new, nowhere to turn, ashamed & afraid

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    Well, having raised four kids by myself with very little child support, I feel experienced with Azzazzel's problems.

    I had very few skills having been a full-time homemaker for 13 years. But I never did anything illegal. I worked hard and got whatever assistance I could from the government.

    There are always at least two possibilities. As far as Azzezzel's story goes, if it is true, she chose a different road and is paying the price for it in having such terrible feelings about herself.


  • nogs

    Englishman, would you be down the M5 to help me??? How sweet, where are you from??? I don't think I know you, so tell me abit more about yourself


  • emyrose

    Goodness gracious, jeewiz
    No need to be such an ass Azzazel, to people.
    They have feelings too, you know, jeezz.
    You'll attract more bees w/ honey than...
    You are reaping what you sowed, as far
    as insults go. If you need help its
    better to ask nicely, don't you think?
    I'm sorry if you got hurt by how some
    responded to you though, and I apologize
    to you now if you take offense to my posting.
    Hope you solve your troubles, and whatever
    course you take, I wish you happiness.

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  • crossroads

    "Tain't nobody's bizzness if I dooo"-sung by Billie Holiday,
    of course a fine black woman like yourself already knew
    that. "I have never did a crime I didn't have to do" wrote
    by the Dylan of the rap generation-2 Pac-But I'm sure
    you knew that too.

  • messenger

    hello.....its has not replied since the 13th and evidently is not coming back. let it go....if she was real she has moved on. if she was a troll as most suspect she/he is laughing their a$$ off at how this thread just keeps going. stop, let this dog die please. besides i am jealous because no one is responding to my needs.

    albanian dwarf

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