Is it wrong for a white to marry a black?

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  • SheilaM

    My Son in law is a black man, he and my daughter have been together since she was 16. He is starting the Police Academy in Spring. When my daughter started to date him I just wanted to know what made him "special", why not all those nice boys I knew. She looked at me and said Mom you know so and so he is on Cocaine, you know so and so he beats his girlfriends on and on I was sick. J has been respectful, didn't push her into sex in fact waited over three years LOL and he loves us. He is a great provider loves my grandbaby who is mixed and what more could I want for my daughter. He doesn't beat her doesn't screw around and has a great family that loves my daughter and my grandbaby.

    I raised my children not to be bigots,I have always had this feeling. I found out about two summers ago my ggrandfather had a plantation, "owned slaves" I was aghast then my Granny (who was telling my sister about it) said that my GG paid his slaves in fact didn't think of them as slaves. They stayed to have his protection in the community. My Granny nanny even invited them to her church, a black only's church now Granny is 97 she was three at the time. My Grandfather went to the church I can't imagine what a wonderful man he was. Granny has NEVER been prejudice and I always wondered why Oprah Winfrey said only black families put paprika on potato salad since I was raised with it being made that way. Then it hit me the other day that was how the cook made it and Granny was taught by her.LOL

    My father is a bigot and my brother and middle sister and that is why they aren't involved in my life or my children's lives. Because I expect ignorance from strangers as far as my daughter's choice but NOT from my blood family and I don't even want to think of what I would say if they hurt my daughter or grandaughter with their narrow mindedness

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I actually agree with what was printed by the society there. One has to remember that those were printed nearly 43 years ago. At the time they reflected the countries point of view at the moment. Civil Rights have made great strides since the last 40 years. At least where I live in Southern California racial predjudice is certainly not THAT popular. My nephews are half-black. My ex-brother-in law is black. I don't ever remember there being an issue with the marriage or with the children by either my family or people around us.

    Of course I stayed in Kentucky for a few months. My aunt who is in her 80s made a comment once about being 'shocked to see 'nigger' in the Walmart parking lot.' Her grandson, my cousin, came to stay with me the following summer, and fell madly in love with a "colored" girl, one of my best friends.

    p.s. they aren't JWs either.

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