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  • RedhorseWoman

    Ohmigawd....you're right! I have EIGHTEEN animals. I never really added them all up. Couldn't imagine life without them, though.

  • Celia

    REDHORSEWOMAN = 18 PETS ? What are they ?

  • hamptonite21

    redhorse- Holy cow you have a lot of animals.

    Lyneyes, Your pug is the cuteist thing ever!

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    3 horses (two in my profile pic named Tillie The Lard Ass Filly, and White Trash Cash )

    8 fish

    2 parrots

    5 guineas

    3 chickens, 1 rooster named Hendley

    2 cats

    and I know there's s'more but I can't remember em all. hehehh. It's a busy house!

    Country Girl

  • LB

    Actually we have a lot of animals but no pets to speak of. All our animals have a purpose. We have a couple of cow dogs that I don't like. My favorite one Blue died last summer from heatstroke. We have 4 or 5 cats for killing rats and mice. I think we have 14 horses now and I can't say how many cattle we have. Lots.

    I still miss Blue a lot. She'll never be replaced.

  • auntiem

    Lets see....we have an alien dog named Buster who is half Chiuahuah and half Doxie...he is a strange looking little guy but a mama's boy and very loving to me and some of my kids. He is a big sissy and a big barker. Then we have a sweet little girl who is half Pomeranian and half heifer. We just adopted her from the dog pound and she is a full figured gal but so good and so sweet. Then we have our kitty Sasha, and just as her name implies she is a princess and wants to be treated as such.

  • Robdar

    a sweet little girl who is half Pomeranian and half heifer

    LMAO, Auntiem. It sounds as if your dog is an ass farmer like mine.

    Welcome to the forum.


  • Solace


    I can honestly say I had no idea what the hell them hedgehogs were when we were at your place. Very cute but kinda prickely....

    I have a black cat and a black dog. They are pretty lazy, but we love em'.

    This is my sisters puppy "Lucy". Shes here so much,

    she may as well live here, a int she a cutie!

  • betweenworlds

    Great pics everyone :) We have a "Ralph" He's a collie mix and a real sweetheart (Unless he doesn't know you then he may have to tear you a new butt LOL) Great watch dog and great with the kids.

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  • datsdethspicable

    1 cockatiel , 1 white wing dove, 1 soft-shell turtle, 4 red eared turtles, 2 mud turtles, 1 fresh water trout(kid caught it fishing), 3 catfish(yeah kids caught them fishing), 1 rat snake, various other fish.....and they are all in my house......Help me it's a jungle in here...

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