Is it wrong for a white to marry a black?

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  • gumby

    See if you think this sounds a know.......biggoted

    Do you think the opinion from the slave is a little strong in one direction..........NAH!

    Questions from Readers WT, 1960 July 15

    Is it wrong for a white person and a colored one to marry if they truly love each other? Does the Bible give any counsel in this regard? W. M., U.S.A

    It is quite likely that those who marry across racial lines will have more of this tribulation than will others. Christians cannot change prevailing human customs, prejudices and laws but must put up with them. They should therefore take a very realistic view of matters and recognize the added difficulties such a marriage will have to face. In many parts of the earth there is still much racial discrimination, and entering such a marriage may result in restricting the Christians opportunities for preaching the good news of Gods kingdom. Also, children born of such a marriage most likely will face similar added obstacles as soon as they are old enough to mingle with other children.

    In view of these factors, those who contemplate such a marriage will do well to consider the step seriously. Is it truly love or chiefly physical attraction? Would it be in the best interests of both? Is this marriage the best possible solution to their problem or reason for wanting to marry? Before marriage the love between two persons may seem sufficiently strong, but is it strong enough to endure the added obstacles such a marriage brings with it? If two persons of different races decide to take such a step, no one should criticize them. The really important factors, it may not be forgotten, are those plainly stated in the Scriptures.

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  • minimus

    I notice no scriptures are cited.

  • Gopher

    The really important factors, it may not be forgotten, are those plainly stated in the Scriptures.
    Yeah, those would include, love, respect and communication. What does color have to do with any of that? Nothing, or even less! While it's true that people from a similar background may be more easily able to adapt to each other, it is not true that it is impossible!

    The Watchtower article uses chicken-out phrases like "it is likely". They're afraid to take a stand in favor of openness and against the bigotry that prevails in the world. This article could be quoted EITHER way -- in favor of or against the idea of interracial marriage.

    People looking for spiritual food at the right time from the Watchtower -- once again come up empty!

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  • SixofNine

    Christians cannot change prevailing human customs, prejudices and laws but must put up with them.

    Actually, "christians" have been wildly successfull in changing "prevailing human customs, prejudices and laws". Thank God no one waits around for Jehovah's Witnesses to effect positive change.

    For all their claims to a racially equal brotherhood, the truth is the witnesses rode on the backs of socially progressive "worldly" people in order to integrate their brotherhood. The congregations were segregated until black and white activist made the south a safe enough place for witnesses to integrate, as I understand it.

  • mouthy

    I personally think that was good advice- My white daughter married a black fellow- He is a very nice fellow ( not a JW) she is,

    But it is the kids that take the bigots hate!!I was sitting in the Mall & my Grandson ( who is also married to a lovely black girl came along with their little son- & a woman said to me" Isnt that disgusting"She didnt know I was the Gran.

    I just replied "yes you truly are disgusting"Your nothing but a bigot....."

    Then my other granddaughter- Mother White -Father black- has had to take so much from her peers, who are taught by their parents that there is a differance.Shame on them......If we werent the same species, we couldnt mate -me thinks-But they have been together 31 years now- So I guess it is true "Love never fails"

    This is ONE subject that can get my dander up!!!!!!!!!

  • larc

    I agree with the article, in this case. Two of my three children married a black person. It will make life more difficult for them, though I have no regrets over their decision. That is their business, and their life to live. Now, in the case of my youngest daughter, I really like her black husband. In the case of my son, I really don't like his black wife, not because of her race, but because she is a neurotic, self centered woman, who gives my son a dose of grief on a regular basis.

  • Gopher


    You raised your children to be very open-minded and color blind, and that is great. And of course being interracial (or not) has nothing to do with the success of a marriage. Rather it is the personalities of those involved plus the effort they expend to make it work, as your children's examples clearly show.

  • CBeMe

    Is it wrong to marry outside of your race? No, of course not. Personally, I will base my decision on who to marry on on two questions. 1: Do I love him? 2: Can I live with him? But as a multi-racial person I do find the attitudes of some single-raced people toward mixed individuals difficult to deal with at times.
    Just my thoughts on the matter.

  • comforter

    the bible tell Jehovah's people to marry only in the lord. nothing wrong with mixed marriages between whites and coloreds. but satan's world make it difficult on mixed couples. people gotta way their choices and give prayerful thought to this decision. i love bessie. if she was colored, we might git our house burnt down by the worldly people though.

  • larc


    You are so full of shit, I can not believe it. No one has ever torched my daughter's house or my son's apartment. "Wordly" people are much more accepting than you can imagine. Frankly, comforter, I am really tired of your shit and your feigned lack of writing ability. It is an act, and we can all see it, especially when you switch style from good grammar to bad, so just leave us alone. You are worthless.

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