JWZone Thread on Bill Bowen - UPDATED!

by SYN 170 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • expatbrit

    with his pedophilia fixation...how scum he knows so much about pedophilia within the organization...and gets young girls to tell their sad stories...

    This thread should be kept current, as I think the above might be something Mr. Bowen's lawyer should be apprised of.

    As for the rest of them, they will become what (I believe) is known in conflicts as "collateral damage."


  • amac

    That's funny, because when I read those posts I immediately thought of how they remind me of this web board, only the flip side of the coin.

    And Reborn, you sound very riled up, maybe you are in need of some anger management? Wishing violence on people is by no means needed. In fact, I take offense at your statement of them needing a painful kick in the teeth as I have a lot of family that are still JWs... who knows, maybe that's my mom posting on there. I certainly wouldn't want that wished on my mother, no matter how much someone disagrees with her.

  • StinkyPantz

    amac, I believe Reborn was speaking figuratively. "A painful kick in the teeth" really means, "I wish there was some way to open their eyes to the truth in this situation".

  • Reborn2002

    amac said:

    And Reborn, you sound very riled up, maybe you are in need of some anger management?

    My attitude and passion on any particular topic is my concern, NOT YOURS, so mind your own business regarding if I need anger-management classes or not. I find taekwando and sparring in a boxing ring to be VERY therapeutic. Alas, I reserve no mercy for Jehovah's Witnesses who WILLINGLY participate in such nonsense. If you actually paid attention, you would note I said:

    some people just need...



    you then stated:

    I take offense at your statement of them needing...

    Take offense, that is your right.

    I am also entitled to my opinion and may publicly post it on this board unless Simon as owner and administrator of this website states otherwise. So if you disagree with me, so be it.

    Does that change my opinion? NO.

    Do I personally care if you take offense or not? NO.

    Hope this clears things up for you.

  • sunshineToo

    I want the government to get involved in this. I want them to teach these JWs that protecting the pedos is not only wrong but also a crime. I just couldn't finish reading that thread. It is pointless and ignorant.

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  • Scully

    "geekgirl" from JWZone wrote:
    "There have been cases of wrongdoing by those who claim to serve Jehovah--never would we want to be among those who bring such reproach. Then there are those who are "beating" their entire association of bros. and sisters--again, we can see the pain and reproach they bring.
    If we are pained and saddened, we can be sure Jehovah and Jesus are also."

    I've said this many times already, but I'll say it again as it bears repeating:

    Who is causing the "reproach" in the first place in this situation??

    * Is it not the CHILD MOLESTERS who claim to be one of "God's people"?
    * Is it not the ELDERS who tell a little child that she has to confront
    . her abuser who then calls her a LIAR??
    * Is it not the ELDERS who send her home with the abuser, if he happens
    . to be a father or step-father??
    * Is it not the ELDERS who tell her she must not speak disrespectfully
    . of her abuser, or else be dealt with judicially for "slandering" him
    . (despite the fact that she is telling the truth)?
    * Is it not the ORGANIZATION and its WRITTEN POLICY that two eyewitnesses
    . are required before elders will convene a judicial committee to
    . 'remove these wicked men from among themselves' and protect the children?

    How can Bill Bowen, or anyone else who advocates for these children, bring any more reproach on Jehovah than what has already been heaped on Him by people who have done these things??

    Love, Scully

  • LuckyLucy

    Reborn....you go boy(man)!!! Your free now say what ever you want.

    As for people that have family in the org.....i feel sorry for you ..however they are making a choice to stay in a corrupt org. all you can do is pray for them and the good hearted ones will leave....I know it is a hard pill to swallow knowing (in my case...brother) is staying with them...I hope some day he proves he has a good heart but im starting to think he is one of evil.

  • SixofNine

    What a silly thing to say amac. We're all very pro- Bill Bowen and the things he stands for on this board. Except for rank brainwashing and a desire to cling to a belief in the GB, why wouldn't any human be? And are those things an excuse for not standing up and doing the right thing amac?

    No, little man, they aren't, are they?

    Now get on the good side, or at least don't defend the bad side.

    If now, you mean good vs evil, then I'll give you a break on your calling this the "flip side of the coin". If that isn't what you mean, then you better go wash, cuz you have shit all over your thinking ability. This is not a complicated issue. Emotional, yes, complicated, no.

  • sunshineToo

    I guess they ( the jws) don't know that Bill planned the Sept. March before Panorama was aired.

    I'd better keep my mouth shut. I'm afraid what I might say.

  • ThiChi

    Thanks for the info...wow, I remember when not too long ago I would have posted like these dubs. I feel sorry for the whole lot of them.

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