Is it wrong for a white to marry a black?

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  • Michael3000


    After reading this, I'll say what we used to say after hearing a sterling talk on Sunday morning...


    Hey, does that make me a Heavy?

    DEEEP. That brings back fond memories of my days at Bethel, & especially of my good friend (at the time) Veron Brown. We attended the Pratt congregation in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. In fact, we built and shared a KH with the Lafayette cong - home of the infamous J R Brown!

    Were (or are) you in that area? Ever at Bethel? I was there around 1986 - 1989.

    Thanks for the compliment on the post - I was brought up to respect different cultures - but my real "growing up" in that respect, happened during my time in Brooklyn, and later, Harlem (after I DA'd). By the way, you have a beautiful child - going by your avatar photo! And thanks for the good wishes on our upcoming nuptials - we have known each other for 11 years, been a couple for 8 of those. She knew me since before I left the Dubs - and has been my lifeline to the real world ever since. A great friend, and wonderful person all-around; I am truly blessed. Only 10 more days as a single man!

    -- Mike

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  • tranquility

    I just have one question: If they love each other, how can it be wrong?

  • Solace

    Sigh........ Teejay......

    I dont know, I grew up near Detroit so this was NEVER a problem. The halls in school were always full of mixed couples. When I dated a black guy the only people who gave me grief was my own family. I still think that young people today do not discriminate nearly as much as adults do and its time they put it to rest. Its getting a bit old.

    Oh, and regarding the comment about racist still existing today,

    "F*ck em"

  • sableindian

    This is a very interesting thread. So lets take it into 2003. The person who said they thought Cali (California) was a pretty neat place to stay racially has NEVER lived there. Has NEVER heard of Orange County, Silcon Valley or the LAPD. And guess what...JWs live there too. I find the Bahai Faith seems to have this all wrapped up. They had to travel this difficult path of racism also. But instead of being latent with their racial cause, they are blatant. They have discussions and their actions speak highly of their words. I think if the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society could paint every Bible character WHITE they would. And have...listen to their discription of the Shulammite in comparison to her own discription.

    The 1960 rhetoric is alive and well, not only in White JWs but in Blacks which perpetrates the defaming self image of many Blacks with the pre-60s attitudes about themselves and other Blacks.

    I lived during that era and I was in contact with JWs during that time. And I could write a book.

    Also I am caring for a 91 year old man in a small town in Georgia. Interesting.

    Take note that this thread ended before our VERY interesting southern statesmen proudly proclaimed their stance on the Black "problem" in America.

    Well that's it, I don't have a Lott to say. Just that if it weren't for miscegination we would not have present day Puerto Ricans, Jews, Arabs, Polynesians, Hawaiians, Native Americans, etc. And the vast variety that Jehovah had planned all along. You go, God. It's all about intelligent choices.

  • detective

    Wow! Sorry I missed this thread!

    Every now and again something comes along and reminds me that I'm in an "inter-racial" relationship.

    Otherwise, I tend to forget.

    It's a little weird when you realize that people weighing in on inter-racial relationships are talking about you.

    I've got a good thing. A real good thing...

  • Gizmo

    Personally I thought that was very sensible advice ...remember that back in the 60's tolerance of inter racial marriages was still a bit of a taboo amongst society. In fact wasn't segreagtion still being practised in some US southern states...didn't Robert Kennedy...get assasinated for something to do with his afro american policies?

  • back2dafront

    This is a very interesting thread. So lets take it into 2003. The person who said they thought Cali (California) was a pretty neat place to stay racially has NEVER lived there. Has NEVER heard of Orange County, Silcon Valley or the LAPD.

    Hey sableindian, I've lived in Silicon Valley for 4 years now - I'm black and haven't had one problem. The only incident was one time I walked in a bar and the bartender served everyone around me several times over before serving me. They made their point. I made mine and didn't leave a tip.

    Other than that, no problems for me - especially in San Fran. I guess it just depends on the person..??

    I have no attraction to L.A. whatsoever...there is much more to California than L.A. you know....

  • datsdethspicable

    I have a bi-racial daughter(black/white) 7 yrs old. She is not bothered by her race. But I do teach her to be proud of who she is.

    As for kids teasing. Kids tease you if you are white, black, Mexican, fat, skinny........... Parents by example should teach their children not to make judgements on other people that do not like you. Children are listening and watching the grown-ups and that is where they get those attitudes.

  • SixofNine
  • Trauma_Hound

    Fortunatly I grew up in a very open household by witness standards, my ex-wife is black, my brother in law in Venzuelan, and my brother is getting married to a Korean woman. I'm color bline, my ex-wife was a psycho, but it wasn't because of her color. And I have actually been on the recieving end of racism, by black males, when I was dating this one black woman, comments like, why aren't you with your own kind, I didn't have to say anything, she piped up, his kind is nice understanding, non-racist females, unlike you. LOL I just couldn't help laugh.

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