Would You Like to Work For silentlambs?

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  • You Know
    You Know

    You Know, will you kindly and flatly state your stand on this pedophile issue?

    Yes. I am against pedophilia. / You Know

  • berten

    >You are all so hypocritical. It is truely laughable...

    YK,if we are "all so hypocritical",
    where and/or from who do you think we learned it from?

  • You Know
    You Know

    YK,if we are "all so hypocritical",where and/or from who do you think we learned it from?

    You obviously didn't learn it from Christ or Jehovah, so I would have to say that you learned it ultimately from the Devil. He is after all the world's biggest hypocrite. / You Know

  • hawkaw

    Oddly in some posts I have read by You Know, Bobby has not only stated that he is against molesters (which the WTS says too) but (and more importantly) also takes the logical next step and says he is against the way the WTS has created an environment to allow these sickos into the Society. Most JWs follow the WTS con job and say they "abhor child molestation" but wont admit that the Society has actually created an environment for them to thrive in!!! At least I will give him credit for it.

    I saw a post by him outlining his concerns and at least he has gone much further than most JWs. Sadly though You know is still a creed bigot and he still likes to label people. My hope is that one day he will stop the nonsense altogether and all treat people with the utmost respect and become a fighter for "freedom" and "transparency".

    As for this request to help thing ..... well .... its a lot of work folks and there is a lot to it. If you do volunteer make sure you are willing to take it to the end. More importantly silent lambs has to give you guys the freedom to do as much or not as much as you want. For me .... well .... I am kinda behind the scenes doing my thing but Bill does need the help and if you got the time he will have a few jobs for you.


  • You Know
    You Know

    Hawk says:

    Sadly though You know is still a creed bigot and he still likes to label people.

    Sadly, apparently you are too stupid to realize that by labeling me a "creed bigot" you make yourself a hypocrite in that you practice the very thing you accuse me of. / You Know

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  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Everyone,please read Pathofthorns post in this thread. Start another thread to speak to this insensitive person.

    Bill, I think what your doing is great. More helpers can reach more innocent victims and help to try and stop the ignorance of the WTS, hopefully bringing reform to the way child molestation is handled amongst their flock.

    Tink and I will send you an e-mail to see how we may be of help to your efforts.


  • nancee park
    nancee park

    There are good organizations and bad organizations and mostly mediocre organizations.

    I rate the Watchtower Society because of its bleeding people to death, destroying human relationships by shunning, hypocritical secret U.N. affiliation, and pedophile coverup as

    an F-

    I rate Silentlambs.org or even Inc. for fighting against the WTS's wrongs and thus for greater Christian freedom for Jehovah's Witnesses and for that matter for everybody as

    an A+

    Let You Know think whatever he wants to but what counts is what we DO OR DON'T DO. It's time we do more together to help the kids and grandkids.

    Those who don't want to help out silentlambs don't have to. Those who want to are commended.

    We all do whatever we can as best as we can. Perhaps some will still not want to help in a more organized manner, and that's their right. Whatever they can do though is appreciated, even if it's as individuals shooting verbal shots without coordination.

    So, peace. Let us move on, some to frontline engagement, others staying to shoot from behind the trees. In fact some of us "must" shoot from behind trees, but happily some who do have a cannon or two as well as squirrel rifles.

    In time as the U.N.-affiliated apostate Governing Body reels more and more will come of the woods and join in more openly, yes, even more organizedly, or, if you hate that word, then more unitedly.

    Forget the words! Prepare for battle! The protest march to save our kids is underway and picking up steam! After the towers of Bethel we take it to the public and the courts!

  • You Know
    You Know

    Let You Know think whatever he wants to

    Thanks. I appreciate that. I think before long Mr. Bowen will require all volunteeers in the Silent Lambs cult to report their time each month. / You Know

  • LuckyLucy

    Hmmmmm...work for organized crime ( with no pay I might add)so that big fat men can live in their big fat houses and drive their big fat cars ect ect....Or volunteer to help abused vitims...Apples and Oranges!!

    The Trolls are getting nervous because they feel threatened!!!
    Don't feed the trolls!

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Bill, I am so sorry for starting my thread in your defence so soon. I wasn't thinking. I should have waited so as not to detract the importance of your mission at hand. Please accept my apology!


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