VA shooting suspect was raised a JW! He mentions it on his Twitter account

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  • RichardHaley
    This is a case of premeditated murder and it is the perp that bears the blame not the instrument used to carry out the crime. Keep 'em, take 'em away, doesn't matter, this stuff will keep happening. Sorry Simon, can't agree with you this time.
  • cappytan
    Photo of me and cappy once upon a time

    You forgot the bourbon.

  • Billyblobber

    This is the kind of stuff that led him to kill coworkers:

    “The watermelon would appear, then disappear, then appear and disappear again … only to appear yet again. This was not an innocent incident. The watermelon was placed in a strategic location where it would be visible to newsroom employees (and others) entering and exiting the building. It appeared after a meeting during which ‘watermelon’ comments were discussed.”

    He says the watermelon was part of “a carefully orchestrated effort by the photography staff to oust me – a conspiracy.”

    Sounds like the hallmarks of paranoia, which goes hand in hand with a few different mental issues.

  • freemindfade

    It is of note to that the idiot that shot the news team expressed admiration for Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold of columbine fame, and Seung-Hui Cho, of the virginia tech shooting.

    So this does lend to what I said earlier about how columbine changed everything, think about it.

    After that, gun violence has declined (statistically) in america, however copy cat rampages have increased a great deal.

    It's not a gun problem. It has three parts

    Country full of guns (you can't unring that bell)

    Mental Health problems

    and Media creating evil superstars out of mass shooters.

  • freemindfade

    I am not advocating for guns.

    I don't care either way. But when people make statements in a bias manner that is not based on rational logical information, I want to support reality. They can ban guns, I could care less. Hopefully nothing I say is taken as such. I advocate for only me, and not some broad sweeping platform. I just see a biased pattern here.

    Someone does something so heinous and despicable and immediately it is eluded to that america is still the wild west.

    I have read and looked at statistics and I will agree there is problem with murder and gun violence. However is america #1 as everyone implies? America has the most guns per capita of any country. thats a fact. They are not #1 when it comes to gun deaths, or even mass shooting statistics based on population and such.

    The gun issue does not begin with any pro gun person. Some WILL say well americans walk around shooting each other, thats just what they do. NOT REALLY. I am not supporting right to bare arms, I am supporting if you are going to protest it, use facts please.

  • Simon
    ok... take away the guns, would that have changed anything?

    Yes. People wouldn't have been shot. Sure, he could have gone at them with a knife - everyone but gun advocates know that is less effective.

    Car bombs were illegal and banned when OKC happened.
    Crazy people find ways around laws.

    If you truly believe that (I know you don't) then why not campaign for them to be sold? I mean, what harm can it do? Why not allow guns on planes? Why try to fight terrorism? Why have police even?

    Shotguns have not been deemed problematic by the anti-gun folks, only semi auto firearms.

    Probably because there are few incidents of mass shootings by someone with a shotgun. Shotguns have limited range (compared to a rifle) and the rate of fire is no where near as deadly.

    Why do rifles need to be lethal for people to enjoy shooting? Why not shoot pellet guns?

    Since we can't "fix" the lack of gun control in this country because of the amount that already exist freely

    That's a myth that the gun lobby want you to believe. When guns have been controlled then crime falls shortly after. Most guns obtained and used for crime started their lives as 'legal' weapons.

  • Simon
    Before OKC bombing, anyone could buy barrels of Ammonium Nitrate. Not so it's carefully watched and cataloged, and you'd better be a farmer using the proper amount for your size field!!!!!

    Thanks for a perfect illustration of "control" helping. How many OKC bombings have their been since?

    Likewise in the UK, after a gun massacre, tighter controls were put in place and it was not repeated for 30+ (?) years.

    But America's dysfunctional political system and selfish society can't get to grips with the cancer that is consuming it despite the cure being readily apparent.

  • Simon
    They are not #1 when it comes to gun deaths, or even mass shooting statistics based on population and such.

    They may not be #1 of all countries but when you rely on failed-states / war-zones and crime infested weakly-governed countries to push you down slightly I think it's a sad indictment.

    Shouldn't the US be compared with "1st world" industrialized countries? When it is, it is an outlier when it comes to gun violence and deaths.

  • AndersonsInfo
  • freemindfade

    Not true. Statisticaly developed European countries have worse stats and they have more restrictive policies. Those numbers are available with a quick Google search.

    Again America is huge 320 million people. Don't let the scale scew the facts

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