JWZone Thread on Bill Bowen - UPDATED!

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  • wasasister

    Please help me, as I am confused.

    Is the the Judean Peoples Front? Or the Peoples Front of Judea?

    Goddam splitters!

  • Prisca
    It is not what you just said, it is what you have said (and not just you). You are the key, you can end all this. Just go back to being the Prisca you know you are and I use to admire. You, have the power to end this, not I or anyone else does. Reach down to that sweet lady I use to joke around with and laugh with. It is still there, Iv seen it.


    So you think that Farkel had every right to pounce on my saying "we" instead of "Farkel" when I spoke of us (the board, the collation of ex-jws here) helping exiting jws?

    Because that's where it started, not anything else I said on this thread. Everyone else can see it, why can't you?

    You see, I will be me, and you will be you, and Farkel will be Farkel. And the 3 of us are too stubborn to change. You can rant and scream and carry on all you like about what a horrible person I am, and Farkel can ridicule me all he likes for not being the intellectual giant that he'd like me to be and for not bragging about all the people I assist, but none of that is going to change anything. I get the feeling that you are projecting some of your own issues onto me, and think that since you don't have the ability to control yourself, then you can try to control others.

    Try looking in the mirror, and work on changing the man you see, not the woman you've never met.

  • seven006


    I have complete control of myself and I am not trying to control you, I'm just trying to get to the core issue and end this bullshit. Of course I saw what Farkel did but this whole thing is not one isolated incident and you know it. Instead of dealing with the main issue little comments are tossed back and forth because of the main issue not being resolved. Yes, I am stubborn and so are you but I can realize it and say I'm sorry and let it go, you don't seem to be able to do that. If that's how you want to keep it that's fine with me. I'd like to see it all end. As I said, it's up to you. If the core issue can get talked out maybe this whole thing will end and the stupid little comments from everyone will stop. It's not hard to let it go Prisca, try it, you may like it.


  • amac

    So what is this "core issue?"

  • Prisca

    For crying out loud, Dave,


    Get your head out of the playgroud sand pit and wake up and smell the daisies. If you have a problem with something I do, fine, but GET OVER IT !!!

    Your reasoning in this thread is very much similar to blaming the victim for the rapist's actions. You are a very sick little boy, Dave. Get over your personal problems and leave me alone!

  • Imbue

    Prisca...Calm down!!! Dave was only saying all this animosity didn't start on this thread and we all need to look at ourselves. And you know very well it started some time ago and not here on this thread. *shesh*

  • wasasister

    "Blaming the victim" is an easy target and certainly, faulting rape victims for what they may have been wearing is reprehensible.

    However....we each face a measure of personal responsibility for what happens to us. By that, I mean a woman who gets drunk and leaves a bar with a man she doesn't know must accept at least part of the responsibility if she is attacked. That in no way excuses a violent act, but there are things we can all do to minimize risk.

    "He who lives by the verbal barb, often dies by the verbal barb." Thus saith Wasa. If we are strident, opinionated, passionate, outspoken, critical...we can expect to evoke reaction.

    Prisca, I don't think you'd want to retreat into the "wilting feminine flower" personna, so go on giving pot-shots and don't be surprised if a few come back at you.

  • Prisca

    Wasa, where is the pot-shot I made that caused such an outcry by Farkel?

    Farkel had no right to make such a fuss over an innocent remark I made. The fact that he hasn't been able to justify it, nor has he apologised for it, says much more about him, and the people that support his actions, than anything I could say on this thread.

    PS: I aint no wilting flower, LOL. Perhaps some days I come across as being very ladylike, otherdays I am more assertive. And most of the time I say things tongue in cheek, but many take me far too seriously. Whatever. But no matter what, I have never put on a "persona". I am me, take it or leave it.

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  • sunshineToo

    As someone mentioned before, this is Child Abuse section esp. for the Silent lambs and Bill Bowen.

    If you have any personal issue to settle, why don't you take care of it through either emails or another fresh thread in Friends section?

    To Bill Bowen:

    Bill, thank you for your email. However, so far I haven't seen any response from my local news stations. I've been forwarding your emails, but so far nothing. I think we need a silent lamb who is in my area in order to get their attention. Besides I don't think today's press release is going to make any sense to those who have never heard of the Silent Lambs.

    Just a thought.

  • wasasister

    Prisca: I was not condemning either you or Farkel. We all know this is about more than one response on one occasion. You, Farkel, Larc, Teejay, and sometimes myself....we all speak out when we feel it's appropriate. Sometimes we are less than tactful about it, especially if we're passionate about an issue.

    All of us tend to filter our perception of personalities and concepts based on our experiences and prejudices. It's normal to think well of our friends and poorly of our enemies. Being completely objective is a noble goal, but one seldom achieved. We should all keep trying, of course.

    If you are honest about "the big picture", you will admit that your motives are not always "innocent" as you have claimed here. I don't have a problem with the lack of innocence, but like Dave I do take exception to your unwillingness to own up to it.

    Sunshine is quite right. This thread started out about Bill, and although some good points have been brough up on both sides, we should be gracious enough to take this elsewhere.

    I did not want you thinking I had attacked you, as I have no such motives.

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