Why Im ignoring my friends.

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  • Solace


    She has enlarged areas "in" or "around" her heart or an "enlarged heart"? Congestive heart failure is an "enlarged heart" fluid filled etc. There are medications to take for these things. Surgery etc. Sometimes going into surgery can do more harm than good though. During heart surgery, the patient is usually put "on pump" and the hearts beating is stopped. This can be risky because it is possible that it may never be returned to a normal rythm and the patient could die during surgery, especially if she has an irrigular heart beat to begin with. I think I may know what you mean about the enlarged areas. I had an elctrocardiogram or something like that, not an EKG, it was more like an untrasound and they found that I have areas of my heart that contain fluid and are slightly enlarged compaired to most people. Its not "normal" but not life threatening at this point. I was born this way the DR.s didnt tell me it was a defect, maybe they thought it would scare me. They have told me that there is nothing to be done at this point. I dont remember them telling me what it was called, like an actual name other than "enlarged areas, containing some fluid." Anyway, I hope she is OK. I am glad to see you are spending time with her.


    I agree. I would feel pretty crappy knowing I slammed someone when they really needed support, even if they had issues in the past.

  • Trauma_Hound

    "LOL @ Prisca maybe JH is really EG LOL funny."

    That would be impossible, since EG is in Australia, with an Australian ISP.

  • in3D

    Hello RefinersFire,

    This is the first post that I have responded to since becoming a member.

    I first want to say that I can sympathize with you regarding your wife's illness. I sincerely hope your wife gets good medical care and will continue to improve.

    I also want to tell you that I also suffer from a Congenital Heart Defect, which was never discovered until I was 17, even though I had major symptoms long before that. And, that was almost 20 years ago. I have met personally people with various heart defects and one woman's condition was not discovered until she was 38 years old. I don't know if your wife's heart problems are from an actual congenital heart defect or as you said a genetic condition or from the scarlet fever. I would like to share with you a website about Adult Congenital Heart Defects, you can go to www.tchin.org, which has lots of links to various organizations and hospitals that you may find helpful.

    As for Eisenstein: I personally know Eisenstein is not yourself, and as for "timing", I think that somehow timing did play a part in the post from Eisenstein and your sharing your situation with us. I hope that you can find comfort that there are true, sincere people on this site that care about what you and your family are going through. Please let us know how your wife is doing.



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  • Satanus


    It's puzzling. But even janh said it was deleted months ago.


  • Simon

    Trauma Hound - we have no interest in these accusations about IP addresses as it is pretty meaningless.

    It would not surprise me in the least if many of the made up accounts over there were made up by people who feel aggrieved about certain ones over here. Now, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to put two-and-two together and see who these people could be. My guess is that they are doing this to try and discredit people or cause problems and give themselves things to be able to accuse others of.

    In fact, it's pretty damn obvious IMHO.

    What is amazing if that bboy doesn't seem to mind people trashing his board like that as it is bound to ruin it in the long run by annoying peolpe who want to have proper discussions ... unless he's just happy to see the registered members count being artificially inflated. I notice that the number of users online has never gone above the 32 from when it first started in August and he advertised it on this board.

  • Trauma_Hound

    Simon they aren't accusations, I have proof.

  • Englishman


    You know about computers, so allow please to ask you a question: How easy would it be for someone to lay a false IP trail? Supposing that I wanted to lay a false trail, and, say, impersonate Uncle Bruce, could I fiddle around with my computer so that it turned out an "au" number?


  • Trauma_Hound

    Ummm E-Man, you can't fake file dates of logs, this comes directly from logs on my Linux server, prisca left a guestbook entry on my personal guest book. Fake Julie on JWO opened a personal PM on JWO that was a message from me with a image embedded in it from my site, thusly it was logged. Julie and Prisca are on the same class C Segment.

  • Simon

    So, you admit to harvesting people's IP addresses and then making assumptions ...

    You do not have any proof because if you did have I am quite certain that you or one of the others on that forum would have posted it. All you have are a few IP addresses and some accusations.

    I have found that in the Internet world, "I have proof" often equates to "I can't prove a damn thing but I'm going to keep saying it and maybe someone will believe me"

    Eman: It is possible to fake IP addresses but easier still for someone to create an account and share it with some others. Voila ... posts appear to come from all over. That is why I do not rely on just IP addresses for determining duplicate accounts etc ... although they do have a place they are a bit basic as an identifier and can be unreliable / inconclusive.

  • Simon

    You have just proved the amazing fact that ISPs have more than one customer. Tell us how many IP addresses are in the same Calss C segment ?

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