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  • silentlambs

    Help needed for the silentlambs organization

    Due to the increasing workload associated with silentlambs I am requesting assistance to help with certain aspects of the organization. I have created the following positions which will include the listed duties. If you would like volunteer your time to assist please contact me for an interview.

    Media Relations Coordinator

    Assistant MRC

    Assistant MRC

    1. Sending press releases and following up with media regarding further information.
    2. Arranging and setting up public service announcements for silentlambs.
    3. Serve as a spokesperson for silentlambs or assist designated spokesperson.
    4. Calling abuse survivors to confirm media interviews.
    5. Sending thank you letters to media and survivors who help with stories.
    6. Developing Press Releases for silentlambs activities.
    7. Assembling news articles around the world that relate to this issue.
    8. Responsible to train assistants on how to do your job.

    Merchandizing Coordinator

    Assistant MC

    Assistant MC

    1. Develop and design merchandise to be offered through silentlambs.
    2. Responsible to coordinate sales and shipping for merchandise.
    3. Negotiate competitive pricing for such materials.
    4. Responsible for approval of posters and banners used to represent silentlambs.
    5. Responsible to train assistants how to do your job.

    Advocate Support Coordinator

    Assistant ASC

    Assistant ASC

    1. Responsible to answer emails and sort proper response to each.
    2. Assist with hotline call backs to respond to requests for assistance.
    3. Coordinating and editing emails for placement on website.
    4. Assisting in the organization of silentlambs archives.
    5. Thank you notes and support correspondence for silentlambs.
    6. Responsible to train assistants how to do your job.

    Financial Coordinator

    Assistant FC

    Assistant FC

    1. Responsible for bookkeeping for silentlambs.
    2. Collection of funds and coordination of bank accounting.
    3. Responsible to offer thank you correspondence for donations.
    4. Responsible for regular audits and publishing financial reports.
    5. Responsible for IRS correspondence and compliance reports.
    6. Responsible to train assistants how to do your job.

    Convention Coordinator

    Assistant CC

    Assistant CC

    1. Develop and negotiate convention sites for silentlambs gatherings.
    2. Negotiate hotel and motel discounts for attendees.
    3. Oversee convention program planning, meals, recreation.
    4. Coordinate awards and recognition ceremonies.
    5. Arrange and assist guest speakers.
    6. Responsible to train assistants how to do your job.

    Internet Coordinator

    Assistant IC

    Assistant IC

    1. Development of website related material and information.
    2. Promotion of website on the internet.
    3. Updating and adding material to website.
    4. Responsible to train assistants how to do your job.
  • nancee park
    nancee park

    Remember when they were going to go soft on Erica's molestor, Bill. I know you do. Somebody asked by email that that not be done, and they listened and the guy didn't get off so easy as he might of. We've always been there for you, even those who are of the underground. Keep at it as we know you will!

  • Farkel

    Ugg. I read the word "organization" in your request and went totally braindead.

    I'll read it again and try to be less sensitive about that word.


  • felix a
    felix a


    sent you an eMail re: website assistance.


    David P

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Hey Felix, looks like you and I did the same thing. Looks as if we may be working together should Bill want both of us!

    BTW, hey Bill, don't blow my cover!

  • Sunspot

    Hi Bill,

    At first I thought YES! as I read the topic, but MY eyes glazed over reading the words; audit, bookeeping, negotiating, co-ordinating, developing and designing, and collecting :o(

    WRITING-----sending thank-you's and such-----that would be more my speed! I don't have the business savvy or the qualifications for much else to even be of any help to you.....

    I'll continue to bombard the local media as your newsworthy events unfold, just as I've been doing for quite a while now.

    Guess I'm a "Silent Info-Pusher" for "Silentlambs"...LOL!

    I truly wish I COULD apply for any of the positions you mentioned; my heart would be in it, but I'd really be shortchanging Silentlambs.



  • abbagail

    It would be my PLEASURE to work for Silent Lambs, though not sure I would "fit the bill" for all of the specific job descriptions it any category. (Great job, btw, breaking it down like that. That must have taken some time thinking that through). Looks like I could qualify for at least ONE of the items in all six categories. Is there a job opening for "General Mutt Assistant"? ;-)

    Seriously, tomorrow I will definitely write out a formal reply via email and offer what I can do, FWIW. Better to have too many volunteers than not enough. (And, hey, Annie, why not throw your name in the hat anyway? Like you wrote, you're already doing the writing all along. An Assistant to the Assistant Writer, etc. etc.) :-)

    All in all, this is great news! It means Silent Lambs is full-speed ahead! I had no idea "conventions" were in the future! I was wondering HOW you guys were keeping up with everything. Now we know! ;) HELP WANTED! VOLUNTEER NOW!

    Best regards,

  • You Know
    You Know

    It didn't take long to turn this thing into Silent Lambs Inc., did it? It looks like the poor little lambies are getting used and abused again. How sad, but certainly to be expected. / You Know

  • Trauma_Hound

    I got number 2 Arranging and setting up public service announcements for silentlambs.

  • Reborn2002

    YouKnow has reached a new low when he said:

    It didn't take long to turn this thing into Silent Lambs Inc., did it? It looks like the poor little lambies are getting used and abused again. How sad, but certainly to be expected. / You Know

    First of all, pay attention Bobby. You are either purposely missing words or in your old age and senility you forget them.

    silentlambs said:

    If you would like volunteer your time

    connotating that a person is VOLUNTEERING to help out.

    Elders in your Jehovah's Witness congregation are essentially untrained clergy volunteers, so do you admit that your religion is a corporation? What's the difference buddy? Another classic example of Jehovah's Witness double-standards.

    Semantics aside, your comment to insinuate that Bill Bowen and the silentlambs purpose is to victimize people who have suffered child molestation so as to make money is deplorable.

    Individuals who were abused and go to silentlambs with thier story do so willingly, Bill does not string thier arm and force them to do so.

    One man's initial beginnings against a worldwide book publishing company with deep pockets? It was inevitable that eventually he would need assistance, and here you are with your divisive nonsense.

    If FredHall was deactivated for verbally attacking Jesika on another thread, than I call and demand that YouKnow be deactivated for assaulting the silentlambs in saying that those victims of child molestation are nothing more than pawns in a scheme to reap revenue.

    If you do not deactivate him, then there is an obvious double-standard here. In any event, if no action is taken, it will only heighten YouKnow's arrogance in believing he is over and above all.

    I am utterly disgusted and nauseated by his comments.

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