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  • Reborn2002

    To get back on TOPIC, I found these quotes on their website interesting:

    benadam said:

    On Friday, September 27th of this year Bill Bowen (of Dateline "fame") and his followers are planning to march...

    He then intends to have each of his followers come forward and tell how Jehovah's Organization has ruined their lives.

    I wonder how they rationalized that since he speaks out against child abuse, that he has started a cult of his own?

    Anyone who has ANYTHING to say criticizing their organization is conveniently labeled. It makes me SICK.

    dang said:

    Of course, the reason for the absentee hearing was that when the elders tried to meet with him, he set up a whole public demonstration outside the KH.

    How does this asshole know the entire scenario? Was he THERE? Did he have ANYTHING to do with the SEVERAL hearings scheduled back and forth between the elders and Bowen's attorney?

    Yet again, they pigeontoe people and spread rumors or outright lies and present the false information as truth in order to protect the image of their organization.

    Dr. Lazarus said:

    He will only draw attention of others who will investigate and find out the truth, and we will have, to this guy's shame, more brothers and sisters added to the congregations.

    WTF has this guy been smoking? Someone care to show him the zero growth in developed countries? If they TRULY "investigated", they will find the outright hypocrisy and contradictions in JW doctrine, thereby NEVER becoming affiliated with such a cult.

    rbrown1205 said:

    This man's plans confirm for me that he does not have the welfare of the pedophile victims at heart. He just wants to disrupt Jehovah's organization...

    Instead, his lies and deceptions can only serve to confirm in their minds that adults are not to be trusted.

    You cannot GET more BRAINWASHED than THAT. How many ways has Bill Bowen sacrificed to help children? He resigned from a position of respect and authority, gave up his friends due to shunning, has been slandered and called a liar, and lost some of his customer base making candles.. how has he GAINED?

    I will end on this note:

    shelby said:

    with his pedophilia fixation...how scum he knows so much about pedophilia within the organization...and gets young girls to tell their sad stories...it seems to me that they are being used and exploited for more than just his 15 minutes of fame



    Just my 2c in hoping I can help avert Simon from locking this thread.

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  • teejay

    >> Teejay...I am ASSuming that since I wasn't on your "list" that I AM better then everyone else....

    No, Baby.

    Remember when I said, "Dave isn't better than ANYBODY. Teejay isn't better than ANYBODY. Neither is Prisca, LDH, JanH, AlanF, Simon... the list goes on and on"?

    Where I said "the list goes on and on"? You're in *there*.

  • Prisca

    dang said:

    Of course, the reason for the absentee hearing was that when the elders tried to meet with him, he set up a whole public demonstration outside the KH.

    How does this asshole know the entire scenario? Was he THERE? Did he have ANYTHING to do with the SEVERAL hearings scheduled back and forth between the elders and Bowen's attorney?

    Considering that Dang does read jw.com, it's surprising he wasn't able to put forward the truth of the situation. Or perhaps he didn't want to reveal too much info, thus exposing that he actually reads websites for aposate scum like ourselves?

  • dungbeetle

    since amac won't come out and play with me, I will speak to the topic as well:

    This is why Watchtower tells JW's NOT to go on the internet. THEY found out a long time ago, such as during 9/11/01, that NOBODY makes Watchtower look as bad as their own people do.

    For more proof, I name Mr. Manuel Belize, Mr. Clement Pandello, Mr. Paul Berry. Just to begin.

    One more barb at amac:

    that's why I call you names especially an idiot and moron. You are totally wasting your time and effort over here when, as Cool Breeze said something like 8 pages ago and 3500 views ago and 140 something replies ago...

    those JW threads do more damage than ANYTHING we do here, and you would be better off crawling over there and doing damage control over THERE.

  • Xena

    I was just LUMPED in there?????

    Xena of the not feeling so special NOW class

    Ok I will quit aiding and abetting the hyjacking of this thread....

  • teejay

    : Isn't that a bit condescending?

    No, Farkel, it isn't. But you know that already.

    I don't agree (or necessarily care for) everything my Sister Prisca says here, but *this* time her comment was perfect.

    It offered hope to those who, for all we know, may right now be teetering on the decision of leaving the Organization or not, wondering what shit they might have to deal with. All Prisca said is that, "hey, you're not going to make the journey alone."

    Out of nowhere, you said some straight up bullshit, and here we are eight pages later. You were wrong, Dude. Wrong. My question is: What are you gonna do about that? Pull a Fred Franz? Blame somebody? Or own up?

  • teejay

    >>> I was just LUMPED in there?????

    Lumped? UH... ah... "lumped" is not a word *I'd* use.

    Let's just say that, at the time, I had a certain focus in what I was tryin' ta say. I reached out for names of those who have (at various times) come across as thinking they were "better" than ever-body else. Thinking in those terms, the name "Xena" never came to mind. How could it? You're a HomeGirl. Hell... you ain't better than nobody!!

    Uh... what I mean is... uh...

    ... let me re-phrase that....

    ... what I meant to say is...

  • Nanoprobe

    Occasionally I encourage a few people to come to JWD, especially people with whom I have discussed child abuse issues.

    I would think that strangers who are leery of coming here might still risk looking at the CHILD ABUSE BOARD and especially at a topic involving Bill Bowen.

    That being said: In the future w ould it be possible if some people notice that a feud is developing that it be moved to another board?

    Would such a suggestion in the thread be met with disdain?

  • dungbeetle

    ((((((((((((( Nanoprobe )))))))))))))

    If your email was open, I would have thanked you by now for all of your imput on the board.

    But I want to say this:

    Go to the 'members' and bring up silentlambs' post. Take a look at the average reads he gets. What is it, 200? 300? 500? That's the way it IS here on a 'real world' discussion board.

    Take a lok at this thread, and three of his other threads where flamewars were going on. How many reads do you see THERE? THOUSANDS!!!!

    This thread, for WHATEVER reason, has been on page one for going on four days now, nothing short of a MIRACLE on a board like this where good threads can sink to page 4 in thirty minutes.

    If you have friends that might be offended by this board, DO NOT BRING THEM HERE!!! Or, in the alternative, bring then here for the sole purpose of showing what happenes to people when we have been in a cult; the baggage that we have to carry and the pain we ALL have to work through.

    I am sure Bill Bowen is the least offended by anyone by people fighting all over his threads. We can do the same.

    Hugs to everyone who has posted on this thread---it's for a good cause.


    dungbeetle--of the 'there goes the retirement from the board down the toilet again' klass...

  • seven006

    I'm done with his thread, play nice among yourselves.


    PS: Thanks Tim!

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