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    Lyin Eyes,

    if you ever need to find another home for that Pug, I'll take him, seriously. he looks just like the one that I fell in love with one day at the Bark Park, He just looked up at me as I was about to leave and looked so sad, like he had run all the way over to see me and thenI was just going to leave. So I stooped down and he came troting over with this huge smile, andwas so happy as I sat there and pet him for just one more moment, then my husband called and we had to go, Copernicus was dragging him around.


    I would love to go on a cattle drive with ya sometime, do you still do that? I have been dying' to go on one since I was little. I have a horse and have been involved in horses one way or another for about 12 years. I ride showjumpers and have a small equestrian outfitting businees I am trying to get started.


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    I have a blue and gold Macaw (Chili), a persian cat (Pebbles) and a Miniture Schnauzer(Neo)

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    Heaven, the puppy is so adorable!

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    Country Girl

    Your macaw is just GORGEOUS! Does he talk at all? How old is he? What a cutie! And your puppy and kitty are so cute, too! I would like to include picz of my pets, but dont know how! <sigh> All of ya'lls pets are so gorgeous... aren't we so lucky to have our fine feathered, scaled, prickly, furry, slimy and even naked friends in our lives? My life is truly enriched by my pets. I would be a very bored person without them. Mr. Crabby Pants doesn't care for the pets much, but then he likes reading computer books. <heheeh> Thanks for posting all your great stories and pics of your pets. I've really enjoyed this thread!

    Country Girl

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    I know... aren't my kids gorgeous!... Chili the Macaw and Pebbles the cat are 5y/o and Neo the Mini Schnauzer is just 4 months old

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl


    I can sympathize with your memory. I found a black lab pup on the road in a subdivision that was being built. He was about 3 months or so. We named him "Black Dog." Incredibly creative, I know! <grin> It was interesting, though, because he was docked, and it wasn't a straight dock.. it was crooked. So he just wagged his crooked stump when he floundered out onto the road in front of my truck. I fell in love with the little guy. My husband, who really isn't a dog person, much less a pet person (the only reason he lets me keep all these animals is because he's afraid I might run off with a zookeeper ::::love a man in uniform:::.. heheheh) said "You can keep him if you put up signs saying you found him and no one claims him." I dutifully put up the signs in the most obscure places.. <grin>. Needless to say, no one claimed him. The first thing he did was eat all the wires out of my brand new truck, you know.. for the lights that hook up the horse trailer. Baaad dog! Then he ate the cell phone that someone left on the porch swing. He then proceeded to eat the remotes. I thought it was funny.. Crabby Pants didn't. But my crying kept him from going to the pound!

    He would run around the haystacks and throw himself with joyful abandon into the lake. He fortunately gave up his chewing habits after about 3 months, and we began to teach him how to fetch, sit, speak, etc. He was the greatest dog. Then someone took him. My Grandmother died, and I had to go up to the Midwest for her funeral. I left the dog here at the house with husband. He fed him every day and on the day before we got home he called and said he had disappeared. I think someone took him cuz the guys down the road said someone had come by asking if they knew if the people at the house on the corner would consider selling their dog and asking questions about the dog. <sigh>

    I loved that dog.


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    Hey Valis,

    The Hedgehog pics are really cool. How are they to take care of? I've seen em in the pet store and always wondered about that.


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  • Farkel


    : had a cocker spaniel/poodle mix which was the cutest, sweetest, most loveable dog! He was so good with the kids, too! I use to have day care in my home and these kids use to pull his hair and try to sit on him! He would just sit there taking all the abuse till they stopped! He was a great dog. We had to put him to sleep last year after 15 years of loyal doghood!

    I rest my case! That dog was an idiot! Any self-respecting dog would have bit the crap out of humans who abused him!


    I've had mostly big dogs: three St. Bernards, a Malamute and two German Shepherds. I've also had small dogs: two Shelties (one was absolutely the finest dog one could want and the other was a total sociopath), and a "Benjie" type of dog, a female mutt-dog that I loved more than any dog I ever let own me.

    I now have a single pet who I've had for 14 years and he and I are best buds: He's a Yellow Naped Amazon, and several people who post here have seen and met him. When I saw your comments about your Blue and Gold, I had to respond. My Nape is five times more tempermental than any Macaw that I know about, and he's worth every bit of the patience it takes me to keep him.

    He's also an awesome talker and very intuitive. He knows when I'm and happy and he knows when I'm not. I would be heart-broken if I ever lost him. He's the best pet I ever had, and I DO love dogs. (Cats were made to be food and nothing more! ) But he's a special and exotic kind of pet and anyone whose ever owned a big parrot for a number of years will know exactly what I mean here.

    I still dream for the day when a magestic Hyacinth Macaw will adopt me! (Twenty grand for one of those.)


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  • meadow77

    Aojumper-Sorry I never got back to you, Yes I have lotsa pics, but as I am so computer illiterate, I couldn't figure out how to post them. I tried and tried, but nothing worked. I think that Pugs are the greatest. Luther is a wonderful name, I am also a big fan. All your animals are soooo cute, but pugs still rule!I remebered my uncle adopted a greyhound many years ago, and something that someone else said here jogged my memory. They left him alone in a room when they went out for the evening and when they returned he had gone nuts. I guess they are fairly well known for not enjoying being left alone too much.

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    betweenworlds, they are super easy to take care of. They like cat food mostly and some veggies. scootergirl feeds her hedgies cooked chicken and cottage cheese which they seem to devour. They can be very easy and gentle pets and very curious. They are mostly nocturnal and would be perfectly happy if you never messed with them, but you really have to if you want them not to nip at fingers or be real skittish around people. I had been raising them, but I lost my male breeder last summer due to a mite infestation that happened when I was out of town. I still have 2 juveniles and an albino female which was my female breeder. I'm hesitant to get another male, but maybe some day...


    District Overbeer

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