JWZone Thread on Bill Bowen - UPDATED!

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  • gravedancer
    Refiners Fire came on a few months back and it only took Farkel a little while to start jumping on her
    When Farkel stops then I will leave her alone and that's a promise

    Now you have confused me....is Farkel bi-sexual too?

    edited to add: only joking of course. As long as something has this disclaimer one can say anything.

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  • SYN

    GraveDancer: Disclaimers rock! I tend to pepper my speech with them!

    When I started this thread, the last thing I expected it to turn into was a FLAME WAR!

    Well, sh*t happens LOL

  • Prisca

    LOL @ Gravedancer - I knew someone had to pick up on the two things I missed. I only picked those up after I posted the "copy", but figured leaving them in there so people would see it was a parody, and not my own words.

    Prisca, of the Definitely-Tongue-In-Cheek Class

  • seven006


    I may be wrong but I think this thread has gotten a few things off of a few peoples chest. Maybe it will help calm the winds a bit. Hopefully someday it will be over and I can concentrate on picking on you. I miss you giving me shit. I'm starting to think you don't like me anymore.


    As usual, your words of wisdom continue to impress me. I know some involved in this seemingly never ending spat don't like you and think you are a phony. I do not agree in the slightest. I think there is a simple case of misunderstanding mixed with some jealousy and egos. I have never seen you as some have, my hat is always off to you. Hopefully others will take your thoughts and words to heart like I have. Respect toward someone whether you like them or not can always act as a common denominator. My respect for you has been and always be very high.


    I'm sorry you got called an Aussie bitch, that wasn't called for. When this little war encompasses feelings toward others simply because they reside in the same country where someone they do not like lives it goes from childish to ludicrous. That goes both ways for everyone. Once a few people start to see that then maybe this whole thing will stop. Hopefully if we continue to have these types of posts and nothing is held back and true feelings are discussed we can work it all out together. We all came from the same place, a religion that has effected our lives and has brought us all together. I look at everyone on this board in that light. I hold on to our common bond and ignore our geographical differences. We all have anger, we should focus it in the right direction toward those who have effected our lives and our families lives, not toward each other.


    There would be nothing I would like more than for Prisca and I to have the friendship we once had. Until this war of taking shots at our friends stops I don't see that happening. When it does then maybe things will get back to the way it use to be. That is what I am working toward. Unfortunately sometimes you have to take a few very carefully aimed shots to stop a war.


    That was the longest post I have ever seen you write. It was well written and to the point. I knew you had some depth to you. Don't be afraid to keep showing us your more serious side. Nice job, I loved the joke.

    Just a note, it's seven00"6" not "7".


    It is "Prisca," not "Pricka." As I said to Prisca, that's how a lot of this shit gets started. Maybe if we all learned to spell each others names right all this crap could be avoided.


    Farkel is not bi-sexual, he is non-sexual. Once you meet him in person you will understand.


    Who knows maybe this is the beginning of the end. I see it as very appropriate considering it is a thread about Bill. His presence tends to stir things up and helps put it in it's place. That seems to be something we can all agree on. Sometimes you got to kick a little ass to get people to see a problem.

    Thanks again Bill.

    Take care all,


  • Prisca

    And this all happened because I had the nerve to say:

    And I hope we will be there to help them with their anger and disillusionment.


  • BeautifulGarbage

    With that last post I declare this whole thing:


    Thank you!

    Now be nice, otherwise *I* will turn this into a sex thread.


  • amac

    Actually, why don't you lot keep this going. It's ridiculously funny! Especially when people argue about who is the better apostate. I can only imagine what kind of JWs you were.

  • seven006

    <<<Now be nice, otherwise *I* will turn this into a sex thread.>>>

    That was the plan, you fell into our trap, now take it all off woman!

    It is not what you just said, it is what you have said (and not just you). You are the key, you can end all this. Just go back to being the Prisca you know you are and I use to admire. You, have the power to end this, not I or anyone else does. Reach down to that sweet lady I use to joke around with and laugh with. It is still there, Iv seen it.

    Big hug little sister.


  • SYN

    Andii: Argh.

    Seven: Yeah, we should focus on how utterly deluded the Dubs are, not on our personal differences.

  • seven006


    Your right, I thought that was the point of this whole board. That's what we get for letting some English guy run it. <------This was a joke!


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