JWZone Thread on Bill Bowen - UPDATED!

by SYN 170 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • SYN

    Yes I know you're all getting p*d off with my JWZone threads, but I couldn't let this one go by!!!!!! So, I'm just going to embed the thread here and let you guys comment...hehe...some JWZoners are going to get their heads bitten off in this thread! Sic 'em, ApostoCrew!

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  • SYN


    This man's plans confirm for me that he does not have the welfare of pedophile victims at heart. He just wants to disrupt Jehovah's organization, "beat his fellow slaves." If he cared anything at all about those children, he would have let scriptural, God-given procedures to progress within the congregation for them, and he would help them to look to Jehovah, the only true Refuge. Instead, his lies and deceptions can only serve to confirm in their minds that adults are not to be trusted.

    I doubt there's anything I can say right now that'll be constructive in any way at all to a person who exhibits such breathtakingly hideous lack of care for his fellow humans. ARGH! *GNARL*

    <<<< takes a quick cold shower...

  • Reborn2002

    I do not even have the words this time SYN.

    I could sit and quote the comments made by many of the posters who participated on that thread, but in doing so I would only get angry at delving into their manipulative, deceitful, brainwashed, sickening practices.

    It makes me sick to see these people rationalize to themselves that their organization is ALWAYS justified when dealing with CHILDREN who have been SEXUALLY ABUSED AND MOLESTED.

    What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    Some people just need a swift, PAINFUL kick in the teeth, and these individuals are definitely included in my book.

    I also find it amusing that some people who posted there have the AUDACITY to make such generalizing statements about what has taken place, as if to pass off their comments as fact. Did they have ANY part in the situation taking place IN KENTUCKY? Were they on the judicial committee or were they present first-hand to experience anything? Yet they rationalize to themselves that somehow what they say is FACT.


    FUCK the Jehovah's Witness CULT.

  • Reborn2002

    I also wanted to add that this thread should be sent BTTT until every member of the board can see and read it for themselves.

    This is an excellent example of how members of the Jehovah's Witness CULT are brainwashed and manipulated. This also demonstrated how the "most loving people on earth" slander other people's names, when they have no true knowledge of the facts.


  • SYN

    Reborn: Please edit your post. The last line is far too small, and should be a VERY BRIGHT RED.

    You know, sometimes I think there might actually still be hope for some of those people, but threads like that on JWZone extinguish these little glimmers of hope for the poor Dubs there.

    And to think, there are 6 million of them. *shudder*

  • plmkrzy

    ok, this guy is seriously setting off my "creep alarm" ...

    with his pedophilia fixation...how scum he knows so much about pedophilia within the organization...and gets young girls to tell their sad stories...

  • Liberated

    I know one of the posters and it saddens me to see such misplaced loyalty. How they have swallowed the lie! They have practically clutched at it to keep the deception in place so that they don't turn and see the truth and lose the illusion.


  • SYN

    Dubs can attack my lack of faith.

    Dubs can vilify me for my promiscuity (well, not at present, but soon )

    Dubs can hate me for not attending their little meetings.

    Dubs can call me a "goat" if they like.

    But when they call Bill Bowen a pedo, they just make me SO MAD! They have absolutely no basis for their accusations, and are basically shooting their own mouths off in front of anyone who's even halfway informed on the Silentlambs issues.

    They seem very desperate to defend their little Organization. Sad, really.

  • StinkyPantz

    I have mixed feelings. For the most part I feel sorry for these people and their ignorance. But then I remember I used to be one of them and I wonder "was I once so ignorant myself?"

    Nonetheless the anger has welled up inside me and I hate that about myself; but these people are ridiculous! Obviously none of them have been a victim of abuse, or have very little sympathy for those that have. Mr. Bowen has risked everything to protect their children and they have no appreciation. . . geez! I'm just getting myself really mad just thinking about it!!!

    <deep breath>

    <deep breath>

  • Pistoff

    I never thought I would say this.
    Five weeks ago I was a complacent witness, struggling to get back to 75% meeting attendance.
    Then I went online to "disprove" that there was a pedophile problem, and found out the opposite, then found the blood debacle, then the UN.
    AND now the horrid disconnect between reality and the JW mindset.
    To react as they are, and trust their leadership as they do, is THE SATANIC BEHAVIOR THEY CONDEMN.


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