JWZone Thread on Bill Bowen - UPDATED!

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  • StinkyPantz

    Aww, see, so kiss and make up.

  • SYN

    This little upstart on the board thinks that we should call in the United Nations Peace Keepers!

    Plus, they have cool guns!

  • larc

    Farkel, that does explain it. I do think that Prisca makes your heart skip a beat, but I didn't want to bring this up, as would be accused of over psycologicalizing (is that a word?)

  • seven006

    Larc buddy,

    Out of respect for you I will stop playing with Teejay. I was having some fun but since it bothers you I will stop. I have actually gained a little respect for him over the last few months because I have read some of the threads he has started. I found them to be somewhat profound and fairly well thought out. I might have misjudged him a bit but I wasn't going to tell him that because I still think he is a bit of an ass bite. I haven't picked on him in a while because I know he is a friend of Refines Fire and yourself and I happen to like you two guys.

    As for Prisca, I simply get tired of her little innocent game and her hypocrisy. If she could simply admit to one damn thing she has done that has been out of spite or anger and simply apologize for it I will let up. She is way to insecure to let herself accept that she can be wrong. Her getting in the middle of that huge sex thread a few months ago and egging on a few male posters to keep it going is a good example. When Simon closes the thread and said it was inappropriate she pops on and acts like she is completely innocent and that she agrees with him 100%. Combine that with the war she started because of her photo being shown and now she shows her own photo a few months later, that kind of shit just blows my mind and I have to speak up. I thought I saw the last of that kind of hypocrisy when I left the damn religion.

    Since her good buddies don't point out her two faced antics I thought I would try to help her out. She did a huge favor for me a few months back when she told me I took this place to serious. She was right. I backed off with the serious posts and now I only come on once in a while to play. No more serious shit for me, just playing with a few peoples heads. Well.....that and my and Farkel's egos.


  • Nanoprobe

    Okay, if everyone has worked out their LOVE/HATE relationships and has thoroughly cussed out everyone they can think of, can we get back to the topic of the thread?

    Using the JWZone Dubs for a focus group we see woven through out this fact: basically BILL BOWEN has an image problem.

    This isnt Bills fault. Of course the JW media machine has worked diligently to achieve that goal, but exactly how did they do it?

    See Joenobodys comment on page 4 of this thread:

    What gets me in their comments is that they are so well trained in Theocratic New Language. Brothers are referred to as "loyal", apostate signs are "deceptive". So many adjectives are tossed about to qualify everything. The devotion to the "earthly organization" is absolutely astounding. It's a well packaged product that Society has sold people - you are special, you are part of a special organization on earth, it is God's visible organization, but because men are involved, there will be some imperfection.

    Is our JWZONE focus group fairly representative of the local dubs? Can we change Silentlamb's image?

  • seven006


    Silentlambs images is purely based on ones perspective. Coming from an objective position it does not need to change it's image at all. As far as trying to make it look as something positive in they eyes of the average JW it isn't going to happen. Once a mind is closed and their eyes diverted there is little you can do to try and convince them that what Bill has done is a positive thing. JW follow their religious leaders blindly and with complete confidence in their self pronounced position with god.

    The average JW looks to the religion as a very young child would look to their parents. They can do no wrong and anything they say has to be the absolute truth simply because they are their parents. As a child gets older they begin to learn other things in their life that makes them question some of their parents philosophies. Once a child has reached adulthood they realize that their parents thoughts and actions were based on their own childhood and their influences from their own parents and upbringing. At that time they may choose to develop their own personal thoughts and ideas contrary to their parents. This is a natural growth and progression in the human animal.

    The JW leaders do not allow their followers to grow into adulthood both mentally and spiritually. They keep them as a young child in that they demand that they stay uninformed and obedient to their personal thoughts and philosophies. They keep their followers in line with the threat of extreme consequences if they disobey much like a parent would do with a bad little boy. Once a child is convinced that they cannot think for themselves they remain completely dependent on their parents for every aspect of life including their thinking ability.

    Until they can accept the fallibility of their parents they will not change or begin to think for themselves. How their parents see things is exactly how they will see them. With that kind of mind control you have little chance of using any kind of logic or truth to convince them of anything. An image is perceived just as the child like JW is told to perceive it. The few that have developed the ability to think for themselves are the only ones who will have a chance to see things as they actually are.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Thank you for posting this cross-reference to JWZone. While I'm not surprised by their comments there, I do find it amusing to read about their "vengeance" fantasies.

    Several of them are postulating about the glory there will be to Jehovah when the police drag Bill and his "followers" away from 25 Columbia Heights. It will be interesting to gauge their reactions when they finally realize that all permits have been obtained and the police will do nothing. I wonder if the "Bethel Boys" will try to strongarm anyone.

    I also found it fascinating that they also feel that Jehovah will use this demonstration to cause people to investigate the facts so that they will then become JWs. So far, my experience has been that anyone to whom I have described this issue HAS investigated the facts and come away totally disgusted by the Watchtower policies.

    It's sad, really, that people who are, for the most part, trying to accomplish what they feel is a "good" thing can be so totally blinded to reality. Seven006, your comments on the parent/child dependency syndrome were quite interesting...and I think right on the mark. Coinciding with this is the fact that JWs call the Society, "Mother". Personally, I think it sounds a little freaky, but it certainly fits with the dependency issue.

  • seven006


    I just made that stuff up. I had to make up for being bad. Guys like me and Farkel are what you get when people don't listen to their mommies. We are in therapy. DR Jack Daniels is helping us a whole bunch. Did I spell Daniels right?

    Big hug woman.


  • Nanoprobe

    Sad to say but you're probably right, Dave.

    I guess we pried ourselves away by being willing to DISCUSS different topics not just relay WTBS dogma. It's one person at a time. Lately alot of evenings we sit outside and discuss religion with our neighbor an Assembly of God preacher. In all my Watchtower days I don't think I actually discussed doctrine with anyone, I just tried to prove the other guy wrong.

    But on the positive side: Gotcha to post a serious agreement !

  • seven006


    Please don't say I'm right about anything. It tends to piss a few people off. I'm not always right, I'm wrong all the time. I try to screw up as much as possible. I even have stupid friends, I like stupid friends, it's easy to win money playing poker with them. I was wrong once yesterday and the day before that I was wrong four times.

    Today I am shooting to be wrong at least six times. I have this ego problem that I am working on, at least I think I do, but I could be wrong.


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