d%#s in our big cousin humper pickup trucks!!

  • OrphanCrow
    cappytan: Self-inflicted gunshots are also more likely if you own a gun, because if you own a gun, you're likely to choose that method if you decide to take your own life. That doesn't mean owning a gun increases the risk of suicide. It just increases the likelihood that should you decide to commit suicide, you'll choose that option.
    Selection bias, again.

    Cappytan, that isn't really selection bias.

    Australia has collected data and has recently published the findings on homicides and suicides related to firearms:

    "In the decade after the gun control law was passed, gun homicides fell by 59 per cent and firearm-related suicides fell by 65 per cent. There was no related increase in non-firearm homicides and suicides.
    An earlier study estimated that 200 lives were saved every year thanks to the decrease in suicides alone."

    The entire article can be read here:

    "...earlier this week, a study by the American Sociological Association came out debunking the NRA's contention. It reported that the U.S. — which has nearly half the world's civilian-owned guns — is also home to 31 per cent of the world's mass shootings despite making up only five per cent of the world's population.
    "That is not a coincidence," wrote study author Adam Lankford. "My study provides empirical evidence, based on my quantitative assessment of 171 countries, that a nation’s civilian firearm ownership rate is the strongest predictor of its number of public mass shooters.
    Until now, everyone was simply speculating about the relationship between firearms and public mass shootings [defined as killing four or more people]. My study provides empirical evidence of a positive association between the two."
    Of course, America's gun violence problem goes much deeper than mass shootings. While those garner the most attention due to their shocking nature, Vox recently reported that America has 29.7 gun homicides per million people compared to 5.1 here in Canada or 1.4 million in Australia.
    As well, gun-related suicides outnumber homicides two to one in the U.S.
    But gun control actually has a measurable test case: Australia."

    *to add - some interesting data on worldwide school shootings at this site here:

  • Billyblobber

    What more can America do about "gun control"? It's not the 1980's anymore. People can't walk into a gun store, buy a fully automatic Uzi or Mach-10, M-16, etc, fill out a "mail-in" form with a fake ID, and walk out with the fully auto sub-machine gun. Those days are OVER. We have instant background checks. You can't own a fully automatic weapon, silencer, etc without a thorough background check, expensive tax stamps/permits, and without a lot of money, period!!!
    I feel background checks should be tied into ones mental medical history though. Currently, because of HIPPA laws, they are NOT. Only if you were "involuntarily committed", does mental illness show up on a background check before purchasing a weapon. That is the ONLY "loop-hole" that I am aware of in this country. Gun Show "loop holes", etc are pure myth, or are being done illegally to begin with. (I've never seen in 20+ years of attending gun shows).

    edit: Sigh, the quote button lost my response here, but I was basically agreeing that mental health screening would be a huge help.

  • cappytan
    Just admit it - you have been fed a diet of fear and paranoia all your life and you are afraid and having a gun makes you feel safer.

    I can't speak for Wingcommander, but no, having a gun does not make me feel safer. It doesn't make me feel less safe either.

    I have a gun because I don't like eating factory farmed meat. I love wild game, and it's the most natural, organic meat you can find.

    I can take my rifle and in a weekend, get enough wild pork to last me 6 months or more.

    One deer will last my family 3-4 months.

    Yes, I can hunt with bow & arrow, but a rifle is more effective for my purposes: filling the freezer.

    I like having a pistol, because if I make a slight error in aim, the animal deserves a coup de grace and firing a rifle slug at point blank range is more dangerous than a pistol.

    I don't keep a gun under my pillow and cower at night in fear of hypothetical home invaders.

    Just like I don't keep a screwdriver under my pillow in case the need should arise that I have to fix something in the middle of the night.

    Just like a screwdriver, my guns are kept in their place, secure, but ready to be accessed when the time arises that I need the right tool.

    Oh, and I don't (currently) own an AR15 or similar rifle. But I'm not opposed to them, because the bullets they fire are no more dangerous. In fact, the bullet an AR15 fires (.223) is a varmint (small game) round. I wouldn't shoot a deer with'd be inhumane.

    .270 all the way.

  • Fencing
  • freemindfade

    Well said cappy

    Most the world believes anyone who owns a firearm is like one of these maniacs that goes nuts, when in reality the majority are just like you stated.

  • OrphanCrow
    WC: Hey Simon, who was it again who stood up to an armed terrorist with an AK-47 shooting people on a train in France in the past week? Was it French citizens? Where were the Mounties???? I do believe it was (3) American Military servicemen on leave.

    Aw, you are just being silly.

    Lol! The Mounties are in Canada. Why would you expect them to be on a train in France????? Silly boy...

    American Servicemen. Yes. Trained military servicemen. Not some American soccer mom with a handgun in her purse or an American kid who got his hands on his dad's pistol from the bedstand.

  • Billyblobber

    Funny too how the news is all about mental illness, not the clear racist motivation of the shooter.

    That's because when someone has a history of extreme paranoia and violent reaction to that paranoia, they're most likely bipolar or schizophrenic, which are both mental illnesses. And since the shooting was directly targeted towards individuals that his paranoia told him had slighted him as opposed to random people of a skin color, it ties more directly into the illness issues.

    But don't worry, ridiculous right wing sites are giving you just what you're looking for (and here's a comparative to show to how they are reporting it as compared to other, related things)

    [edited: don't post those images here]

  • freemindfade
    Do you honestly believe this idiot's sole drive for what he did was to start a race war?
    I find that distasteful that no one can admit this guy was out of his mind.
  • WingCommander

    This thread is way off-topic, no matter where your stance on American gun laws.

    It has come out that the man who did this shooting, clearly was paranoid, delusional, and very angry. He himself made the statement that "Jehovah told me to do these things", etc.

    He made a lot of racist statements too.....but I honestly don't feel he was a racist because he hated white people, I think his underlying psychological disorders turned him that way. Also, the JW Cult upbringing of, "us vs. them" mentality really feeds into paranoid, delusional behavior.

    The weapon he choose is of secondary concern. As stated before, he could have run them down with a truck, beat them with a baseball bat or club, etc. His underlying mental issues are the culprit of this behavior, and the fact that he didn't get help for said problems because he didn't feel he had them. (he did!!)

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